Oxford City Sprint

Sunday 18th August 2013

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RaceTimeStatusNext Race Oxfordshire (Town) Berkshire (Towpath)VerdictHandicap
20108:30W.NOV.1X213HEC(320) Hertford CollegePTR(321) Putney Town RC (Bowler)4 lengths
20208:33W.NOV.1X216PTR(328) Putney Town RC (Zastawniak)LLA(329) Llandaff RC (Trow-Poole)Row Over
20308:36W.IM3.2X226ABN(297) Abingdon RC (Green)CBR(298) City of Bristol RC (Kvale)Row Over
20408:39W.IM3.4+228SON(262) Sons of the Thames RC (Parr)HSB(263) HSBC RC1 length
20508:42W.IM3.4+230HEC(268) Hertford CollegeCOX(269) City of Oxford RC (Roberts)1 1/2 lengths
20608:45W.IM3.4+231LIC(271) Lincoln College BCSON(272) Sons of the Thames RC (Sach)2/3 length
20708:48IM3.4+232SON(248) Sons of the Thames RC (Reynolds)ZKF(249) Athlunkard BC2 1/2 lengths
20808:51IM3.4+232PTR(250) Putney Town RC (Chalupczak)WRO(251) Worcester College (Calder-Smith)2 1/2 lengths
20908:54IM3.4+235ABN(252) Abingdon RCGTM(253) Green Templeton BC1 1/2 lengths
21008:57IM3.4+236COX(256) City of Oxford RCSHG(257) St Hughs College BC2/3 length
21109:00IM3.4+233CUR(258) Curlew RCWRO(259) Worcester College (Breuer)3 1/2 lengths
21209:03IM3.4+233SON(260) Sons of the Thames RC (Brown)PTR(261) Putney Town RC (Healey Lapena)1 3/4 lengths
21309:06W.NOV.1X237HEC(320) Hertford CollegeBBL(322) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC2 1/2 lengths
21409:09W.NOV.1X237SON(323) Sons of the Thames RCLLA(324) Llandaff RC (Powell)1 1/2 lengths
21509:12W.NOV.1X238ZKF(325) Athlunkard BCMER(326) Merton College1/2 length
21609:15W.NOV.1X238COX(327) City of Oxford RCLLA(329) Llandaff RC (Trow-Poole)easily
21709:18NOV.1X239HSB(312) HSBC RCPTR(313) Putney Town RC4 1/2 lengths
21809:21NOV.1X239WAD(314) Wadham CollegeJEC(315) Jesus College, Cambridgeeasily
21909:24NOV.1X240COX(316) City of Oxford RCMAG(317) Magdalen College BCeasily
22009:27NOV.1X240OAC(318) Oxford Academicals RCSHG(319) St Hughs College BC4 1/2 lengths
22109:30IM2.1X242MAG(310) Magdalen College BCZKF(311) Athlunkard BC1/2 length
22209:33J15.2X248FAL(288) Falcon RC (Dalal)COX(289) City of Oxford RC (Placidi)1 length
22309:36W.IM3.2X246ABN(290) Abingdon RC (Yeates)CAM(291) City of Cambridge1 1/2 lengths
22409:39W.IM3.2X246CBR(292) City of Bristol RC (O Neill)PTR(293) Putney Town RC (Watts)3 lengths
22509:42W.IM3.2X247WRC(294) Wallingford RCLLA(295) Llandaff RC2 lengths
22609:45W.IM3.2X247PTR(296) Putney Town RC (Lister)CBR(298) City of Bristol RC (Kvale)2 1/2 lengths
22709:48J15.2X249ZKF(284) Athlunkard BCFAL(285) Falcon RC (Timms)easily
22809:51W.IM3.4+257SON(262) Sons of the Thames RC (Parr)BBL(264) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC2 lengths
22909:54W.IM3.4+257LLA(265) Llandaff RCSEH(266) St Edmund Hall BC3/4 length
23009:57W.IM3.4+258CUR(267) Curlew RCCOX(269) City of Oxford RC (Roberts)1 length
23110:00W.IM3.4+258ZKF(270) Athlunkard BCSON(272) Sons of the Thames RC (Sach)1/2 length
23210:03IM3.4+255SON(248) Sons of the Thames RC (Reynolds)PTR(250) Putney Town RC (Chalupczak)1/2 length
23310:06IM3.4+253WRO(259) Worcester College (Breuer)SON(260) Sons of the Thames RC (Brown)1 length
23410:09W.Mas.BC.2X261COX(299) City of Oxford RC (=B)FAL(300) Falcon RC (=C)4 lengths
23510:12IM3.4+255ABN(252) Abingdon RCHEC(254) Hertford College1 length
23610:15IM3.4+253WRC(255) Wallingford RCSHG(257) St Hughs College BC3 1/2 lengths
23710:18W.NOV.1X263HEC(320) Hertford CollegeLLA(324) Llandaff RC (Powell)4 lengths
23810:21W.NOV.1X263MER(326) Merton CollegeCOX(327) City of Oxford RC1/2 length
23910:24NOV.1X265PTR(313) Putney Town RCWAD(314) Wadham College3 lengths
24010:27NOV.1X265MAG(317) Magdalen College BCSHG(319) St Hughs College BC4 lengths
24110:30IM2.1X266CUR(307) Curlew RCXYZ(308) Status ChangeRow Over
24210:33IM2.1X266SON(309) Sons of the Thames RCMAG(310) Magdalen College BC1 length
24310:36W.J16.2X267FAL(303) Falcon RCCAM(304) City of Cambridge (Redfern)1/3 length
24410:39W.J16.2X267ZKF(305) Athlunkard BCCAM(306) City of Cambridge (Smart)easily
24510:42W.Mas.BC.2X261BBL(301) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC (=B)WRC(302) Wallingford RC (=B)1 3/4 lengths
24610:45W.IM3.2X269CAM(291) City of CambridgePTR(293) Putney Town RC (Watts)2 lengths
24710:48W.IM3.2X269WRC(294) Wallingford RCPTR(296) Putney Town RC (Lister)easily
24810:51J15.2X273CAM(287) City of CambridgeCOX(289) City of Oxford RC (Placidi)3/4 length
24910:54J15.2X273ZKF(284) Athlunkard BCCOX(286) City of Oxford RC (Allen)a canvas
25010:57IM3.2X264XYZ(273) Status ChangeSON(274) Sons of the Thames RCRow Over
25111:00J16.2X270SUA(282) Stratford-upon-Avon BCZKF(283) Athlunkard BC2 1/2 lengths
25211:03IM3.2X264SWI(275) Swindon RCSON/ZNA(276) Sons/Nautico Navarra4 lengths
25311:06IM3.4+268WRC(255) Wallingford RCWRO(259) Worcester College (Breuer)a canvas
25411:09Mas.BCD.2X271OAC(277) Oxford Academicals RC (=B)COX(278) City of Oxford RC (=D)easily
25511:12IM3.4+268PTR(250) Putney Town RC (Chalupczak)ABN(252) Abingdon RC2 feet
25611:15Mas.BCD.2X271BUR(279) Burway RC (=B)PBD/MED(280) Poplar/Medway (=C)Row Over
25711:18W.IM3.4+272SON(262) Sons of the Thames RC (Parr)SEH(266) St Edmund Hall BC3 lengths
25811:21W.IM3.4+272CUR(267) Curlew RCSON(272) Sons of the Thames RC (Sach)1 1/4 lengths
25911:24W.NOV.8+275OAC(246) Oxford Academicals RCCUR(247) Curlew RCeasily
26011:27IM2.8+274OAC(241) Oxford Academicals RCLLA(242) Llandaff RC3/4 length
26111:30W.Mas.BC.2X FAL(300) Falcon RC (=C)BBL(301) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC (=B)4 lengths
26211:33IM2.8+274XYZ(243) Status ChangeJEC(244) Jesus College, CambridgeRow Over
26311:36W.NOV.1X HEC(320) Hertford CollegeCOX(327) City of Oxford RC5 lengths
26411:39IM3.2X SON(274) Sons of the Thames RCSON/ZNA(276) Sons/Nautico Navarra2 lengths
26511:42NOV.1X WAD(314) Wadham CollegeMAG(317) Magdalen College BC1 1/2 lengths
26611:45IM2.1X CUR(307) Curlew RCSON(309) Sons of the Thames RC3 1/2 lengths
26711:48W.J16.2X FAL(303) Falcon RCCAM(306) City of Cambridge (Smart)1 length
26811:51IM3.4+ PTR(250) Putney Town RC (Chalupczak)WRC(255) Wallingford RCa canvas
26911:54W.IM3.2X CAM(291) City of CambridgeWRC(294) Wallingford RCa canvas
27011:57J16.2X CAM(281) City of CambridgeSUA(282) Stratford-upon-Avon BC1 1/3 lengths
27112:00Mas.BCD.2X OAC(277) Oxford Academicals RC (=B)PBD/MED(280) Poplar/Medway (=C)Row Over
27212:03W.IM3.4+ SEH(266) St Edmund Hall BCCUR(267) Curlew RC1/2 length
27312:06J15.2X COX(286) City of Oxford RC (Allen)CAM(287) City of Cambridge2 1/2 lengths
27412:09IM2.8+ LLA(242) Llandaff RCJEC(244) Jesus College, Cambridge4 lengths
27512:12W.NOV.8+ PTR(245) Putney Town RCCUR(247) Curlew RC3 lengths
30113:30IM3.1X320ZKF(426) Athlunkard BC (Rowlands)COX(427) City of Oxford RC (Winstone)3 1/2 lengths
30213:33IM3.1X321SON(429) Sons of the Thames RC (Foden)XYZ(430) Status ChangeRow Over
30313:36IM3.1X322MAG(433) Magdalen College BCHWG(434) Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe3/4 length
30413:39IM3.1X323ZKF(436) Athlunkard BC (Andrews)COX(437) City of Oxford RC (Lowen)easily
30513:42Mx.ELI.2X324COX(414) City of Oxford RC (Murray)SWI(415) Swindon RCDisqualification
30613:45Mx.ELI.2X325COX(417) City of Oxford RC (Ding)PTR(418) Putney Town RC (Zastawniak)Row Over
30713:48Mx.ELI.2X326COX(421) City of Oxford RC (Pfauder)WRC(422) Wallingford RCeasily
30813:51Mx.ELI.2X327PTR(424) Putney Town RC (Watts)COX(425) City of Oxford RC (Benham)Row Over
30913:54W.IM3.8+343SON(378) Sons of the Thames RCCOX(379) City of Oxford RC (Hill)1/2 length
31013:57IM3.8+344COX(361) City of Oxford RC (Marns)JEC(362) Jesus College, CambridgeDisqualification
31114:00IM3.8+347OAC(369) Oxford Academicals RCCOX(370) City of Oxford RC (Henwood)easily
31214:03W.J13.1X349PHS(481) Putney High School RCCAM(482) City of Cambridge (Goode)Row Over
31314:06W.Mas.BCD.1X355WYC(459) Wycliffe College BC (=D)ZYH(460) Hawthorn RC (=D)2 1/2 lengths
31414:09W.Mas.BCD.1X356COX(463) City of Oxford RC (=D)LLA(464) Llandaff RC (=B)Row Over
31514:12J15.1X359FAL(447) Falcon RC (Timms)CAM(448) City of Cambridge (Jacklin)3 1/2 lengths
31614:15J15.1X359ZKF(449) Athlunkard BC (Gallagher)FAL(450) Falcon RC (Lyons)4 1/2 lengths
31714:18J15.1X360COX(451) City of Oxford RCFAL(452) Falcon RC (Allen)1 1/4 lengths
31814:21J15.1X360CAM(453) City of Cambridge (Abdel-Rahman)ZKF(454) Athlunkard BC (McNamara)3 1/2 lengths
31914:24J16.1X362CAM(445) City of Cambridge (Smart)FAL(446) Falcon RC (Podgorski)Not Rowed Out
32014:27IM3.1X365COX(427) City of Oxford RC (Winstone)ABN(428) Abingdon RC2 lengths
32114:30IM3.1X365SON(429) Sons of the Thames RC (Foden)PTR(431) Putney Town RCDisqualification
32214:33IM3.1X366SOM(432) Somerville CollegeHWG(434) Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe3/4 length
32314:36IM3.1X366SON(435) Sons of the Thames RC (O Hare)COX(437) City of Oxford RC (Lowen)4 lengths
32414:39Mx.ELI.2X367SWI(415) Swindon RCOAC(416) Oxford Academicals RC2 1/2 lengths
32514:42Mx.ELI.2X367PTR(418) Putney Town RC (Zastawniak)COX(419) City of Oxford RC (Francis)2 3/4 lengths
32614:45Mx.ELI.2X368CAM/CAB(420) Cambridge City / CantabrigianWRC(422) Wallingford RC1 1/4 lengths
32714:48Mx.ELI.2X368HSB(423) HSBC RCPTR(424) Putney Town RC (Watts)5 lengths
32814:51W.NOV.2X369LLA(406) Llandaff RCPTR(407) Putney Town RC (Flynn)4 lengths
32914:54W.NOV.2X369HEC(408) Hertford CollegeHEC/MER(409) Hertford / Merton3 1/2 lengths
33014:57W.NOV.2X370SON(410) Sons of the Thames RCWRC(411) Wallingford RCRow Over
33115:00W.NOV.2X370BAL/BRC(412) Balliol/BrasenosePTR(413) Putney Town RC (Dawson)Row Over
33215:03W.NOV.4+373BBL(392) Barnes Bridge Ladies RCPTR(393) Putney Town RC (Rogers)Row Over
33315:06W.NOV.4+373HEC(394) Hertford CollegeCOX(395) City of Oxford RC (Roberts)Row Over
33415:09W.NOV.4+374PTR(396) Putney Town RC (Clarke)HSB(397) HSBC RCRow Over
33515:12W.NOV.4+374PTR(398) Putney Town RC (Wood)COX(399) City of Oxford RC (Hayes)4 1/2 lengths
33615:15NOV.4+376CAM(385) City of CambridgeCUR(386) Curlew RCRow Over
33715:18NOV.4+375OAC(388) Oxford Academicals RCHEC(389) Hertford CollegeRow Over
33815:21NOV.4+375COX(390) City of Oxford RCHSB(391) HSBC RC (Davies)3/4 length
33915:24IM2.4+378SON(383) Sons of the Thames RCPTR(384) Putney Town RC1 1/2 lengths
34015:27W.IM3.8+379COX(371) City of Oxford RC (Szollossi)LLA(372) Llandaff RC2/3 length
34115:30W.IM3.8+379ABN(373) Abingdon RCGTM(374) Green Templeton BC1 3/4 lengths
34215:33W.IM3.8+380OAC(375) Oxford Academicals RCZKF(376) Athlunkard BC1 3/4 lengths
34315:36W.IM3.8+380XYZ(377) Status ChangeCOX(379) City of Oxford RC (Hill)Row Over
34415:39IM3.8+381JEC(362) Jesus College, CambridgeSHG(363) St Hughs College BC1 length
34515:42IM3.8+381WRO(364) Worcester CollegeZKF(365) Athlunkard BC1 1/4 lengths
34615:45IM3.8+382GTM(366) Green Templeton BCXYZ(367) Status ChangeRow Over
34715:48IM3.8+382LLA(368) Llandaff RCOAC(369) Oxford Academicals RC3/4 length
34815:51W.J13.1X383CAM(478) City of Cambridge (Smart)COX(479) City of Oxford RC1/2 length
34915:54W.J13.1X383MAV(480) Maidstone Invicta RCCAM(482) City of Cambridge (Goode)1/3 length
35015:57W.J14.1X384CAM(476) City of CambridgeCOX(477) City of Oxford RC (Morgan)2 lengths
35116:00W.J15.1X385COX(473) City of Oxford RCWRC(474) Wallingford RC3 lengths
35216:03W.J16.1X386PET(470) Peterborough CityCAM(471) City of Cambridge (Smart)2 1/2 lengths
35316:06W.J18.1X387WRC(465) Wallingford RC (Metalli)WRC(466) Wallingford RC (Newman)Row Over
35416:09W.J18.1X387CAM(467) City of CambridgeWRC(468) Wallingford RC (Walker)2 1/2 lengths
35516:12W.Mas.BCD.1X388WYC(459) Wycliffe College BC (=D)HSB(461) HSBC RC (=C)easily
35616:15W.Mas.BCD.1X388PTR(462) Putney Town RC (=C)COX(463) City of Oxford RC (=D)easily
35716:18W.IM3.1X389PTR(455) Putney Town RCXYZ(456) Status ChangeRow Over
35816:21W.IM3.1X389LLA(457) Llandaff RCSON(458) Sons of the Thames RC2 feet
35916:24J15.1X390CAM(448) City of Cambridge (Jacklin)ZKF(449) Athlunkard BC (Gallagher)1 3/4 lengths
36016:27J15.1X390COX(451) City of Oxford RCCAM(453) City of Cambridge (Abdel-Rahman)easily
36116:30J16.1X391FAL(442) Falcon RC (Dalal)CAM(443) City of Cambridge (Goode)1 length
36216:33J16.1X391FAL(444) Falcon RC (Downes)CAM(445) City of Cambridge (Smart)Not Rowed Out
36316:36Mas.BCD.1X392PTR(438) Putney Town RC (=C)SON(439) Sons of the Thames RC (=D)3 lengths
36416:39Mas.BCD.1X392WYC(440) Wycliffe College BC (=D)MAV(441) Maidstone Invicta RC (=B)easily
36516:42IM3.1X393COX(427) City of Oxford RC (Winstone)SON(429) Sons of the Thames RC (Foden)1 1/2 lengths
36616:45IM3.1X393HWG(434) Royal Grammar School, High WycombeCOX(437) City of Oxford RC (Lowen)1 3/4 lengths
36716:48Mx.ELI.2X394SWI(415) Swindon RCPTR(418) Putney Town RC (Zastawniak)1 3/4 lengths
36816:51Mx.ELI.2X394WRC(422) Wallingford RCPTR(424) Putney Town RC (Watts)easily
36916:54W.NOV.2X395PTR(407) Putney Town RC (Flynn)HEC/MER(409) Hertford / Merton3 lengths
37016:57W.NOV.2X395SON(410) Sons of the Thames RCBAL/BRC(412) Balliol/Brasenose2 lengths
37117:00NOV.2X396FAL(404) Falcon RCPTR(405) Putney Town RC (Harding)3/4 length
37217:03IM1.2-397MAG(401) Magdalen College BCSHG(402) St Hughs College BCNot Rowed Out
37317:06W.NOV.4+398PTR(393) Putney Town RC (Rogers)HEC(394) Hertford College1 length
37417:09W.NOV.4+398PTR(396) Putney Town RC (Clarke)COX(399) City of Oxford RC (Hayes)1/4 length
37517:12NOV.4+399OAC(388) Oxford Academicals RCCOX(390) City of Oxford RC4 1/2 lengths
37617:15NOV.4+399CAM(385) City of CambridgeHSB(387) HSBC RC (Browne)2 1/3 lengths
37717:18IM2.4+400CUR(380) Curlew RCHEC(381) Hertford College1 length
37817:21IM2.4+400WOO(382) Wolfson College, OxfordSON(383) Sons of the Thames RCRow Over
37917:24W.IM3.8+401LLA(372) Llandaff RCGTM(374) Green Templeton BC2 lengths
38017:27W.IM3.8+401ZKF(376) Athlunkard BCCOX(379) City of Oxford RC (Hill)1/2 length
38117:30IM3.8+402JEC(362) Jesus College, CambridgeZKF(365) Athlunkard BC1 length
38217:33IM3.8+402GTM(366) Green Templeton BCLLA(368) Llandaff RC1 length
38317:36W.J13.1X COX(479) City of Oxford RCMAV(480) Maidstone Invicta RCeasily
38417:39W.J14.1X COX(475) City of Oxford RC (Beaver)CAM(476) City of Cambridge3 feet
38517:42W.J15.1X CAM(472) City of CambridgeWRC(474) Wallingford RC2 lengths
38617:45W.J16.1X CAM(469) City of Cambridge (Potterill)PET(470) Peterborough City2 lengths
38717:48W.J18.1X WRC(465) Wallingford RC (Metalli)WRC(468) Wallingford RC (Walker)3 lengths
38817:51W.Mas.BCD.1X WYC(459) Wycliffe College BC (=D)COX(463) City of Oxford RC (=D)5 lengths
38917:54W.IM3.1X PTR(455) Putney Town RCSON(458) Sons of the Thames RCRow Over
39017:57J15.1X ZKF(449) Athlunkard BC (Gallagher)COX(451) City of Oxford RC3 lengths
39118:00J16.1X FAL(442) Falcon RC (Dalal)CAM(445) City of Cambridge (Smart)3 1/4 lengths
39218:03Mas.BCD.1X SON(439) Sons of the Thames RC (=D)WYC(440) Wycliffe College BC (=D)2 lengths
39318:06IM3.1X COX(427) City of Oxford RC (Winstone)HWG(434) Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe5 lengths
39418:09Mx.ELI.2X SWI(415) Swindon RCWRC(422) Wallingford RCeasily
39518:12W.NOV.2X HEC/MER(409) Hertford / MertonSON(410) Sons of the Thames RC2 1/4 lengths
39618:15NOV.2X PTR(403) Putney Town RC (Hickling)FAL(404) Falcon RC1 length
39718:18IM1.2- WRC/ARM(400) Wallingford / ArmySHG(402) St Hughs College BCeasily
39818:21W.NOV.4+ HEC(394) Hertford CollegePTR(396) Putney Town RC (Clarke)1 length
39918:24NOV.4+ CAM(385) City of CambridgeCOX(390) City of Oxford RC1/2 length
40018:27IM2.4+ CUR(380) Curlew RCSON(383) Sons of the Thames RC2 1/4 lengths
40118:30W.IM3.8+ GTM(374) Green Templeton BCCOX(379) City of Oxford RC (Hill)1 1/3 lengths
40218:33IM3.8+ ZKF(365) Athlunkard BCGTM(366) Green Templeton BC1/2 length