Walton and Weybridge Regatta

Saturday 9th June 2018

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Results for Tideway Scullers School

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceMiddlesexSurreyTimeVerdict
5210:31Op.1.4+87(3) Kingston Grammar School (Alderaan)(4) Radley College (Ladan)NTTRow Over
5310:34Op.1.4+87(5) Tideway Scullers School (Oliver)(6) St George's College BC (Papworth)2:423 lengths
8712:01Op.1.4+ (4) Radley College (Ladan)(5) Tideway Scullers School (Oliver)2:494 lengths
15314:39J15.4+202(272) King's College School Wimbledon (McClarty)(273) Walton RC (Maffi)NTTRow Over
20116:57J15.4+231(269) St George's College BC (Wortley)(270) King's College School Wimbledon (Amarasuriya)NTTRow Over
20217:00J15.4+231(271) Tideway Scullers School (Woolmer)(273) Walton RC (Maffi)2:522 feet
23118:24J15.4+ (269) St George's College BC (Wortley)(273) Walton RC (Maffi)NTT1 length
13413:51J15.1.4X+178(277) Tideway Scullers School (Auld)(278) Kingston Grammar School (Dagobah)3:113 1/2 lengths
13513:54J15.1.4X+179(281) Walton RC (11)(282) Windsor Boys School (Finnis)3:111 3/4 lengths
17815:54J15.1.4X+216(277) Tideway Scullers School (Auld)(279) Guildford RC (Harrison)3:281 1/4 lengths
17916:40J15.1.4X+216(280) Radley College (Donald)(282) Windsor Boys School (Finnis)2:581/2 length
21618:04J15.1.4X+ (277) Tideway Scullers School (Auld)(282) Windsor Boys School (Finnis)2:471 1/2 lengths
1008:41J15.1.2X45(51) Radley College (Radley College (Dreyer))(52) Kingston Rowing Club (Andrews/Greiner)NTTeasily
1108:44J15.1.2X45(53) Windsor Boys School (Windsor Boys School (Baines))(54) Guildford RC (Bryant/Vaughan)NTT2 1/2 lengths
1208:47J15.1.2X46(55) Radley College (Radley College (Donald))(56) Walton RC (Schioldan/Maffi)NTTeasily
1308:50J15.1.2X46(57) Tideway Scullers School (Regan/Oliver)(58) Windsor Boys School (Windsor Boys School (King))NTT4 1/2 lengths
4510:10J15.1.2X83(52) Kingston Rowing Club (Andrews/Greiner)(54) Guildford RC (Bryant/Vaughan)3:105 lengths
4610:13J15.1.2X83(56) Walton RC (Schioldan/Maffi)(57) Tideway Scullers School (Regan/Oliver)2:551 1/2 lengths
8311:49J15.1.2X (54) Guildford RC (Bryant/Vaughan)(56) Walton RC (Schioldan/Maffi)2:501 1/4 lengths
3709:48Op.1.1X79(88) Walbrook RC (D Gallagher)(89) Tideway Scullers School (J Carmody)3:091 length
3809:50Op.1.1X79(90) Walton RC (C Knill)(91) Twickenham RC (R Bryant)NTT4 lengths
7911:38Op.1.1X (88) Walbrook RC (D Gallagher)(90) Walton RC (C Knill)3:383/4 length
14514:17J18.1X187(356) Radley College (F Lumley)(357) Kingston Grammar School (J Schomberg)NTTRow Over
14614:19J18.1X188(360) Guildford RC (J Reckord)(361) Bewl Bridge RC (T Purves)3:25easily
18716:17J18.1X221(357) Kingston Grammar School (J Schomberg)(358) Tideway Scullers School (S Okuka)3:234 lengths
18816:19J18.1X221(359) Reading RC (W Pratt)(360) Guildford RC (J Reckord)3:111 length
22117:55J18.1X (358) Tideway Scullers School (S Okuka)(360) Guildford RC (J Reckord)3:041 1/2 lengths
1809:05J16.1X54(103) Kingston Grammar School (D Selimi)(104) Mossbourne Rowing Academy (Z James)NTTeasily
1909:07J16.1X55(106) Kingston Rowing Club (J Phelan)(107) Christchurch RC (S Hewitt)5:242 lengths
2009:09J16.1X55(108) Tideway Scullers School (N Farah)(109) King's College School Wimbledon (W Macdougall)NTTRow Over
5410:37J16.1X88(104) Mossbourne Rowing Academy (Z James)(105) St George's College BC (M Lees)NTT3 lengths
5510:39J16.1X88(107) Christchurch RC (S Hewitt)(108) Tideway Scullers School (N Farah)3:091 3/4 lengths
8812:04J16.1X (104) Mossbourne Rowing Academy (Z James)(107) Christchurch RC (S Hewitt)3:134 lengths
12813:35J15.1.1X166(362) Kingston Grammar School (V Agbaba)(363) Tideway Scullers School (A Oliver)3:442 lengths
12913:37J15.1.1X167(366) Kingston Rowing Club (R Tarayan-Bibbs)(367) Lea Rowing Club (S O'Connor)3:394 lengths
16615:20J15.1.1X210(363) Tideway Scullers School (A Oliver)(364) Walton RC (M Fleming)3:124 lengths
16715:22J15.1.1X210(365) Mossbourne Rowing Academy (E Hepburn)(367) Lea Rowing Club (S O'Connor)4:082 lengths
21017:25J15.1.1X (363) Tideway Scullers School (A Oliver)(367) Lea Rowing Club (S O'Connor)3:031 length
108:15J14.1X29(117) Christchurch RC (C Everett)(118) Reading RC (G Hutchins)NTT1 length
2609:21J14.1X65(110) Staines BC (I Geczy)(111) Burway RC (N Dawson)3:37easily
2709:23J14.1X65(112) Tideway Scullers School (S Auld)(113) Charterhouse BC (R McIsaac)3:27easily
2809:25J14.1X66(114) Bournemouth Collegiate (J Mans)(115) Winchester College BC (N Namchittai)NTTRow Over
2909:27J14.1X66(116) Shanklin Sandown RC (E Walters)(118) Reading RC (G Hutchins)3:301 1/2 lengths
6511:01J14.1X96(110) Staines BC (I Geczy)(112) Tideway Scullers School (S Auld)3:241 3/4 lengths
6611:03J14.1X96(114) Bournemouth Collegiate (J Mans)(116) Shanklin Sandown RC (E Walters)3:263 lengths
9612:23J14.1X (112) Tideway Scullers School (S Auld)(116) Shanklin Sandown RC (E Walters)3:132 1/2 lengths