Cambridge Autumn Regatta

Sunday 8th September 2013

Draw for Champion of the Thames

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RaceTimeEventStatusNext Race Meadow Towpath
9311:594W.J15.4X+178CAB(15) Cantabrigian RC (Finlayson)GLB(16) Globe RC
9612:094W.J15.4X+174CAM(19) City of CambridgeCAB(20) Cantabrigian RC (Awbery-Maskell)
17815:434W.J15.4X+215Winner of Race 93HUN(17) Huntingdon RC
17415:334W.J15.4X+215CHA(18) Champion of the ThamesWinner of Race 96
21517:394W.J15.4X+ Winner of Race 178Winner of Race 174
8311:3410J15.2X160CAM(57) City of CambridgeKCA(58) The Kings School Canterbury BC (Kahol de Jong)
8411:3610J15.2X160CHA(59) Champion of the ThamesPET(60) Peterborough City
7511:1410J15.2X162GLB(61) Globe RCHLS(62) Hollowell Scullers
8511:3910J15.2X162CAB(63) Cantabrigian RCKCA(64) The Kings School Canterbury BC (Padgham)
16014:5510J15.2X209Winner of Race 83Winner of Race 84
16215:0310J15.2X209Winner of Race 75Winner of Race 85
20917:2110J15.2X Winner of Race 160Winner of Race 162
708:1526J16.1X45CHA(167) Champion of the ThamesSIV(168) St Ives RC
4209:4526J16.1X127MED(160) Medway Towns RCBAE(161) Barn Elms RC
4309:4826J16.1X127HLS(162) Hollowell ScullersDEB(163) Deben RC
4409:5026J16.1X129PET(164) Peterborough CitySRC(165) Sudbury RC
4509:5326J16.1X129KCA(166) The Kings School Canterbury BCWinner of Race 7
12713:3026J16.1X193Winner of Race 42Winner of Race 43
12913:3526J16.1X193Winner of Race 44Winner of Race 45
19316:3026J16.1X Winner of Race 127Winner of Race 129
3609:3030J14.B.1X118PET(188) Peterborough City (Aly)HUN(189) Huntingdon RC (Hunter)
3709:3330J14.B.1X119GLB(192) Globe RCPET(193) Peterborough City (Nash)
11813:0730J14.B.1X187Winner of Race 36SIV(190) St Ives RC (Wells)
11913:1030J14.B.1X187CHA(191) Champion of the ThamesWinner of Race 37
18716:1230J14.B.1X Winner of Race 118Winner of Race 119
1608:3737W.J15.1X108MAV(235) Maidstone Invicta RCPET(236) Peterborough City (Rai)
1708:4037W.J15.1X108CAM(237) City of CambridgeHLS(238) Hollowell Scullers
1808:4237W.J15.1X109CHA(239) Champion of the ThamesPHS(240) Putney High School RC
1908:4537W.J15.1X109CAB(241) Cantabrigian RCPET(242) Peterborough City (Chatfield)
10812:3937W.J15.1X186Winner of Race 16Winner of Race 17
10912:4237W.J15.1X186Winner of Race 18Winner of Race 19
18616:0937W.J15.1X Winner of Race 108Winner of Race 109