Walton and Weybridge Regatta

Saturday 9th June 2018

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Results for

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceMiddlesexSurreyTimeVerdict
15214:36Op.2X199(310) (Stephenson/Turner)(311) Weybridge RC (Cowie/Coxhead)3:031 length
19816:48Op.2X228(307) Guildford RC (Horler/Hennessy)(308) Twickenham RC (Hitchinson/Dixon)3:41easily
19916:51Op.2X228(309) Staines BC (McLaughlin/Waters)(310) (Stephenson/Turner)4:253 1/2 lengths
22818:15Op.2X (307) Guildford RC (Horler/Hennessy)(310) (Stephenson/Turner)2:50easily
7211:18J18.2X100(47) Kingston Rowing Club (Pepper/Cramp)(48) (Turner/Stephenson)2:523/4 length
7311:21J18.2X100(49) Staines BC (Uttley/Torchia)(50) Walton RC (McMullan/Heywood)3:021 1/2 lengths
10012:33J18.2X (48) (Turner/Stephenson)(50) Walton RC (McMullan/Heywood)2:471 length