Henley Town & Visitors Regatta

Saturday 4th August 2018

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Results for Wolfson College, Oxford

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Winner Second ThirdTimeVerdict 1:2Verdict 2:3
15517:49W.2.8+ WOOWolfson College, OxfordMARMarlow RCBNTBentham BC3:191/2 length4 lengths
12915:38Op.2.4+150WOOWolfson College, OxfordRAFRoyal Air Force RC (May)3:204 1/2 lengths 
11414:37Op.2.4+150CYGCygnet RCVRCVesta RC (Vaux)3:223 1/2 lengths 
15017:20Op.2.4+ WOOWolfson College, OxfordCYGCygnet RC3:121/2 length 
10513:56Op.5.1X138WARWarwick BC (A Whitbread)HECHertford College (J Waterman)MARMarlow RC (M Ruinet)3:413 lengths1 1/2 lengths
10614:00Op.5.1X138VRCVesta RC (P Corby)SHUSheffield University RC (J Taylor)WOOWolfson College, Oxford (A Ferris)3:361 lengtheasily
10714:04Op.5.1X138MARMarlow RC (A Garnett)VRCVesta RC (G Thomas)3:53easily 
13816:20Op.5.1X WARWarwick BC (A Whitbread)VRCVesta RC (P Corby)MARMarlow RC (A Garnett)3:22easily4 lengths
109:00W.5.1X40GRFGreenbank Falmouth RC (C Brown)RDGReading RC (T Chenje)WOOWolfson College, Oxford (S Schauman)4:044 lengths4 lengths
209:04W.5.1X40MARMarlow RC (P Harrison)BNTBentham BC (A Williams)GTMGreen Templeton BC (J Buck)4:015 lengths2 lengths
409:12W.5.1X40OACOxford Academicals RC (E Green)MARMarlow RC (H Furniss)MARMarlow RC (E Holloway)4:134 lengths2 1/2 lengths
4011:51W.5.1X MARMarlow RC (P Harrison)GRFGreenbank Falmouth RC (C Brown)OACOxford Academicals RC (E Green)3:542 1/2 lengths5 lengths