Coronation 60th Anniversary Regatta (Sun)

Sunday 16th June 2013

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Results for The Grange School Hartford

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceCastleDatchetVerdict
7314:01J16.4X109(72) The Grange School Hartford(73) Windsor Boys School (Withers)1 1/3 lengths
5913:18J16.4X107(75) Tideway Scullers School(76) City of Cambridge2 1/2 lengths
7113:55J16.4X107(77) Globe RC(78) Windsor Boys School (Penny)easily
10916:12J16.4X149(72) The Grange School Hartford(74) Reading RC2 1/2 lengths
10716:06J16.4X149(75) Tideway Scullers School(77) Globe RC2 lengths
14918:40J16.4X (72) The Grange School Hartford(75) Tideway Scullers School1/2 length
5413:03W.J16.4X102(79) Weybridge RC(80) City of Cambridge1 3/4 lengths
5513:06W.J16.4X102(81) Bedford Modern School(82) Tideway Scullers Schooleasily
5613:09W.J16.4X105(83) Devil's Elbow RC(84) Ross RCeasily
5713:12W.J16.4X105(85) The Grange School Hartford(86) Globe RC3/4 length
10215:43W.J16.4X148(79) Weybridge RC(82) Tideway Scullers School4 lengths
10515:52W.J16.4X148(84) Ross RC(85) The Grange School Hartford2 lengths
14818:37W.J16.4X (82) Tideway Scullers School(84) Ross RC3 lengths
3410:55J18.2X99(119) Tideway Scullers School (Haider)(120) Globe RC2/3 length
3510:58J18.2X97(122) The Grange School Hartford(123) Westminster School BC1 1/4 lengths
3611:01J18.2X97(124) Windsor Boys School(125) Tideway Scullers School (McManus)4 lengths
9915:34J18.2X147(119) Tideway Scullers School (Haider)(121) Tideway Scullers School (Hodges)3 lengths
9715:28J18.2X147(123) Westminster School BC(124) Windsor Boys School1 length
14718:33J18.2X (119) Tideway Scullers School (Haider)(124) Windsor Boys School3 lengths
2910:40J17.2X95(126) King's School Ely BC (Love)(127) Globe RCRow Over
3110:46J17.2X95(128) Windsor Boys School(129) Runcorn RC4 1/2 lengths
3210:49J17.2X96(130) Peterborough City(131) The Grange School Hartford5 lengths
3310:52J17.2X96(132) Staines BC(133) King's School Ely BC (Macdonald)4 1/2 lengths
9515:22J17.2X145(127) Globe RC(128) Windsor Boys Schooleasily
9615:25J17.2X145(130) Peterborough City(132) Staines BC1 length
14518:27J17.2X (128) Windsor Boys School(132) Staines BC5 lengths
1709:56W.J18.2X86(150) Weybridge RC(151) King's School Ely BC (Bradbury)1 3/4 lengths
1809:59W.J18.2X86(152) City of Cambridge(153) The Grange School Hartford (Ford)1 length
1910:02W.J18.2X87(154) Globe RC(155) Ross RC4 lengths
2010:05W.J18.2X87(156) King's School Ely BC (Loversidge)(157) The Grange School Hartford (Jolliffe)easily
8614:47W.J18.2X142(150) Weybridge RC(153) The Grange School Hartford (Ford)easily
8714:50W.J18.2X142(154) Globe RC(157) The Grange School Hartford (Jolliffe)4 lengths
14218:17W.J18.2X (153) The Grange School Hartford (Ford)(157) The Grange School Hartford (Jolliffe)easily
1309:44W.J17.2X83(158) Eton Excelsior RC(159) Bedford Modern Schooleasily
1409:47W.J17.2X83(160) Globe RC(161) Great Marlow Schooleasily
1509:50W.J17.2X85(162) Peterborough City(163) Latymer Upper School1 1/2 lengths
1609:53W.J17.2X85(164) The Grange School Hartford(165) Shiplake College2 1/2 lengths
8314:38W.J17.2X137(158) Eton Excelsior RC(160) Globe RC3 lengths
8514:44W.J17.2X137(163) Latymer Upper School(165) Shiplake College2 1/2 lengths
13717:52W.J17.2X (158) Eton Excelsior RC(163) Latymer Upper School4 lengths