Shrewsbury Sprint

Sunday 13th May 2018

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RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s)Quarry ParkClubTimeVerdict
109:00W.J14.1X31(471) North Staffordshire RC(472) Nottingham & Union RC (Penn)3:042 1/2 lengths
209:02W.J14.1X28(474) Trent RC(475) Royal Chester RCNTTRow Over
309:04W.J14.1X28(476) North Staffordshire RC(477) Nottingham & Union RC (Rigby)3:22easily
409:06W.J15.1X25(465) Stourport BC(466) Nottingham & Union RCNTTRow Over
509:08W.J15.1X27(469) Liverpool Victoria RC(470) Stourport BC3:30easily
609:10Op.1X42(452) Trentham BC(453) Nottingham RC3:12easily
709:12W.2.2X41(427) (428) Bridgnorth RC3:14easily
809:14W.2.2X38(431) Sir John Deanes College BC (Gilbody/Addison)(432) Leicester RC2:562 1/2 lengths
909:16J13.2X34(417) Nottingham & Union RC (Apps/Kirkham)(418) Queens Park High School RC (Greensmith/Smith)3:03easily
1009:18J13.2X35(421) Queens Park High School RC (Baker/Harris)(422) Nottingham & Union RC (James/Dunn)3:23easily
1109:20J14.2X36(411) Runcorn RC(412) Queens Park High School RC (Gordon/Burke)2:382 lengths
1209:22J14.2X37(415) Royal Chester RC (Griffiths/Rees-Hughes)(416) Queens Park High School RC (Cox/Howard)2:331/2 length
1309:24W.J14.2.4X+47(392) Stourport BC(393) Pengwern RC (Driscoll)3:18easily
1409:26Op.4+50(373) Liverpool Victoria RC(374) Trafford RC (Gaunt)2:57easily
1509:28Op.4+51(377) Sabrina RC(378) Trafford RC (Barton)2:121/2 length
1609:30J16.1X55(461) Royal Shrewsbury School (Bramwell)(462) Royal Shrewsbury School (Nares)2:421 1/2 lengths
1709:32J16.1X55(463) Royal Shrewsbury School (McKirdy)(464) Royal Shrewsbury School (Hickie)2:351 foot
1809:34J17.1X56(457) Leicester RC(458) Pengwern RC (Brewis)NTTRow Over
1909:36J17.1X56(459) Royal Chester RC(460) Pengwern RC (Bates)2:383 lengths
2009:38J18.1X57(455) Welbeck College BC(456) Runcorn RC2:59easily
2109:40Op.1X58(449) Ironbridge RC(450) Leicester RC2:41easily
2209:42W.1.2X60(423) Loughborough RC(424) Queens Park High School RC2:27easily
2309:44W.1.2X60(425) Sir John Deanes College BC (Armstrong/Slatter)(426) Liverpool Victoria RC2:462 feet
2409:46W.J15.2.2X63(441) Liverpool Victoria RC(442) Royal Shrewsbury SchoolNTTRow Over
2509:48W.J15.1X54(465) Stourport BC(467) Trent RC2:521/2 length
2609:50W.J15.2.2X63(443) Pengwern RC(444) Loughborough RC2:492 lengths
2709:52W.J15.1X54(468) Burton Leander RC(470) Stourport BC3:072 lengths
2809:54W.J14.1X53(475) Royal Chester RC(477) Nottingham & Union RC (Rigby)3:041 length
2909:56W.J15.1.2X64(437) Stourport BC (Courtney/Murphy)(438) North Staffordshire RC2:441/3 length
3009:58W.J15.1.2X64(439) Nottingham & Union RC(440) Stourport BC (Butcher/Dimambro)2:483 lengths
3110:00W.J14.1X53(472) Nottingham & Union RC (Penn)(473) North Staffordshire RC3:16easily
3210:12W.J17.2X65(433) North Staffordshire RC (Houseman/Cartlidge)(434) Liverpool Victoria RC (Woolley/Lorimer)2:381/2 length
3310:14W.J17.2X65(435) North Staffordshire RC (Hall/Barratt)(436) Liverpool Victoria RC (Hoggarth/Mann)1:491 length
3410:16J13.2X66(417) Nottingham & Union RC (Apps/Kirkham)(419) Nottingham & Union RC (Rainbow/Waddell)2:44easily
3510:18J13.2X66(420) Royal Chester RC(421) Queens Park High School RC (Baker/Harris)2:581 length
3610:20J14.2X67(411) Runcorn RC(413) Royal Chester RC (McLaughlin/Foster)2:44easily
3710:22J14.2X67(414) Nottingham & Union RC(416) Queens Park High School RC (Cox/Howard)2:242 1/2 lengths
3810:24W.2.2X59(430) Trent RC(431) Sir John Deanes College BC (Gilbody/Addison)3:111 length
3910:26Mas.D.2X69(405) Runcorn RC(406) City of Oxford RCNTTeasily
4010:28Mas.D.2X69(407) Stourport BC(408) Worcester RC1:401/2 length
4110:30W.2.2X59(427) (429) Ironbridge RC0:05Not Rowed Out
4210:32Op.1X58(451) Burton Leander RC(453) Nottingham RC2:173/4 length
4310:34Mas.C.2X70(403) Leicester RC(404) Trent RC2:53easily
4410:36W.J13.4X+73(394) North Staffordshire RC(395) Nottingham & Union RC (Lunn)0:42easily
4510:38W.J13.4X+73(396) Queens Park High School RC(397) Nottingham & Union RC (Tucker)6:35?
4610:40W.J14.2.4X+74(389) North Staffordshire RC(390) Pengwern RC (Buxton)2:581/2 length
4710:42W.J14.2.4X+74(391) Worcester RC(392) Stourport BC3:242 1/2 lengths
4810:44W.J14.1.4X+75(385) Nottingham & Union RC(386) Royal Chester RC (Harris)2:343 feet
4910:46W.J14.1.4X+75(387) Queens Park High School RC(388) Royal Chester RC (O'Dwyer)2:574 lengths
5010:48Op.4+79(374) Trafford RC (Gaunt)(375) Loughborough RC2:451 1/2 lengths
5110:50Op.4+79(376) Royal Shrewsbury School(377) Sabrina RC3:104 lengths
5210:52W.J12.1X (478) Nottingham & Union RC(479) Trent RC3:121/2 length
5310:54W.J14.1X (472) Nottingham & Union RC (Penn)(477) Nottingham & Union RC (Rigby)2:153 lengths
5410:56W.J15.1X (467) Trent RC(470) Stourport BC3:031 1/2 lengths
5510:58J16.1X (462) Royal Shrewsbury School (Nares)(464) Royal Shrewsbury School (Hickie)2:42easily
5611:00J17.1X (458) Pengwern RC (Brewis)(459) Royal Chester RC1:241 1/2 lengths
5711:12J18.1X (454) Minerva Bath RC(455) Welbeck College BC2:162 lengths
5811:14Op.1X (450) Leicester RC(453) Nottingham RC2:22easily
5911:16W.2.2X (427) (431) Sir John Deanes College BC (Gilbody/Addison)3:044 1/2 lengths
6011:18W.1.2X (423) Loughborough RC(426) Liverpool Victoria RC2:414 lengths
6111:20Mx.Mas.E.2X (447) Warwick BC(448) Loughborough RC2:491 1/2 lengths
6211:22Mx.Mas.BC.2X (445) North Staffordshire RC (Forsyth/Silvester =C)(446) Pengwern RC (Vicary/Bishton =B)NTTRow Over
6311:24W.J15.2.2X (442) Royal Shrewsbury School(444) Loughborough RC2:213 1/2 lengths
6411:26W.J15.1.2X (437) Stourport BC (Courtney/Murphy)(440) Stourport BC (Butcher/Dimambro)2:201/2 length
6511:28W.J17.2X (433) North Staffordshire RC (Houseman/Cartlidge)(435) North Staffordshire RC (Hall/Barratt)2:123 feet
6611:30J13.2X (419) Nottingham & Union RC (Rainbow/Waddell)(420) Royal Chester RC0:382 1/2 lengths
6711:32J14.2X (411) Runcorn RC(414) Nottingham & Union RC1:521 1/2 lengths
6811:34Mas.EG.2X (409) Runcorn RC (Street/Reynolds =E)(410) Bewdley RC (Warnett/Mol =G)2:193/4 length
6911:36Mas.D.2X (405) Runcorn RC(407) Stourport BC4:16Disqualification
7011:38Mas.C.2X (402) Birmingham RC(403) Leicester RC2:421 1/2 lengths
7111:40W.J15.2- (400) Royal Shrewsbury School (Bowers Martinez/Robson)(401) Royal Shrewsbury School (Holehouse/Dee)2:435 lengths
7211:42Mas.EF.2- (398) Bridgnorth RC (Champion/Butler =F)(399) Pengwern RC (Dee/Wilkinson =E)3:04?
7311:44W.J13.4X+ (394) North Staffordshire RC(397) Nottingham & Union RC (Tucker)2:311 1/2 lengths
7411:46W.J14.2.4X+ (390) Pengwern RC (Buxton)(392) Stourport BC1:494 lengths
7511:48W.J14.1.4X+ (386) Royal Chester RC (Harris)(387) Queens Park High School RC2:144 lengths
7611:50J15.4X+ (383) Royal Shrewsbury School(384) Royal Chester RCNTTRow Over
7711:52W.Mas.CD.4X (381) Runcorn RC (Furlong =D)(382) Trentham BC (Ellis =C)2:261 1/2 lengths
7811:54W.Mas.DE.4+ (379) Liverpool Victoria RC (Harrison =E)(380) Ironbridge RC (Birch =D)2:34easily
7911:56Op.4+ (374) Trafford RC (Gaunt)(377) Sabrina RC1:052 1/2 lengths
8011:58Mas.DF.8+ (371) Nottingham & Union RC (Townsend =D)(372) Guildford RC (Warne =F)3:141 length
20112:20W.2.1X229(582) Leicester RC(583) Nottingham RC (Hurst)4:001 length
20212:22W.1.1X232(577) Nottingham & Union RC(578) Nottingham RC (Beighton)3:29a canvas
20312:24J14.1X235(561) Queens Park High School RC (Gordon)(562) Nottingham & Union RC (Knowles)0:42easily
20412:26J14.1X237(564) Royal Chester RC(565) Queens Park High School RC (Howard)2:32easily
20512:28J14.1X237(566) Nottingham & Union RC (Burrows)(567) Queens Park High School RC (Burke)2:51easily
20612:30J15.1X240(555) North Staffordshire RC(556) Stourport BC2:452 lengths
20712:32J15.1X242(559) Burton Leander RC (Richards)(560) Stourport BC2:47easily
20812:34W.J13.2X241(544) North Staffordshire RC (Sumner/Greenwood)(545) Nottingham & Union RC (Stevens/Newman)3:18easily
20912:36W.J14.2.2X236(539) North Staffordshire RC (Silvester/Forsyth-Cox)(540) Queens Park High School RC2:552 lengths
21012:38W.J15.4X+244(512) Royal Chester RC(513) Stourport BC (Butcher)2:352 lengths
21112:40W.4X231(502) Loughborough RC(503) Leicester RC2:333 lengths
21212:42W.4+234(489) City of Oxford RC(490) Bewdley RC (Gunn)1:341 length
21312:44Op.2X245(518) Sabrina RC (Stuart/Clarke)(519) Birmingham RC1:522 lengths
21412:46Op.2X243(521) City of Oxford RC(522) Trent RCNTTRow Over
21512:48Op.2X243(523) Sabrina RC (Morgan/Thomas)(524) City of Oxford RC3:05easily
21612:50W.J16.1X246(585) Royal Chester RC(586) Pengwern RCNTTRow Over
21712:52W.2.1X247(579) Birmingham RC(580) Pengwern RC2:331 length
21812:54W.1.1X261(574) Nottingham RC (Hicken)(575) Sir John Deanes College BC2:411 1/2 lengths
21912:56J13.1X249(568) Burton Leander RC(569) Royal Chester RC (Dillon)2:051/2 length
22012:58J13.1X249(570) North Staffordshire RC(571) Royal Chester RC (Munday)2:461 length
22113:00Mas.CD.1X252(549) City of Oxford RC (Khan =D)(550) Loughborough RC (Targett =D)2:331 length
22213:02W.J13.2X263(541) North Staffordshire RC (Lewis/Hurst)(542) Queens Park High School RC3:23easily
22313:04W.J14.2.2X267(536) Royal Chester RC (Allen/Foster)(537) Burton Leander RC1:38easily
22413:06W.J14.1.2X254(532) Royal Chester RC (Harris/Hird)(533) Nottingham & Union RC2:433 lengths
22513:08W.J14.1.2X254(534) North Staffordshire RC (Hall/Barratt)(535) Royal Chester RC (Salmon/Harrison)2:432 lengths
22613:10W.Mas.D.2X255(530) Runcorn RC(531) Warwick BCNTTRow Over
22713:12W.J15.4X+274(509) Stourport BC (Robinson)(510) Pengwern RC3:491/2 length
22813:14J13.4X+260(507) Queens Park High School RC(508) Nottingham & Union RC (James)2:52easily
22913:16W.2.1X247(581) Trent RC(582) Leicester RC2:55easily
23013:18W.4X264(499) Pengwern RC(500) Royal Chester RC2:48easily
23113:20W.4X264(501) Trentham BC(502) Loughborough RC1:48easily
23213:22W.1.1X261(576) Ironbridge RC(578) Nottingham RC (Beighton)2:521 length
23313:24W.4+271(486) Bewdley RC (Bushnell)(487) Birmingham RC2:52easily
23413:26W.4+271(488) Stourport BC(490) Bewdley RC (Gunn)8:013/4 length
23513:28J14.1X273(562) Nottingham & Union RC (Knowles)(563) Queens Park High School RC (Cox)1:354 lengths
23613:30W.J14.2.2X267(538) Stourport BC(540) Queens Park High School RC3:05easily
23713:42J14.1X273(564) Royal Chester RC(566) Nottingham & Union RC (Burrows)1:563 lengths
23813:44W.Mas.CD.8+275(480) Pengwern RC (Chelton =D)(481) Ironbridge RC (Birch =C)2:373 feet
23913:46W.Mas.CD.8+275(482) Loughborough RC (Storey =D)(483) Northwich RC (Young =D)3:491/3 length
24013:48J15.1X269(556) Stourport BC(557) Burton Leander RC (Colmey)3:534 lengths
24113:50W.J13.2X263(543) Nottingham & Union RC (Lunn/Dowding)(545) Nottingham & Union RC (Stevens/Newman)2:44easily
24213:52J15.1X269(558) Trent RC(559) Burton Leander RC (Richards)NTTRow Over
24313:54Op.2X276(522) Trent RC(523) Sabrina RC (Morgan/Thomas)1:39easily
24413:56W.J15.4X+274(511) Nottingham & Union RC(513) Stourport BC (Butcher)2:273/4 length
24513:58Op.2X276(518) Sabrina RC (Stuart/Clarke)(520) Queens Park High School RC2:29a canvas
24614:00W.J16.1X (584) Pengwern RC(586) Pengwern RC2:50easily
24714:02W.2.1X (579) Birmingham RC(581) Trent RC2:30easily
24814:04J12.1X (572) Burton Leander RC(573) Trent RC3:142 lengths
24914:06J13.1X (569) Royal Chester RC (Dillon)(570) North Staffordshire RC3:47Not Rowed Out
25014:08Mas.GH.1X (553) Bewdley RC (Gibbons =H)(554) Liverpool Victoria RC (Vick =G)2:47easily
25114:10Mas.EF.1X (551) Stourport BC (Gwilliam =E)(552) Worcester RC (Macmillan =F)2:544 lengths
25214:12Mas.CD.1X (548) North Staffordshire RC (Silvester =C)(550) Loughborough RC (Targett =D)4:19easily
25314:14Mx.2X (546) Welbeck College BC(547) Minerva Bath RC2:351/2 length
25414:16W.J14.1.2X (532) Royal Chester RC (Harris/Hird)(535) Royal Chester RC (Salmon/Harrison)3:21a canvas
25514:18W.Mas.D.2X (529) (531) Warwick BC1:411 1/2 lengths
25614:20W.Mas.C.2X (527) Trentham BC(528) Liverpool Victoria RC3:16easily
25714:22J17.2X (525) Liverpool Victoria RC(526) Pengwern RC2:05easily
25814:24J16.2- (516) Royal Shrewsbury School (Dowd/Tarlton)(517) Royal Shrewsbury School (Bramwell/Martin)3:551 length
25914:26Op.2- (514) Stourport BC(515) Royal Shrewsbury SchoolNTTRow Over
26014:28J13.4X+ (506) Nottingham & Union RC (Rainbow)(507) Queens Park High School RC1:281 1/4 lengths
26114:30W.1.1X (575) Sir John Deanes College BC(576) Ironbridge RC1:512 lengths
26214:42J14.4X+ (504) Royal Chester RC(505) Queens Park High School RC3:491/2 length
26314:44W.J13.2X (541) North Staffordshire RC (Lewis/Hurst)(545) Nottingham & Union RC (Stevens/Newman)0:044 1/2 lengths
26414:46W.4X (499) Pengwern RC(502) Loughborough RC2:421 3/4 lengths
26514:48Mas.EF.4X (497) Runcorn RC (Furlong =E)(498) Guildford RC (Cooper =F)3:432/3 length
26614:50Mas.C.4X (495) Trentham BC(496) Liverpool Victoria RC2:504 lengths
26714:52W.J14.2.2X (537) Burton Leander RC(538) Stourport BC0:114 feet
26814:54Mas.EF.4- (493) Nottingham & Union RC (Mullins =E)(494) Nottingham RC (Knight =F)NTTDefault
26914:56J15.1X (556) Stourport BC(559) Burton Leander RC (Richards)2:492 1/4 lengths
27014:58W.J16.4+ (491) North Staffordshire RC(492) Royal Shrewsbury School2:253/4 length
27115:00W.4+ (486) Bewdley RC (Bushnell)(490) Bewdley RC (Gunn)2:444 feet
27215:02Mas.EF.4+ (484) Guildford RC (Mansfield =F)(485) Warwick BC (Haynes-2 =E)0:351m
27315:04J14.1X (562) Nottingham & Union RC (Knowles)(564) Royal Chester RC0:413 lengths
27415:06W.J15.4X+ (509) Stourport BC (Robinson)(513) Stourport BC (Butcher)1:571 1/4 lengths
27515:08W.Mas.CD.8+ (481) Ironbridge RC (Birch =C)(482) Loughborough RC (Storey =D)5:531/2 length
27615:10Op.2X (518) Sabrina RC (Stuart/Clarke)(523) Sabrina RC (Morgan/Thomas)2:282 lengths