Shrewsbury Regatta

Saturday 12th May 2018

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Results for Grosvenor RC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s)Quarry ParkClubVerdict
28916:06Op.8+332(201) Royal Shrewsbury School (Bramwell)(202) Grosvenor RCeasily
29016:08Op.8+332(203) Royal Shrewsbury School (Bureau)(204) Trentham BC1 1/2 lengths
33217:32Op.8+ (201) Royal Shrewsbury School (Bramwell)(203) Royal Shrewsbury School (Bureau)5 lengths
11112:30Mas.EF.8+ (1) Guildford RC (Warne =F)(2) Grosvenor RC (Perkins =E)2 lengths
2109:10W.8+71(6) Ironbridge RC(7) Grosvenor RC1 3/4 lengths
7011:08W.8+110(3) Bridgnorth RC(4) Trentham BCeasily
7111:10W.8+110(5) Loughborough RC(6) Ironbridge RC4 lengths
11012:28W.8+ (3) Bridgnorth RC(5) Loughborough RC1 1/2 lengths
1809:04Op.3.4+63(30) Pengwern RC(31) Harper Adams University RCeasily
6210:52Op.3.4+104(27) Grosvenor RC(28) University of Chester (Perez)1 length
6310:54Op.3.4+104(29) Liverpool Victoria RC(30) Pengwern RC5 lengths
10412:16Op.3.4+ (27) Grosvenor RC(30) Pengwern RC2 1/2 lengths
28616:00Mas.E.4+329(212) Nottingham RC(213) Monmouth RC1 length
32917:26Mas.E.4+ (211) Grosvenor RC(213) Monmouth RC4 lengths
32817:24Mas.F.4+ (214) Grosvenor RC(215) Guildford RC5 lengths
23914:16W.1.4+285(219) Pengwern RC(217) University of Chester (Jackson)Row Over
28415:56W.1.4+326(216) Grosvenor RC(220) University of Chester (Billingham)1 length
28515:58W.1.4+326(218) Bewdley RC (Bushnell)(219) Pengwern RCeasily
32617:20W.1.4+ (216) Grosvenor RC(218) Bewdley RC (Bushnell)1/2 length
32317:14Mas.D.4- (234) Grosvenor RC(235) Pengwern RC4 lengths
27715:42Mas.BCD.4X320(239) Grosvenor RC (Howard =D)(240) Trentham BC (Bradley =B)4 lengths
32017:08Mas.BCD.4X (238) Liverpool Victoria RC (Egan =C)(240) Trentham BC (Bradley =B)easily
5710:42W.Mas.C.4X100(49) Trent RC(50) Warrington RC4 1/2 lengths
10012:08W.Mas.C.4X (48) Grosvenor RC(49) Trent RC2 lengths
1508:58W.2X49(92) Birmingham RC(93) Grosvenor RCeasily
4810:14W.2X90(89) City of Oxford RC(90) Bridgnorth RC1 1/2 lengths
4910:16W.2X90(91) Leicester RC(92) Birmingham RC?
9011:48W.2X (89) City of Oxford RC(92) Birmingham RC4 1/2 lengths
30216:32W.Mas.C.2X (310) Trentham BC(311) Grosvenor RC4 lengths
3509:48W.J15.2.2X78(108) Grosvenor RC(109) Queens Park High School RCeasily
3609:50W.J15.2.2X78(110) Trent RC(111) Kings School Worcester BC (Beever/Thorp)4 lengths
7811:24W.J15.2.2X (109) Queens Park High School RC(110) Trent RC2 lengths
30116:30Mas.G.1X (333) Grosvenor RC(334) Liverpool Victoria RC3 1/2 lengths
1108:50W.J15.1X41(138) Grosvenor RC (Windsor)(139) Newark RC (Archer Dytch)2 1/2 lengths
1208:52W.J15.1X42(142) Stourport BC(143) Nottingham & Union RC3/4 length
4110:00W.J15.1X82(138) Grosvenor RC (Windsor)(140) Grosvenor RC (Audas)5 lengths
4210:02W.J15.1X82(141) Newark RC (Mawle)(143) Nottingham & Union RC2 1/2 lengths
8211:32W.J15.1X (140) Grosvenor RC (Audas)(141) Newark RC (Mawle)3 lengths