Star Regatta

Saturday 12th May 2018

Draw for St Ives RC

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RaceTimeEventStatusNext RaceEnclosureEmbankment
6411:3432Op.2X99(130) St Ives RC (Hammond/Wright)(131) Bedford Rowing Club (Taylor/Malys) 
13014:5232Op.2X148(134) Hollowell Scullers (Fenemore/Coxon)(135) University of East Anglia (Hill/Watkins) 
9913:1932Op.2X164Winner of Race 64(132) Star Club (Mackie/Beechinor) 
14815:4632Op.2X164(133) Peterborough City (Plumb/Totty)Winner of Race 130 
16416:3432Op.2X Winner of Race 99Winner of Race 148 
10813:4635J15.2X149(145) Norwich School (Norwich School (Hulbert))(146) St Ives RC (Hasted/Crouch) 
14915:4935J15.2X (144) Norwich School (Norwich School (Allen))Winner of Race 108 
8112:2547Op.1X127(194) Eton Vikings Club (Foster)(195) St Ives RC (Wright) 
5010:5247Op.1X79(198) St Neots RC (Todd)(199) St Ives RC (Hammond) 
12714:4347Op.1X147Winner of Race 81(196) Bedford Rowing Club (Farley) 
7912:1947Op.1X147(197) Cantabrigian RC (Goode)Winner of Race 50 
14715:4347Op.1X Winner of Race 127Winner of Race 79 
7111:5557W.J17.1X124(246) Oundle School BC (Kunzer)(247) Oundle School BC (Gadsby) 
7812:1657W.J17.1X124(248) Bedford Girls School (Knight)(249) Star Club (Tarrant) 
8512:3757W.J17.1X126(250) Bedford Modern School (Brittain)(251) Peterborough City (Parker) 
8712:4357W.J17.1X126(252) St Ives RC (Maddison)(253) Star Club (Upex) 
12414:3457W.J17.1X169Winner of Race 71Winner of Race 78 
12614:4057W.J17.1X169Winner of Race 85Winner of Race 87 
16916:4957W.J17.1X Winner of Race 124Winner of Race 126 
14015:2260W.J14 B 1X174(260) Star Club (Wiles)(261) St Edward's School (Ellis) 
17417:0460W.J14 B 1X (259) St Ives RC (Hasted)Winner of Race 140