Bedford Sprint Regatta

Sunday 14th July 2013

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Results for Sudbury RC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Clubhouse EmbankmentTimeVerdictHandicap
5812:21IM3.4+127NOR(5) Norwich RCSRC(6) Sudbury RC2:012 1/2 lengths
6312:36IM3.4+127BRX(7) Broxbourne RCMED(8) Medway Towns RC1:551/2 length
12716:04IM3.4+ SRC(6) Sudbury RCBRX(7) Broxbourne RCNTT2 lengths
2410:39NOV.4+72SRC(9) Sudbury RCPET(10) Peterborough City2:012 feet
2510:42NOV.4+75NOR(12) Norwich RCBRX(13) Broxbourne RC2:031 1/2 lengths
2610:45NOV.4+75BED(14) Bedford Rowing ClubSTN(15) Staines BC (Punter)2:04easily
7213:03NOV.4+135SRC(9) Sudbury RCSTN(11) Staines BC (Ellison)2:002 1/2 lengths
7513:12NOV.4+135NOR(12) Norwich RCBED(14) Bedford Rowing Club1:571 1/2 lengths
13516:36NOV.4+ STN(11) Staines BC (Ellison)BED(14) Bedford Rowing Club1:571/2 length
6412:39Mas.CDE.4+115STA(19) Star Club (=E)PET(20) Peterborough City (=D)2:031 1/2 lengths
11715:29Mas.CDE.4+156NTN(16) Northampton RC (=D)SRC(17) Sudbury RC (=C)2:061 length
11515:23Mas.CDE.4+156NOR(18) Norwich RC (=D)STA(19) Star Club (=E)2:063 lengths
15618:00Mas.CDE.4+ SRC(17) Sudbury RC (=C)STA(19) Star Club (=E)2:023 lengths
11115:10W.NOV.4X+157SRC(37) Sudbury RCBED(38) Bedford Rowing Club (Waller)2:284 lengths
15718:04W.NOV.4X+ BED(36) Bedford Rowing Club (Grimes)BED(38) Bedford Rowing Club (Waller)2:30easily
5712:18NOV.2X87SNE(53) St Neots RC (Tynan)STA(54) Star Club (Stace)2:012 feet
6112:30NOV.2X109SRC(57) Sudbury RC (Pettican)NTN(58) Northampton RC (Boix)2:191 1/2 lengths
8713:58NOV.2X152STA(54) Star Club (Stace)NTN(55) Northampton RC (Tobin)2:073/4 length
10915:04NOV.2X152MIK(56) Milton Keynes RC (Bigmore)SRC(57) Sudbury RC (Pettican)2:114 lengths
15217:14NOV.2X STA(54) Star Club (Stace)MIK(56) Milton Keynes RC (Bigmore)2:063 lengths
1210:03W.J15.2X53MIK(83) Milton Keynes RC (Hudson)BED(84) Bedford Rowing Club (Simpson)2:39easily
1310:06W.J15.2X46SRC(89) Sudbury RC (Bowles)STA(90) Star Club (Osgood)2:202 lengths
1410:09W.J15.2X59BED(92) Bedford Rowing Club (Waller)BGS(93) Bedford Girls School (Creek)NTTeasily
5312:06W.J15.2X100MIK(83) Milton Keynes RC (Hudson)BGS(85) Bedford Girls School (Long)2:36easily
4811:51W.J15.2X100BED(86) Bedford Rowing Club (Puddicombe)SNE/PET(87) St Neots RC/Peterborough City RC (Hooper)2:283 lengths
4611:45W.J15.2X91SNE(88) St Neots RC (Shorten)SRC(89) Sudbury RC (Bowles)NTT1 length
5912:24W.J15.2X91NOR(91) Norwich RC (Emerson)BGS(93) Bedford Girls School (Creek)2:234 lengths
10014:37W.J15.2X145BGS(85) Bedford Girls School (Long)SNE/PET(87) St Neots RC/Peterborough City RC (Hooper)2:49Row Over
9114:10W.J15.2X145SNE(88) St Neots RC (Shorten)NOR(91) Norwich RC (Emerson)2:27Not Rowed Out
14517:16W.J15.2X BGS(85) Bedford Girls School (Long)SNE(88) St Neots RC (Shorten)2:13easily
1910:24J16.1X69NOR(129) Norwich RC (Wileman)SRC(130) Sudbury RC2:15a canvas
2010:27J16.1X69SNE(131) St Neots RC (Chinnici)STA(132) Star Club (Sanders)2:192 lengths
2110:30J16.1X68HUN(133) Huntingdon RCNOR(134) Norwich RC (Furniss)2:174 lengths
2310:36J16.1X68STA(135) Star Club (White)SNE(136) St Neots RC (Vuylsteke)2:313 lengths
6912:54J16.1X128NOR(129) Norwich RC (Wileman)STA(132) Star Club (Sanders)2:23easily
6812:51J16.1X128HUN(133) Huntingdon RCSTA(135) Star Club (White)2:032 1/2 lengths
12816:08J16.1X STA(132) Star Club (Sanders)STA(135) Star Club (White)2:253 lengths
7713:28J14.1X130PET(151) Peterborough CitySNE(152) St Neots RC2:285 lengths
8413:49J14.1X130MED(153) Medway Towns RCSRC(154) Sudbury RC2:354 lengths
13016:16J14.1X PET(151) Peterborough CitySRC(154) Sudbury RCNTT2 1/2 lengths
909:54W.J15.1X32BMS(178) Bedford Modern SchoolBGS(179) Bedford Girls School (Mason)2:361/2 length
209:33W.J15.1X33SRC(181) Sudbury RCPET(182) Peterborough City (Parker)2:30a canvas
1009:57W.J15.1X34STA(185) Star Club (Frost)MIK(186) Milton Keynes RC2:364 lengths
809:51W.J15.1X31NOR(187) Norwich RCSTA(188) Star Club (Feltham)2:32a canvas
1110:00W.J15.1X31BGS(189) Bedford Girls School (Osgood)PET(190) Peterborough City (Firoozmand)NTTRow Over
3211:03W.J15.1X80BMS(178) Bedford Modern SchoolSTA(180) Star Club (Wiseberg)2:381 1/2 lengths
3311:06W.J15.1X80PET(182) Peterborough City (Parker)BED(183) Bedford Rowing Club2:483 lengths
3411:09W.J15.1X81BGS(184) Bedford Girls School (Watson)MIK(186) Milton Keynes RCNTTRow Over
3111:00W.J15.1X81NOR(187) Norwich RCBGS(189) Bedford Girls School (Osgood)2:392 1/2 lengths
8013:37W.J15.1X137BMS(178) Bedford Modern SchoolPET(182) Peterborough City (Parker)2:342 feet
8113:40W.J15.1X137MIK(186) Milton Keynes RCNOR(187) Norwich RC2:434 lengths
13716:44W.J15.1X BMS(178) Bedford Modern SchoolMIK(186) Milton Keynes RCNTT1 foot
2710:48W.J14.1X73NTN(191) Northampton RC (Bath)STA(192) Star Club2:432 lengths
2810:51W.J14.1X73SNE(193) St Neots RCSRC(194) Sudbury RC2:392 lengths
2910:54W.J14.1X78BED(195) Bedford Rowing ClubPET(196) Peterborough City2:444 lengths
3010:57W.J14.1X78CAM(197) City of CambridgeNTN(198) Northampton RC (Sherwood)2:37easily
7313:06W.J14.1X146STA(192) Star ClubSNE(193) St Neots RC2:371/3 length
7813:31W.J14.1X146PET(196) Peterborough CityCAM(197) City of Cambridge2:501 1/2 lengths
14617:20W.J14.1X SNE(193) St Neots RCCAM(197) City of Cambridge2:303/4 length