Cambridge Autumn Regatta

Sunday 8th September 2013

Draw for Broxbourne RC

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RaceTimeEventStatusNext RaceMeadowTowpath
9912:171IM3.4+175(4) Wolfson College BC (Cam)(5) St Neots RC
18315:581IM3.4+218(1) The King's School Canterbury BC(2) Sudbury RC
17515:361IM3.4+218(3) Broxbourne RCWinner of Race 99
21817:481IM3.4+ Winner of Race 183Winner of Race 175
1008:227NOV.2X100(32) Huntingdon RC (Bacon)(33) Nottingham & Union RC
1108:257NOV.2X97(40) Huntingdon RC (Murray-Smith)(41) Putney Town RC (Harding)
10012:197NOV.2X169Winner of Race 10(34) Putney Town RC (Wilson)
9111:547NOV.2X169(35) Maidstone Grammar School RC(36) The King's School Canterbury BC
9512:077NOV.2X170(37) Peterhouse BC(38) Rob Roy BC
9712:127NOV.2X170(39) Broxbourne RCWinner of Race 11
16915:217NOV.2X212Winner of Race 100Winner of Race 91
17015:237NOV.2X212Winner of Race 95Winner of Race 97
21217:307NOV.2X Winner of Race 169Winner of Race 170
7611:1613W.NOV.2X153(75) Parrs Priory RC(76) Nottingham & Union RC
7711:1913W.NOV.2X153(77) The King's School Canterbury BC(78) Broxbourne RC
7811:2113W.NOV.2X155(79) Cantabrigian RC(80) Putney High School RC
8011:2613W.NOV.2X155(81) Peterborough City(82) St Ives RC
15314:3813W.NOV.2X206Winner of Race 76Winner of Race 77
15514:4313W.NOV.2X206Winner of Race 78Winner of Race 80
20617:1213W.NOV.2X Winner of Race 153Winner of Race 155
5010:0823NOV.B.1X135(142) Huntingdon RC (Hammond)(143) Maidstone Grammar School RC
6110:3623NOV.B.1X134(145) Broxbourne RC(146) Globe RC
5110:1123NOV.B.1X134(147) Putney Town RC (Harvey-Judd)(148) Churchill College
13513:5023NOV.B.1X196Winner of Race 50(144) Peterhouse BC
13413:4723NOV.B.1X196Winner of Race 61Winner of Race 51
19616:3923NOV.B.1X Winner of Race 135Winner of Race 134
11512:5732W.IM3.1X184(198) St Ives RC(199) Deben RC
12513:2532W.IM3.1X184(200) Lea Rowing Club(201) Broxbourne RC
18416:0332W.IM3.1X Winner of Race 115Winner of Race 125
508:1033W.NOV.1X34(202) City of Cambridge (Bell)(203) Medway Towns RC
608:1233W.NOV.1X33(210) St Ives RC(211) City of Cambridge (Hill)
3409:2533W.NOV.1X113Winner of Race 5(204) Beccles Rowing Club
3109:1833W.NOV.1X113(205) The King's School Canterbury BC(206) Deben RC
3209:2033W.NOV.1X114(207) Broxbourne RC(208) Lea Rowing Club
3309:2333W.NOV.1X114(209) Pembroke College, CambridgeWinner of Race 6
11312:5233W.NOV.1X188Winner of Race 34Winner of Race 31
11412:5433W.NOV.1X188Winner of Race 32Winner of Race 33
18816:1533W.NOV.1X Winner of Race 113Winner of Race 114