Bedford Sprint Regatta

Sunday 14th July 2013

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Results for St Ives RC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Clubhouse EmbankmentTimeVerdictHandicap
5212:03IM3.1X104SIV(103) St Ives RCNOR(104) Norwich RC (Wileman)2:152 feet
8914:04IM3.1X149SNE(100) St Neots RCNOR(101) Norwich RC (Furniss)2:233 lengths
10414:49IM3.1X149BMS(102) Bedford Modern SchoolSIV(103) St Ives RC2:132 1/2 lengths
14917:32IM3.1X SNE(100) St Neots RCBMS(102) Bedford Modern School2:081 1/4 lengths
12916:12Mas.CD.1X BRX(120) Broxbourne RC (=D)SIV(121) St Ives RC (=C)2:273 lengths
109:30J15.1X16MED(137) Medway Towns RCBMS(138) Bedford Modern School (Mughal)2:161 length
309:36J15.1X16SIV(139) St Ives RCBMS(140) Bedford Modern School (Mackenzie)2:57Row Over
409:39J15.1X17BMS(141) Bedford Modern School (Potts)STA(142) Star Club (Tugulu)2:201 1/2 lengths
609:45J15.1X18BMS(145) Bedford Modern School (Smith)BED(146) Bedford Rowing ClubNTTeasily
509:42J15.1X22BMS(147) Bedford Modern School (Di Niro)BMS(148) Bedford Modern School (Staniforth)3:391/2 length
709:48J15.1X22STA(149) Star Club (Bunday)BMS(150) Bedford Modern School (Wilson)2:28easily
1610:15J15.1X66MED(137) Medway Towns RCSIV(139) St Ives RCNTT1 length
1710:18J15.1X66STA(142) Star Club (Tugulu)PET(143) Peterborough City2:143 lengths
1810:21J15.1X74BMS(144) Bedford Modern School (Roberts)BMS(145) Bedford Modern School (Smith)2:242 lengths
2210:33J15.1X74BMS(147) Bedford Modern School (Di Niro)STA(149) Star Club (Bunday)2:163 lengths
6612:45J15.1X126MED(137) Medway Towns RCPET(143) Peterborough CityNTTRow Over
7413:09J15.1X126BMS(145) Bedford Modern School (Smith)BMS(147) Bedford Modern School (Di Niro)NTT3 lengths
12616:00J15.1X MED(137) Medway Towns RCBMS(147) Bedford Modern School (Di Niro)2:143 lengths