St Neots Regatta

Saturday 28th July 2018

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Results for Ancholme RC

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceClubhouseRegatta FieldVerdict
13115:29Mx.8+188(21) Ancholme RC (Macleod)(22) Newark RC (Ashley)1/4 length
18818:24Mx.8+ (20) Norwich RC (Joice)(22) Newark RC (Ashley)3/4 length
12014:54W.Mas.CDE.4+174(56) St Neots RC (Taylor =E)(57) Peterborough City (Mosley =D)4 lengths
8312:59W.Mas.CDE.4+174(58) Milton Keynes RC (Wilson =C)(59) Star Club (Clarke =E)2 lengths
17417:42W.Mas.CDE.4+ (56) St Neots RC (Taylor =E)(58) Milton Keynes RC (Wilson =C)2 1/2 lengths
7312:29Mx.Mas.CD.2X181(182) Deben RC (Smith/Flavin =C)(183) Lea Rowing Club (Baxter/Baxter =C)easily
18118:03Mx.Mas.CD.2X (181) Maidstone Invicta RC (Roper/Buxy =D)(183) Lea Rowing Club (Baxter/Baxter =C)easily