Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 12th May 2018

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Results for Borlase`s/Great Marlow

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Enclosure EmbankmentTimeVerdict
2409:21J16.8+43BDS(54) Bedford SchoolWBS(55) Windsor Boys School (King)NTTRow Over
308:29J16.8+51BMS(62) Bedford Modern SchoolSWB/GMS(63) Borlase`s/Great MarlowNTT2 lengths
4310:11J16.8+130BDS(54) Bedford SchoolNSC(56) Norwich SchoolNTT1 length
10813:06J16.8+130RAD(57) Radley College Boat Club (Macnaughtan)ZEZ(58) South African Schools3:483 1/2 lengths
3909:57J16.8+135RAD(59) Radley College Boat Club (Dreyer)WBS(60) Windsor Boys School (Van Gelderen)NTT1 length
5110:35J16.8+135SHP(61) Shiplake CollegeSWB/GMS(63) Borlase`s/Great MarlowNTT3 lengths
13014:04J16.8+173NSC(56) Norwich SchoolZEZ(58) South African Schools3:291 foot
13514:16J16.8+173RAD(59) Radley College Boat Club (Dreyer)SHP(61) Shiplake College4:061/2 length
17315:54J16.8+ NSC(56) Norwich SchoolRAD(59) Radley College Boat Club (Dreyer)3:331/2 length