Oxford City Royal Regatta

Saturday 17th August 2013

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Results for Corio Bay Australia

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Oxfordshire (Town) Berkshire (Towpath)VerdictHandicap
4310:36Mas.BCD.2X65ZOQ(58) Corio Bay Australia (=D)BUR(59) Burway RC (=B)Row Over
6411:39Mas.BCD.2X89ABN(55) Abingdon RC (=C)PBD/MED(56) Poplar/Medway (=C)3 1/2 lengths
6511:42Mas.BCD.2X89OAC(57) Oxford Academicals RC (=B)ZOQ(58) Corio Bay Australia (=D)easily
8912:54Mas.BCD.2X PBD/MED(56) Poplar/Medway (=C)ZOQ(58) Corio Bay Australia (=D)4 1/2 lengths
4210:33Mas.FGH.2X63ABN(63) Abingdon RC (=F)BTC(64) BTC Southampton (Wardell =F)1 1/4 lengths
6211:33Mas.FGH.2X87ZOQ(60) Corio Bay Australia (=G)BTC(61) BTC Southampton (Purkess =H)4 1/2 lengths
6311:36Mas.FGH.2X87UTC(62) Upper Thames RC (=F)BTC(64) BTC Southampton (Wardell =F)1 length
8712:48Mas.FGH.2X BTC(61) BTC Southampton (Purkess =H)BTC(64) BTC Southampton (Wardell =F)1/2 length