St Neots Regatta

Saturday 28th July 2018

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Results for Ipswich/Sudbury

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Clubhouse Regatta FieldVerdict
3010:16W.1.2X118STA(148) Star Club (Bennewith/White)BED(149) Bedford Rowing Club (Wrigley/Moore)Row Over
5311:27W.1.2X160DEV(145) Devil's Elbow RC (Cooper/Paillin)NOR(146) Norwich RC (Redgrave/Meakin)easily
11814:48W.1.2X160IPS/SRC(147) Ipswich/Sudbury (Titterington/Goodchild)BED(149) Bedford Rowing Club (Wrigley/Moore)3 lengths
16016:58W.1.2X NOR(146) Norwich RC (Redgrave/Meakin)IPS/SRC(147) Ipswich/Sudbury (Titterington/Goodchild)1 length