Oxford City Sprint

Sunday 18th August 2013

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Results for Swindon RC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Oxfordshire (Town) Berkshire (Towpath)VerdictHandicap
25010:57IM3.2X264XYZ(273) Status ChangeSON(274) Sons of the Thames RCRow Over
25211:03IM3.2X264SWI(275) Swindon RCSON/ZNA(276) Sons/Nautico Navarra4 lengths
26411:39IM3.2X SON(274) Sons of the Thames RCSON/ZNA(276) Sons/Nautico Navarra2 lengths
30513:42Mx.ELI.2X324COX(414) City of Oxford RC (Murray)SWI(415) Swindon RCDisqualification
30613:45Mx.ELI.2X325COX(417) City of Oxford RC (Ding)PTR(418) Putney Town RC (Zastawniak)Row Over
30713:48Mx.ELI.2X326COX(421) City of Oxford RC (Pfauder)WRC(422) Wallingford RCeasily
30813:51Mx.ELI.2X327PTR(424) Putney Town RC (Watts)COX(425) City of Oxford RC (Benham)Row Over
32414:39Mx.ELI.2X367SWI(415) Swindon RCOAC(416) Oxford Academicals RC2 1/2 lengths
32514:42Mx.ELI.2X367PTR(418) Putney Town RC (Zastawniak)COX(419) City of Oxford RC (Francis)2 3/4 lengths
32614:45Mx.ELI.2X368CAM/CAB(420) Cambridge City / CantabrigianWRC(422) Wallingford RC1 1/4 lengths
32714:48Mx.ELI.2X368HSB(423) HSBC RCPTR(424) Putney Town RC (Watts)5 lengths
36716:48Mx.ELI.2X394SWI(415) Swindon RCPTR(418) Putney Town RC (Zastawniak)1 3/4 lengths
36816:51Mx.ELI.2X394WRC(422) Wallingford RCPTR(424) Putney Town RC (Watts)easily
39418:09Mx.ELI.2X SWI(415) Swindon RCWRC(422) Wallingford RCeasily