Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 12th May 2018

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Results for Emanuel School

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Enclosure EmbankmentTimeVerdict
1909:09W.2.8+106EMA(103) Emanuel SchoolNSC(104) Norwich School4:102 1/3 lengths
8111:55W.2.8+194CAM(100) City of CambridgePHS(101) Putney High School RCNTT1/3 length
10613:02W.2.8+194RDG(102) Reading RCNSC(104) Norwich School4:152 1/2 lengths
19416:52W.2.8+ CAM(100) City of CambridgeNSC(104) Norwich School4:10easily
12513:51W.J15.8+170KCH(117) Kings School Chester RCPHS(118) Putney High School RC4:081/2 length
17716:09W.J15.8+232EMA(121) Emanuel SchoolBGS(122) Bedford Girls School (Huckett)4:154 lengths
17015:47W.J15.8+250KCH(117) Kings School Chester RCBGS(119) Bedford Girls School (Ecart)4:091 length
23218:28W.J15.8+250GMS(120) Great Marlow SchoolEMA(121) Emanuel SchoolNTT1 1/4 lengths
25019:21W.J15.8+ BGS(119) Bedford Girls School (Ecart)EMA(121) Emanuel SchoolNTT1 1/4 lengths