Henley Town & Visitors Regatta

Saturday 4th August 2018

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Results for Falcon RC

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceWinnerSecondThirdTimeVerdict 1:2Verdict 2:3
2510:41W.2.4+48Stratford-upon-Avon BCFalcon RCRoyal Air Force RC (Trick)3:425 lengthseasily
2610:45W.2.4+48Furnivall SCTwickenham RC3:332 lengths 
4812:31W.2.4+ Furnivall SCStratford-upon-Avon BC3:354 lengths 
16017:29W.Mas.D.4X Falcon RC (Scarf)Falcon RC (Cottrell)3:283 1/2 lengths 
11914:57W.2.2X145Reading RCFalcon RC (Humphries/Dowdeswell)Marlow RC (Whitten/Palmer)3:502 lengths4 lengths
12015:01W.2.2X145Bentham BCFalcon RC (Johnson/O'Loughlin)3:515 lengths 
14516:55W.2.2X Reading RCBentham BC3:522 1/2 lengths 
2110:25W.Mas.AB.2X44Falcon RCMaidenhead RC (Lucas =B)3:471 1/2 lengths 
2210:29W.Mas.AB.2X44Maidenhead RC (Marti =B)Vesta RC3:36easily 
4412:11W.Mas.AB.2X Maidenhead RC (Marti =B)Falcon RC3:27easily 
3411:19W.Mas.E.2X57Falcon RCHenley RC4:02easily 
3611:28W.Mas.E.2X57Upper Thames RCEton Excelsior RC3:462 lengths 
5713:20W.Mas.E.2X Upper Thames RCFalcon RC3:402 lengths 
10814:08Op.4.1X139Reading RC (R Marsland)Royal Air Force RC (T Jackman)3:383 lengths 
10914:12Op.4.1X139Vesta RC (N Cleobury)Falcon RC (P Hathaway)3:392 1/2 lengths 
13916:25Op.4.1X Reading RC (R Marsland)Vesta RC (N Cleobury)3:332 1/2 lengths 
1409:52W.2.1X42Henley RC (N Atkinson)Falcon RC (N Sharma)3:522 lengths 
1509:56W.2.1X42Oxford University Lwt Women's BC (A Hoff)Reading RC (K Reeman)3:584 feet 
1710:08W.2.1X42Maidenhead RC (S Harker)Henley RC (J Mehers)4:141 length 
4212:01W.2.1X Henley RC (N Atkinson)Oxford University Lwt Women's BC (A Hoff)Maidenhead RC (S Harker)3:582 1/2 lengths1 length