Oxford City Sprint

Sunday 18th August 2013

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Results for Magdalen College BC

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceOxfordshire (Town)Berkshire (Towpath)VerdictHandicap
20708:48IM3.4+232(248) Sons of the Thames RC (Reynolds)(249) Athlunkard BC2 1/2 lengths
20808:51IM3.4+232(250) Putney Town RC (Chalupczak)(251) Worcester College (Calder-Smith)2 1/2 lengths
20908:54IM3.4+235(252) Abingdon RC(253) Green Templeton BC1 1/2 lengths
21008:57IM3.4+236(256) City of Oxford RC(257) St Hughs College BC2/3 length
21109:00IM3.4+233(258) Curlew RC(259) Worcester College (Breuer)3 1/2 lengths
21209:03IM3.4+233(260) Sons of the Thames RC (Brown)(261) Putney Town RC (Healey Lapena)1 3/4 lengths
23210:03IM3.4+255(248) Sons of the Thames RC (Reynolds)(250) Putney Town RC (Chalupczak)1/2 length
23510:12IM3.4+255(252) Abingdon RC(254) Hertford College1 length
23610:15IM3.4+253(255) Wallingford RC(257) St Hughs College BC3 1/2 lengths
23310:06IM3.4+253(259) Worcester College (Breuer)(260) Sons of the Thames RC (Brown)1 length
25511:12IM3.4+268(250) Putney Town RC (Chalupczak)(252) Abingdon RC2 feet
25311:06IM3.4+268(255) Wallingford RC(259) Worcester College (Breuer)a canvas
26811:51IM3.4+ (250) Putney Town RC (Chalupczak)(255) Wallingford RCa canvas
37217:03IM1.2-397(401) Magdalen College BC(402) St Hughs College BCNot Rowed Out
39718:18IM1.2- (400) Wallingford / Army(402) St Hughs College BCeasily
22109:30IM2.1X242(310) Magdalen College BC(311) Athlunkard BC1/2 length
24110:30IM2.1X266(307) Curlew RC(308) Status ChangeRow Over
24210:33IM2.1X266(309) Sons of the Thames RC(310) Magdalen College BC1 length
26611:45IM2.1X (307) Curlew RC(309) Sons of the Thames RC3 1/2 lengths
30113:30IM3.1X320(426) Athlunkard BC (Rowlands)(427) City of Oxford RC (Winstone)3 1/2 lengths
30213:33IM3.1X321(429) Sons of the Thames RC (Foden)(430) Status ChangeRow Over
30313:36IM3.1X322(433) Magdalen College BC(434) Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe3/4 length
30413:39IM3.1X323(436) Athlunkard BC (Andrews)(437) City of Oxford RC (Lowen)easily
32014:27IM3.1X365(427) City of Oxford RC (Winstone)(428) Abingdon RC2 lengths
32114:30IM3.1X365(429) Sons of the Thames RC (Foden)(431) Putney Town RCDisqualification
32214:33IM3.1X366(432) Somerville College(434) Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe3/4 length
32314:36IM3.1X366(435) Sons of the Thames RC (O Hare)(437) City of Oxford RC (Lowen)4 lengths
36516:42IM3.1X393(427) City of Oxford RC (Winstone)(429) Sons of the Thames RC (Foden)1 1/2 lengths
36616:45IM3.1X393(434) Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe(437) City of Oxford RC (Lowen)1 3/4 lengths
39318:06IM3.1X (427) City of Oxford RC (Winstone)(434) Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe5 lengths
21709:18NOV.1X239(312) HSBC RC(313) Putney Town RC4 1/2 lengths
21809:21NOV.1X239(314) Wadham College(315) Jesus College, Cambridgeeasily
21909:24NOV.1X240(316) City of Oxford RC(317) Magdalen College BCeasily
22009:27NOV.1X240(318) Oxford Academicals RC(319) St Hughs College BC4 1/2 lengths
23910:24NOV.1X265(313) Putney Town RC(314) Wadham College3 lengths
24010:27NOV.1X265(317) Magdalen College BC(319) St Hughs College BC4 lengths
26511:42NOV.1X (314) Wadham College(317) Magdalen College BC1 1/2 lengths