Shrewsbury Sprint

Sunday 13th May 2018

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Results for Burton Leander RC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s)Quarry ParkClubTimeVerdict
20912:36W.J14.2.2X236(539) North Staffordshire RC (Silvester/Forsyth-Cox)(540) Queens Park High School RC2:552 lengths
22313:04W.J14.2.2X267(536) Royal Chester RC (Allen/Foster)(537) Burton Leander RC1:38easily
23613:30W.J14.2.2X267(538) Stourport BC(540) Queens Park High School RC3:05easily
26714:52W.J14.2.2X (537) Burton Leander RC(538) Stourport BC0:114 feet
609:10Op.1X42(452) Trentham BC(453) Nottingham RC3:12easily
2109:40Op.1X58(449) Ironbridge RC(450) Leicester RC2:41easily
4210:32Op.1X58(451) Burton Leander RC(453) Nottingham RC2:173/4 length
5811:14Op.1X (450) Leicester RC(453) Nottingham RC2:22easily
20612:30J15.1X240(555) North Staffordshire RC(556) Stourport BC2:452 lengths
20712:32J15.1X242(559) Burton Leander RC (Richards)(560) Stourport BC2:47easily
24013:48J15.1X269(556) Stourport BC(557) Burton Leander RC (Colmey)3:534 lengths
24213:52J15.1X269(558) Trent RC(559) Burton Leander RC (Richards)NTTRow Over
26914:56J15.1X (556) Stourport BC(559) Burton Leander RC (Richards)2:492 1/4 lengths
21912:56J13.1X249(568) Burton Leander RC(569) Royal Chester RC (Dillon)2:051/2 length
22012:58J13.1X249(570) North Staffordshire RC(571) Royal Chester RC (Munday)2:461 length
24914:06J13.1X (569) Royal Chester RC (Dillon)(570) North Staffordshire RC3:47Not Rowed Out
24814:04J12.1X (572) Burton Leander RC(573) Trent RC3:142 lengths
409:06W.J15.1X25(465) Stourport BC(466) Nottingham & Union RCNTTRow Over
509:08W.J15.1X27(469) Liverpool Victoria RC(470) Stourport BC3:30easily
2509:48W.J15.1X54(465) Stourport BC(467) Trent RC2:521/2 length
2709:52W.J15.1X54(468) Burton Leander RC(470) Stourport BC3:072 lengths
5410:56W.J15.1X (467) Trent RC(470) Stourport BC3:031 1/2 lengths