Reading Town Regatta

Saturday 30th June 2018

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Results for Green Lake, USA

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceWinnerSecondThirdTimeVerdict 1:2Verdict 2:3
13716:04W.8+166(170) Staines BC(169) Tethys BC (Gorrill)(168) Cambridge '99 RC3:053 1/2 lengths3 lengths
13816:08W.8+166(172) Green Lake, USA(173) Grand Valley State Univ. USA(174) Tethys BC (Van Klingeren)2:461 lengtheasily
16618:17W.8+ (172) Green Lake, USA(170) Staines BC(171) Reading RC2:484 1/2 lengths2 lengths
3510:41W.Sch.8+62(9) Great Marlow School(7) St Edward's School BC(8) Green Lake, USA (Ratliffe)2:583 lengthsa canvas
6212:29W.Sch.8+ (6) Green Lake, USA (McNamara-Smith)(10) Henley RC(9) Great Marlow School2:493 lengths1/2 length
16418:07W.Sch.4+ (195) Great Marlow School(198) Henley RC(197) Green Lake, USA3:143/4 length3 lengths
12815:28W.Sch.4X (207) Sydney RC(208) Henley RC(209) Green Lake, USA2:581 lengthNot Rowed Out
10312:48W.3.1X147(291) Gloucester Hartpury (Spencer)(290) Henley RC(289) Bryanston School BC3:405 lengthsRow Over
10412:52W.3.1X147(292) Gloucester Hartpury (Radbourne)(295) Reading RC (Chenje)(293) Oxford University Lwt Women's BC (Jamieson)3:473 1/2 lengths1 length
10512:56W.3.1X147(297) Green Lake, USA(296) Reading RC (Alonso Ares)(294) Cambridge '99 RCNTTeasilyNot Rowed Out
14716:46W.3.1X (297) Green Lake, USA(292) Gloucester Hartpury (Radbourne)(291) Gloucester Hartpury (Spencer)NTTeasily1 length