Henley Town & Visitors Regatta

Saturday 4th August 2018

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Results for Twickenham RC

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceWinnerSecondThirdTimeVerdict 1:2Verdict 2:3
2810:53Op.2.8+43Twickenham RCRoyal Air Force RC (Smith)3:041 length 
3011:02Op.2.8+43Abingdon RC/Southampton UniRoyal Air Force RC (Gray)2:595 lengths 
4312:06Op.2.8+ Abingdon RC/Southampton UniTwickenham RC2:574 lengths 
15717:59W.3.8+ Reading RC (Evans)Twickenham RCOxford Academicals RC3:231/3 length1 length
12715:30Op.3.4+137Hereford RC (Fraser)Twickenham RC3:183 1/2 lengths 
12815:34Op.3.4+137Abingdon RC/Southampton UniHereford RC (Weaver)3:191 foot 
13716:15Op.3.4+ Hereford RC (Fraser)Abingdon RC/Southampton Uni3:161 length 
2510:41W.2.4+48Stratford-upon-Avon BCFalcon RCRoyal Air Force RC (Trick)3:425 lengthseasily
2610:45W.2.4+48Furnivall SCTwickenham RC3:332 lengths 
4812:31W.2.4+ Furnivall SCStratford-upon-Avon BC3:354 lengths 
13015:42Op.4-162Twickenham RCRoyal Air Force RC3:031 length 
13115:46Op.4-162Merton CollegeVesta RC3:174 lengths 
16218:24Op.4- Twickenham RCMerton College3:063 lengths 
14917:15Mas.GH.4X Twickenham RCUpper Thames RC3:404 lengths 
3111:30Op.2-55East India Club / Exeter UnivCygnet RC4:02Not Rowed Out 
3211:33Op.2-55Exeter UniversityTwickenham RC3:133 1/2 lengths 
5513:35Op.2- Exeter UniversityEast India Club / Exeter Univ3:23easily 
10313:48Mx.1.2X113Upper Thames RC (Rose)Wallingford RCReading RC/Quintin BC3:242 lengthsRow Over
10413:52Mx.1.2X113Mortlake,Anglian & Alpha/ThamesTwickenham RC3:251 1/2 lengths 
11314:32Mx.1.2X Mortlake,Anglian & Alpha/ThamesUpper Thames RC (Rose)3:192 1/2 lengths 
11614:45Op.2.1X142Tideway Scullers School (H Alireza)Vesta RC (M Cannon)Shiplake Vikings RC (R Ash)3:344 lengthsRow Over
11714:49Op.2.1X142Twickenham RC (J Wooller)Henley RC (A Jacob)Bewl Bridge RC (B Long)3:423 lengthsRow Over
11814:53Op.2.1X142Tideway Scullers School (J Brown Fumeau)Eton Excelsior RC (M Len)3:40easily 
14216:40Op.2.1X Tideway Scullers School (H Alireza)Tideway Scullers School (J Brown Fumeau)Twickenham RC (J Wooller)3:203 lengths4 lengths