Shrewsbury Regatta

Saturday 12th May 2018

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Results for Trentham BC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s) Quarry Park ClubVerdict
28916:06Op.8+332SHR(201) Royal Shrewsbury School (Bramwell)GRO(202) Grosvenor RCeasily
29016:08Op.8+332SHR(203) Royal Shrewsbury School (Bureau)STK(204) Trentham BC1 1/2 lengths
33217:32Op.8+ SHR(201) Royal Shrewsbury School (Bramwell)SHR(203) Royal Shrewsbury School (Bureau)5 lengths
2109:10W.8+71IRO(6) Ironbridge RCGRO(7) Grosvenor RC1 3/4 lengths
7011:08W.8+110BRI(3) Bridgnorth RCSTK(4) Trentham BCeasily
7111:10W.8+110LBR(5) Loughborough RCIRO(6) Ironbridge RC4 lengths
11012:28W.8+ BRI(3) Bridgnorth RCLBR(5) Loughborough RC1 1/2 lengths
1909:06Op.2.4+64BIR(21) Birmingham RCUOC(22) University of Chester (Pashley)4 lengths
2009:08Op.2.4+65BEW(25) Bewdley RCLER(26) Leicester RCeasily
6410:56Op.2.4+105BIR(21) Birmingham RCSTK(23) Trentham BC2/3 length
6510:58Op.2.4+105UOC(24) University of Chester (Leiser-Ford)BEW(25) Bewdley RCRow Over
10512:18Op.2.4+ BIR(21) Birmingham RCBEW(25) Bewdley RC2 lengths
28015:48W.J15.4+324SHR(230) Royal Shrewsbury SchoolNUN(231) Nottingham & Union RC3/4 length
28115:50W.J15.4+324STK(232) Trentham BCGRN(233) The Grange School Hartfordeasily
32417:16W.J15.4+ NUN(231) Nottingham & Union RCSTK(232) Trentham BC3 lengths
27715:42Mas.BCD.4X320GRO(239) Grosvenor RC (Howard =D)STK(240) Trentham BC (Bradley =B)4 lengths
32017:08Mas.BCD.4X LIV(238) Liverpool Victoria RC (Egan =C)STK(240) Trentham BC (Bradley =B)easily
1709:02J18.4X60STK(46) Trentham BCHCS(47) Hereford Cathedral School BCRow Over
5810:44J18.4X102LRG(43) Lancaster Royal Grammar School BCKSW(44) Kings School Worcester BC1 1/4 lengths
6010:48J18.4X102GRN(45) The Grange School HartfordSTK(46) Trentham BC1 length
10212:12J18.4X LRG(43) Lancaster Royal Grammar School BCGRN(45) The Grange School Hartford1 1/2 lengths
23313:54W.4X279ROS(243) Ross RCCOX(244) City of Oxford RCRow Over
23413:56W.4X278LBR(246) Loughborough RCWTN(247) Warrington RC1 1/2 lengths
23513:58W.4X278LER(248) Leicester RCTRF(249) Trafford RCRow Over
27915:46W.4X321COX(244) City of Oxford RCSTK(245) Trentham BC2 1/2 lengths
27815:44W.4X321LBR(246) Loughborough RCLER(248) Leicester RC2 lengths
32117:10W.4X COX(244) City of Oxford RCLBR(246) Loughborough RCeasily
1609:00J15.4X+55KSW(57) Kings School Worcester BC (Holland)LRG(58) Lancaster Royal Grammar School BC5 lengths
5410:26J15.4X+97KSW(54) Kings School Worcester BC (Stephan)STK(55) Trentham BCeasily
5510:28J15.4X+97HCS(56) Hereford Cathedral School BCLRG(58) Lancaster Royal Grammar School BC1 1/4 lengths
9712:02J15.4X+ STK(55) Trentham BCHCS(56) Hereford Cathedral School BCeasily
20212:52J14.4X+240 / 242STK(259) Trentham BC (Hills)QPH(260) Queens Park High School RC1 length
20312:54J14.4X+240 / 242KCH(261) Kings School Chester RCGRN(262) The Grange School Hartfordeasily
20412:56J14.4X+241 / 243STK(263) Trentham BC (Hudson)HCS(264) Hereford Cathedral School BCeasily
20512:58J14.4X+241 / 243KSW(265) Kings School Worcester BC (J14 B)KSW(266) Kings School Worcester BC (J14 A)easily
24014:18J14.4X+291STK(259) Trentham BC (Hills)GRN(262) The Grange School Hartford4 lengths
24114:20J14.4X+291STK(263) Trentham BC (Hudson)KSW(266) Kings School Worcester BC (J14 A)easily
29116:10J14.4X+ GRN(262) The Grange School HartfordSTK(263) Trentham BC (Hudson)1/2 length
24214:22J14.4X+292QPH(260) Queens Park High School RCKCH(261) Kings School Chester RCRow Over
24314:24J14.4X+292HCS(264) Hereford Cathedral School BCKSW(265) Kings School Worcester BC (J14 B)easily
29216:12J14.4X+ QPH(260) Queens Park High School RCHCS(264) Hereford Cathedral School BCeasily
26415:16W.J15.1.4X+311STP(267) Stourport BCSTK(268) Trentham BCa canvas
26515:18W.J15.1.4X+311HCS(269) Hereford Cathedral School BC (Shorrock)NUN(270) Nottingham & Union RC1 length
31116:50W.J15.1.4X+ STK(268) Trentham BCNUN(270) Nottingham & Union RC3 lengths
108:30W.J14.4X+30 / 24KSW(61) Kings School Worcester BC (Wj14 B)KSW(62) Kings School Worcester BC (Wj14 A)easily
208:32W.J14.4X+22 / 24NWK(64) Newark RCLIV(65) Liverpool Victoria RCRow Over
308:34W.J14.4X+27 / 26GRN(68) The Grange School HartfordQPH(69) Queens Park High School RCeasily
408:36W.J14.4X+25 / 26SHR(71) Royal Shrewsbury School (Urquhart)NST(72) North Staffordshire RC (WJ14 4X+ A)1/3 length
3009:28W.J14.4X+59KSW(62) Kings School Worcester BC (Wj14 A)SHR(63) Royal Shrewsbury School (Stephens)3 lengths
2209:12W.J14.4X+59NWK(64) Newark RCNST(66) North Staffordshire RC (WJ14 4X+ B)easily
2709:22W.J14.4X+45STK(67) Trentham BCGRN(68) The Grange School Hartford1/3 length
2509:18W.J14.4X+45HCS(70) Hereford Cathedral School BCNST(72) North Staffordshire RC (WJ14 4X+ A)2 lengths
5910:46W.J14.4X+88KSW(62) Kings School Worcester BC (Wj14 A)NST(66) North Staffordshire RC (WJ14 4X+ B)easily
4510:08W.J14.4X+88STK(67) Trentham BCNST(72) North Staffordshire RC (WJ14 4X+ A)easily
8811:44W.J14.4X+ NST(66) North Staffordshire RC (WJ14 4X+ B)STK(67) Trentham BC3/4 length
2409:16W.J14.4X+74KSW(61) Kings School Worcester BC (Wj14 B)LIV(65) Liverpool Victoria RCRow Over
2609:20W.J14.4X+74QPH(69) Queens Park High School RCSHR(71) Royal Shrewsbury School (Urquhart)5 lengths
7411:16W.J14.4X+ KSW(61) Kings School Worcester BC (Wj14 B)QPH(69) Queens Park High School RCeasily
21913:26J15.2X260QPH(300) Queens Park High School RCMTS(301) Merchant Taylors School BC1 length
22013:28J15.2X260KSW(302) Kings School Worcester BCNWK(303) Newark RC3/4 length
22113:30J15.2X261KSW(304) Kings School Worcester BCBUL(305) Burton Leander RC2 1/2 lengths
22213:32J15.2X261NST(306) North Staffordshire RCSTK(307) Trentham BCeasily
26014:58J15.2X309MTS(301) Merchant Taylors School BCKSW(302) Kings School Worcester BC3 lengths
26115:00J15.2X309BUL(305) Burton Leander RCNST(306) North Staffordshire RC1 length
30916:46J15.2X MTS(301) Merchant Taylors School BCBUL(305) Burton Leander RC4 lengths
5010:18J14.2X91HCS(87) Hereford Cathedral School BCSTK(88) Trentham BCeasily
9111:50J14.2X HCS(86) Hereford Cathedral School BCSTK(88) Trentham BCeasily
30216:32W.Mas.C.2X STK(310) Trentham BCGRO(311) Grosvenor RC4 lengths
25314:44W.J14.1.2X299QPH(312) Queens Park High School RCSTP(313) Stourport BCeasily
25414:46W.J14.1.2X299STK(314) Trentham BCNST(315) North Staffordshire RCeasily
29916:26W.J14.1.2X STP(313) Stourport BCNST(315) North Staffordshire RCeasily
3109:30Op.1.1X76LER(120) Leicester RC (Harding)STK(121) Trentham BCRow Over
3209:42Op.1.1X76NWK(122) Newark RCNRC(123) Nottingham RC1 1/4 lengths
7611:20Op.1.1X STK(121) Trentham BCNWK(122) Newark RC1 length
8311:34W.Mas.CE.1X STK(136) Trentham BC (Wylie =C)WTN(137) Warrington RC (Woods =E)easily
25014:38W.J17.1X297NWK(367) Newark RCKCH(368) Kings School Chester RCa canvas
29716:22W.J17.1X STK(366) Trentham BCNWK(367) Newark RCeasily