Henley Town & Visitors Regatta

Saturday 4th August 2018

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Results for Royal Air Force RC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Winner Second ThirdTimeVerdict 1:2Verdict 2:3
2810:53Op.2.8+43TWKTwickenham RCRAFRoyal Air Force RC (Smith)3:041 length 
3011:02Op.2.8+43ABN/SOUAbingdon RC/Southampton UniRAFRoyal Air Force RC (Gray)2:595 lengths 
4312:06Op.2.8+ ABN/SOUAbingdon RC/Southampton UniTWKTwickenham RC2:574 lengths 
12915:38Op.2.4+150WOOWolfson College, OxfordRAFRoyal Air Force RC (May)3:204 1/2 lengths 
11414:37Op.2.4+150CYGCygnet RCVRCVesta RC (Vaux)3:223 1/2 lengths 
15017:20Op.2.4+ WOOWolfson College, OxfordCYGCygnet RC3:121/2 length 
12415:17Op.4.4+154RAFRoyal Air Force RC (Littlefield)SONSons of the Thames RC3:333 lengths 
12615:26Op.4.4+154RDGReading RCEICEast India Club Rowing Section3:221 length 
15417:44Op.4.4+ RDGReading RCRAFRoyal Air Force RC (Littlefield)3:212 1/2 lengths 
4912:36W.1.4+ RAFRoyal Air Force RC (Robinson)BBLBarnes Bridge Ladies RCBNTBentham BC3:344 lengths3 lengths
2510:41W.2.4+48SUAStratford-upon-Avon BCFALFalcon RCRAFRoyal Air Force RC (Trick)3:425 lengthseasily
2610:45W.2.4+48FSCFurnivall SCTWKTwickenham RC3:332 lengths 
4812:31W.2.4+ FSCFurnivall SCSUAStratford-upon-Avon BC3:354 lengths 
13015:42Op.4-162TWKTwickenham RCRAFRoyal Air Force RC3:031 length 
13115:46Op.4-162MERMerton CollegeVRCVesta RC3:174 lengths 
16218:24Op.4- TWKTwickenham RCMERMerton College3:063 lengths 
14817:10W.Mas.BC.4X ETXEton Excelsior RCRAFRoyal Air Force RC3:303 1/2 lengths 
14416:50W.2- MARMarlow RCRAFRoyal Air Force RCBNTBentham BC3:423 lengthseasily
1810:12Op.2.2X51HILHillingdon RCRAFRoyal Air Force RC (Gray/Jamieson)VRCVesta RC3:264 lengths1 length
1910:16Op.2.2X51RAFRoyal Air Force RC (Carpenter/Jackman)ABNAbingdon RC3:19easily 
5112:46Op.2.2X RAFRoyal Air Force RC (Carpenter/Jackman)HILHillingdon RC3:124 lengths 
12115:05W.1.2X146WRCWallingford RCMARMarlow RC (Evans)3:443 lengths 
12215:09W.1.2X146RAFRoyal Air Force RCSUAStratford-upon-Avon BC3:461 length 
14617:00W.1.2X RAFRoyal Air Force RCWRCWallingford RC3:381/2 length 
5913:30W.Mas.C.2X BBLBarnes Bridge Ladies RCETXEton Excelsior RCRAFRoyal Air Force RC3:351/2 length3 1/2 lengths
11114:20Op.3.1X140MERMerton College (L Koch)FULFulham Reach RC (R Benton)3:394 lengths 
11214:24Op.3.1X140UTCUpper Thames RC (A Powell)RDGReading RC (W Shrieve)3:342 1/2 lengths 
11514:41Op.3.1X140RAFRoyal Air Force RC (E Carpenter)MARMarlow RC (M Parsons)3:384 lengths 
14016:30Op.3.1X RAFRoyal Air Force RC (E Carpenter)MERMerton College (L Koch)UTCUpper Thames RC (A Powell)3:303 lengths2 lengths
10814:08Op.4.1X139RDGReading RC (R Marsland)RAFRoyal Air Force RC (T Jackman)3:383 lengths 
10914:12Op.4.1X139VRCVesta RC (N Cleobury)FALFalcon RC (P Hathaway)3:392 1/2 lengths 
13916:25Op.4.1X RDGReading RC (R Marsland)VRCVesta RC (N Cleobury)3:332 1/2 lengths 
1009:36W.3.1X37OLWOxford University Lwt Women's BC (A Thomas)RDGReading RC (M Stockton)3:565 lengths 
1109:40W.3.1X37BBLBarnes Bridge Ladies RC (L Oakley)BIRBirmingham RC (C Kelley)SUAStratford-upon-Avon BC (C Goodwin)3:551/2 lengtheasily
1209:44W.3.1X37RDGReading RC (E Hodges)RAFRoyal Air Force RC (M Hart)4:22Not Rowed Out 
3711:36W.3.1X OLWOxford University Lwt Women's BC (A Thomas)BBLBarnes Bridge Ladies RC (L Oakley)RDGReading RC (E Hodges)3:565 lengths1 1/2 lengths