Shrewsbury Regatta

Saturday 12th May 2018

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Results for Sabrina RC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s)Quarry ParkClubVerdict
2309:14Op.1.4+73(19) Monmouth RC(20) Warwick BC1/3 length
7211:12Op.1.4+112(16) Sabrina RC(17) Royal Shrewsbury School1 1/4 lengths
7311:14Op.1.4+112(18) BRI/IRO(20) Warwick BC1 length
11212:32Op.1.4+ (16) Sabrina RC(20) Warwick BC1/2 length
22713:42Op.2X271(283) Trent RC(284) City of Oxford RCeasily
22813:44Op.2X270(286) Leicester RC(287) Sabrina RCRow Over
22913:46Op.2X270(288) Leicester RC(289) Sabrina RCeasily
27115:30Op.2X314(283) Trent RC(285) Warwick BCeasily
27015:28Op.2X314(287) Sabrina RC(288) Leicester RC3 feet
31416:56Op.2X (285) Warwick BC(288) Leicester RC4 lengths