Henley Town & Visitors Regatta

Saturday 4th August 2018

Photographs by Mark Alliston are available here.

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Results for Marlow RC

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceWinnerSecondThirdTimeVerdict 1:2Verdict 2:3
15517:49W.2.8+ (209) Wolfson College, Oxford(208) Marlow RC(207) Bentham BC3:191/2 length4 lengths
15317:39Mas.CD.4- (233) Marlow RC(232) Reading RC3:213 lengths 
15217:34Mas.EF.4- (234) Marlow RC (Faulkner =F)(235) Marlow RC (Westcott =E)3:233 lengths 
4712:26W.4- (104) Blue Star Club(20) Henley RC(21) Marlow RC3:181/2 length1 1/2 lengths
3811:41W.2.4X (25) Marlow RC(24) Abingdon RC(26) Sons of the Thames RCNTT2 lengthseasily
14416:50W.2- (254) Marlow RC(256) Royal Air Force RC(255) Bentham BC3:423 lengthseasily
2010:20Mas.DE.2X (43) Bentham BC(44) Marlow RC(42) Bewl Bridge RC3:191 length3 1/2 lengths
2310:33Mas.GH.2X45(49) Marlow RC (Hill =G)(47) Weybridge RC3:403 lengths 
2410:37Mas.GH.2X45(50) Marlow RC (Martin-Fagg =H)(48) Henley RC3:554 lengths 
4512:16Mas.GH.2X (49) Marlow RC (Hill =G)(50) Marlow RC (Martin-Fagg =H)3:513 lengths 
12115:05W.1.2X146(257) Wallingford RC(258) Marlow RC (Evans)3:443 lengths 
12215:09W.1.2X146(259) Royal Air Force RC(260) Stratford-upon-Avon BC3:461 length 
14617:00W.1.2X (259) Royal Air Force RC(257) Wallingford RC3:381/2 length 
11914:57W.2.2X145(263) Reading RC(262) Falcon RC (Humphries/Dowdeswell)(261) Marlow RC (Whitten/Palmer)3:502 lengths4 lengths
12015:01W.2.2X145(265) Bentham BC(264) Falcon RC (Johnson/O'Loughlin)3:515 lengths 
14516:55W.2.2X (263) Reading RC(265) Bentham BC3:522 1/2 lengths 
11114:20Op.3.1X140(287) Merton College (L Koch)(286) Fulham Reach RC (R Benton)3:394 lengths 
11214:24Op.3.1X140(288) Upper Thames RC (A Powell)(289) Reading RC (W Shrieve)3:342 1/2 lengths 
11514:41Op.3.1X140(291) Royal Air Force RC (E Carpenter)(290) Marlow RC (M Parsons)3:384 lengths 
14016:30Op.3.1X (291) Royal Air Force RC (E Carpenter)(287) Merton College (L Koch)(288) Upper Thames RC (A Powell)3:303 lengths2 lengths
10513:56Op.5.1X138(298) Warwick BC (A Whitbread)(296) Hertford College (J Waterman)(297) Marlow RC (M Ruinet)3:413 lengths1 1/2 lengths
10614:00Op.5.1X138(301) Vesta RC (P Corby)(299) Sheffield University RC (J Taylor)(300) Wolfson College, Oxford (A Ferris)3:361 lengtheasily
10714:04Op.5.1X138(302) Marlow RC (A Garnett)(303) Vesta RC (G Thomas)3:53easily 
13816:20Op.5.1X (298) Warwick BC (A Whitbread)(301) Vesta RC (P Corby)(302) Marlow RC (A Garnett)3:22easily4 lengths
509:16W.4.1X41(89) Oxford University Lwt Women's BC (N Holland)(90) Marlow RC (C Oconnell)3:524 lengths 
609:20W.4.1X41(92) Oxford Academicals RC (A Swiejkowska)(91) Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BC (J Day)4:135 lengths 
709:24W.4.1X41(95) Oxford University Lwt Women's BC (O Grant)(94) Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BC (I Zakers)3:542 lengths 
4111:56W.4.1X (89) Oxford University Lwt Women's BC (N Holland)(95) Oxford University Lwt Women's BC (O Grant)(92) Oxford Academicals RC (A Swiejkowska)NTT1 1/2 lengthseasily
109:00W.5.1X40(96) Greenbank Falmouth RC (C Brown)(98) Reading RC (T Chenje)(97) Wolfson College, Oxford (S Schauman)4:044 lengths4 lengths
209:04W.5.1X40(99) Marlow RC (P Harrison)(101) Bentham BC (A Williams)(100) Green Templeton BC (J Buck)4:015 lengths2 lengths
409:12W.5.1X40(102) Oxford Academicals RC (E Green)(103) Marlow RC (H Furniss)(93) Marlow RC (E Holloway)4:134 lengths2 1/2 lengths
4011:51W.5.1X (99) Marlow RC (P Harrison)(96) Greenbank Falmouth RC (C Brown)(102) Oxford Academicals RC (E Green)3:542 1/2 lengths5 lengths