Star Regatta

Saturday 7th June 2014

Draw for Bedford Girls School

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RaceTimeEventStatusNext RaceClubhouseEnclosure
19918:3221W.J16A.4+ (70) Bedford Girls School (Osgood)(71) Bedford Girls School (Crawford)
12214:3523W.J18.4X187(76) Star Club(77) Bedford Girls School (Killingbeck)
18717:5623W.J18.4X (75) Bedford Girls School (Bruce)Winner of Race 122
11614:1729W.NOV.4X+198(101) King's School Ely BC(102) Bedford Girls School (O Donovan)
19818:2929W.NOV.4X+ (100) Bedford Girls School (Swain)Winner of Race 116
10513:4430W.J15A.4X+184(103) Star Club(104) Bedford Modern School
10713:5030W.J15A.4X+184(105) Isle of Ely BC(106) Bedford Girls School
18417:4730W.J15A.4X+ Winner of Race 105Winner of Race 107
10013:2931W.J15B.4X+186(107) Oundle School BC(108) Bedford Modern School (Davu)
10413:4131W.J15B.4X+186(109) Bedford Girls School(110) Bedford Modern School (Bucknall)
18617:5331W.J15B.4X+ Winner of Race 100Winner of Race 104
9113:0232W.J14A.4X+176(112) Oundle School BC(113) Bedford Girls School (Ward)
17617:2332W.J14A.4X+ (111) Bedford Girls School (Buckholt)Winner of Race 91
4210:3333W.J14B.4X+102(114) Oundle School BC (Palethorpe)(115) Oundle School BC (Wilson)
4310:3633W.J14B.4X+103(118) St Edward's School(119) Oundle School BC (Telfer)
10213:3533W.J14B.4X+188Winner of Race 42(116) Bedford Modern School
10313:3833W.J14B.4X+188(117) Bedford Girls SchoolWinner of Race 43
18817:5933W.J14B.4X+ Winner of Race 102Winner of Race 103
8612:4743W.IM2.2X172(159) Northampton/Northampton Uni.(160) Bedford Girls School (Osborne-Walker)
8712:5043W.IM2.2X172(161) Star Club(162) Bedford Girls School (Crook)
17217:1143W.IM2.2X Winner of Race 86Winner of Race 87
3110:0046W.J16A.2X83(173) Oundle School BC(174) Bedford Girls School (Symmonds)
8212:3546W.J16A.2X164(170) Bedford Girls School (Osgood)(171) Bedford Girls School (Muldownie)
8312:3846W.J16A.2X164(172) Milton Keynes RCWinner of Race 31
16416:4746W.J16A.2X Winner of Race 82Winner of Race 83
2609:4548W.J14A.2X79(185) Bedford Rowing Club(186) Bedford Girls School (Ward)
7812:2348W.J14A.2X160(182) Bedford Girls School (McDonagh)(183) Bedford Girls School (Greene)
7912:2648W.J14A.2X160(184) Bedford Modern SchoolWinner of Race 26
16016:3548W.J14A.2X Winner of Race 78Winner of Race 79
1008:5764W.NOV.1X64(250) Bedford Modern School (Dobson)(251) Star Club
1909:2464W.NOV.1X63(253) Bedford Rowing Club(254) Oundle School BC
1109:0064W.NOV.1X63(255) Bedford Girls School(256) Bedford Modern School (Brown)
6411:4164W.NOV.1X145Winner of Race 10(252) Bedford Modern School (Goddard)
6311:3864W.NOV.1X145Winner of Race 19Winner of Race 11
14515:5064W.NOV.1X Winner of Race 64Winner of Race 63
908:5465W.J17.1X61(260) Northampton RC(261) Star Club (Gowing)
6011:2965W.J17.1X144(257) Star Club (Bennewith)(258) Bedford Girls School
6111:3265W.J17.1X144(259) Star Club (Rubens)Winner of Race 9
14415:4765W.J17.1X Winner of Race 60Winner of Race 61
5511:1468W.J15A.1X141(271) Star Club(272) Bedford Modern School
5111:0068W.J15A.1X141(273) Oundle School BC(274) Bedford Girls School
14115:3868W.J15A.1X Winner of Race 55Winner of Race 51