Shrewsbury Regatta

Saturday 12th May 2018

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Results for University of Chester

RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s) Quarry Park ClubVerdict
1909:06Op.2.4+64BIR(21) Birmingham RCUOC(22) University of Chester (Pashley)4 lengths
2009:08Op.2.4+65BEW(25) Bewdley RCLER(26) Leicester RCeasily
6410:56Op.2.4+105BIR(21) Birmingham RCSTK(23) Trentham BC2/3 length
6510:58Op.2.4+105UOC(24) University of Chester (Leiser-Ford)BEW(25) Bewdley RCRow Over
10512:18Op.2.4+ BIR(21) Birmingham RCBEW(25) Bewdley RC2 lengths
1809:04Op.3.4+63PGN(30) Pengwern RCHAU(31) Harper Adams University RCeasily
6210:52Op.3.4+104GRO(27) Grosvenor RCUOC(28) University of Chester (Perez)1 length
6310:54Op.3.4+104LIV(29) Liverpool Victoria RCPGN(30) Pengwern RC5 lengths
10412:16Op.3.4+ GRO(27) Grosvenor RCPGN(30) Pengwern RC2 1/2 lengths
23914:16W.1.4+285PGN(219) Pengwern RCUOC(217) University of Chester (Jackson)Row Over
28415:56W.1.4+326GRO(216) Grosvenor RCUOC(220) University of Chester (Billingham)1 length
28515:58W.1.4+326BEW(218) Bewdley RC (Bushnell)PGN(219) Pengwern RCeasily
32617:20W.1.4+ GRO(216) Grosvenor RCBEW(218) Bewdley RC (Bushnell)1/2 length
23614:00W.2.4+283STP(221) Stourport BCGRN(222) The Grange School Hartfordeasily
23714:12W.2.4+282IRO(224) Ironbridge RCBEW(225) Bewdley RC (Gunn)3 feet
23814:14W.2.4+282BIR(226) Birmingham RCUOC(227) University of Chester (Taylor)easily
28315:54W.2.4+325GRN(222) The Grange School HartfordHAU(223) Harper Adams University RCeasily
28215:52W.2.4+325BEW(225) Bewdley RC (Gunn)BIR(226) Birmingham RC2 lengths
32517:18W.2.4+ GRN(222) The Grange School HartfordBEW(225) Bewdley RC (Gunn)easily