Star Regatta

Saturday 7th June 2014

Draw for Norwich RC

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RaceTimeEventStatusNext Race Clubhouse Enclosure
5211:0320W.NOV.4+126STA(68) Star ClubNOR(69) Norwich RC
11013:5920W.NOV.4+183CAB(65) Cantabrigian RCKCB(66) King`s College BC
12614:4720W.NOV.4+183BMS(67) Bedford Modern SchoolWinner of Race 52
18317:4420W.NOV.4+ Winner of Race 110Winner of Race 126
4110:3034IM3.2-101NHU(123) Northampton Univ RCBMS(124) Bedford Modern School (Papworth)
9913:2634IM3.2-169BMS(120) Bedford Modern School (Mughal)BMS(121) Bedford Modern School (McEwen)
10113:3234IM3.2-169NOR(122) Norwich RCWinner of Race 41
16917:0234IM3.2- Winner of Race 99Winner of Race 101
8812:5349Mx.IM3.2X155NTN(188) Northampton RCNHU(189) Northampton Univ RC
15516:2049Mx.IM3.2X NOR(187) Norwich RCWinner of Race 88
108:3053NOV.B.1X22BDS(216) Bedford School (Howard)BMS(217) Bedford Modern School (Papworth)
1509:1253NOV.B.1X71BED(209) Bedford Rowing Club (Elliott)BMS(210) Bedford Modern School (Mughal)
2009:2753NOV.B.1X71ETN(211) Eton College BC (Deutsch)BDS(212) Bedford School (Sheridan)
2109:3053NOV.B.1X70MIK(213) Milton Keynes RCNOR(214) Norwich RC
2209:3353NOV.B.1X70BED(215) Bedford Rowing Club (Edwards)Winner of Race 1
7112:0253NOV.B.1X158Winner of Race 15Winner of Race 20
7011:5953NOV.B.1X158Winner of Race 21Winner of Race 22
15816:2953NOV.B.1X Winner of Race 71Winner of Race 70