Shrewsbury Regatta

Saturday 12th May 2018

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Results for Leicester RC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s)Quarry ParkClubVerdict
1909:06Op.2.4+64(21) Birmingham RC(22) University of Chester (Pashley)4 lengths
2009:08Op.2.4+65(25) Bewdley RC(26) Leicester RCeasily
6410:56Op.2.4+105(21) Birmingham RC(23) Trentham BC2/3 length
6510:58Op.2.4+105(24) University of Chester (Leiser-Ford)(25) Bewdley RCRow Over
10512:18Op.2.4+ (21) Birmingham RC(25) Bewdley RC2 lengths
23313:54W.4X279(243) Ross RC(244) City of Oxford RCRow Over
23413:56W.4X278(246) Loughborough RC(247) Warrington RC1 1/2 lengths
23513:58W.4X278(248) Leicester RC(249) Trafford RCRow Over
27915:46W.4X321(244) City of Oxford RC(245) Trentham BC2 1/2 lengths
27815:44W.4X321(246) Loughborough RC(248) Leicester RC2 lengths
32117:10W.4X (244) City of Oxford RC(246) Loughborough RCeasily
23013:48Op.2-273(276) Newark/Hollingworth Lake(277) Kings School Worcester BCeasily
23113:50Op.2-272(279) The Grange School Hartford(280) Leicester RC4 lengths
23213:52Op.2-272(281) Stourport BC(282) Monmouth RC2 1/2 lengths
27315:34Op.2-315(276) Newark/Hollingworth Lake(278) Monmouth RC3 lengths
27215:32Op.2-315(279) The Grange School Hartford(282) Monmouth RC2 lengths
31516:58Op.2- (278) Monmouth RC(282) Monmouth RC3 feet
22713:42Op.2X271(283) Trent RC(284) City of Oxford RCeasily
22813:44Op.2X270(286) Leicester RC(287) Sabrina RCRow Over
22913:46Op.2X270(288) Leicester RC(289) Sabrina RCeasily
27115:30Op.2X314(283) Trent RC(285) Warwick BCeasily
27015:28Op.2X314(287) Sabrina RC(288) Leicester RC3 feet
31416:56Op.2X (285) Warwick BC(288) Leicester RC4 lengths
8911:46Mas.BC.2X (84) Leicester RC (Wright/Clark =C)(85) City of Oxford RC (Hollis/John =B)easily
1508:58W.2X49(92) Birmingham RC(93) Grosvenor RCeasily
4810:14W.2X90(89) City of Oxford RC(90) Bridgnorth RC1 1/2 lengths
4910:16W.2X90(91) Leicester RC(92) Birmingham RC?
9011:48W.2X (89) City of Oxford RC(92) Birmingham RC4 1/2 lengths
808:44W.J15.3.2X33(112) Leicester RC(113) Newark RC (Kane/Tunnicliffe)easily
908:46W.J15.3.2X34(116) Loughborough RC(117) Newark RC (McCrery/Shaw)4 lengths
3309:44W.J15.3.2X77(112) Leicester RC(114) Royal Shrewsbury School3 lengths
3409:46W.J15.3.2X77(115) Liverpool Victoria RC(116) Loughborough RCRow Over
7711:22W.J15.3.2X (112) Leicester RC(116) Loughborough RC2 1/2 lengths
30816:44Mx.2X (323) Warwick BC(324) Leicester RC2 lengths
3109:30Op.1.1X76(120) Leicester RC (Harding)(121) Trentham BCRow Over
3209:42Op.1.1X76(122) Newark RC(123) Nottingham RC1 1/4 lengths
7611:20Op.1.1X (121) Trentham BC(122) Newark RC1 length
508:38Op.2.1X29(124) Leicester RC (Clark)(125) Leicester RC (Haracz)Row Over
608:40Op.2.1X28(127) Leicester RC (Clark)(128) Derby RC1 1/2 lengths
708:42Op.2.1X28(129) Burton Leander RC(130) Leicester RC (Bowles)1 1/4 lengths
2909:26Op.2.1X75(125) Leicester RC (Haracz)(126) Warwick BCeasily
2809:24Op.2.1X75(128) Derby RC(129) Burton Leander RC4 lengths
7511:18Op.2.1X (125) Leicester RC (Haracz)(128) Derby RC1 length
25614:50Mas.E.1X304(331) Leicester RC(332) Trent RCeasily
30416:36Mas.E.1X (330) Stourport BC(331) Leicester RCdRow Over
21713:22J14.1X257(344) Queens Park High School RC (Halewood)(345) North Staffordshire RCeasily
21813:24J14.1X258(348) Leicester RC(349) Queens Park High School RC (Lawrence)easily
25714:52J14.1X305(344) Queens Park High School RC (Halewood)(346) Queens Park High School RC (Bamber)1 length
25814:54J14.1X305(347) Newark RC(348) Leicester RCeasily
30516:38J14.1X (346) Queens Park High School RC (Bamber)(348) Leicester RC2 lengths
20613:00W.2.1X244(355) Birmingham RC (Simmons)(356) Trent RC1 1/4 lengths
20713:02W.2.1X244(357) Ironbridge RC(358) Birmingham RC (Hackett)3 lengths
20813:04W.2.1X245(359) Minerva Bath RC(360) Leicester RCeasily
20913:06W.2.1X245(361) Northampton RC(362) Birmingham RC (Knight)Row Over
24414:26W.2.1X293(355) Birmingham RC (Simmons)(357) Ironbridge RC3 lengths
24514:28W.2.1X293(359) Minerva Bath RC(361) Northampton RC3 1/2 lengths
29316:14W.2.1X (355) Birmingham RC (Simmons)(359) Minerva Bath RCeasily