Star Regatta

Saturday 7th June 2014

Draw for King's School Ely BC

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RaceTimeEventStatusNext RaceClubhouseEnclosure
12114:3225J15A.4X+189(80) Hampton School(81) Oundle School BC
11314:0825J15A.4X+189(82) King's School Ely BC(83) Bedford Modern School
18918:0225J15A.4X+ Winner of Race 121Winner of Race 113
11614:1729W.NOV.4X+198(101) King's School Ely BC(102) Bedford Girls School (O Donovan)
19818:2929W.NOV.4X+ (100) Bedford Girls School (Swain)Winner of Race 116
3910:2436IM3.2X106(127) King's School Ely BC(128) Milton Keynes RC
4010:2736IM3.2X98(131) Star Club(132) University of Birmingham
10613:4736IM3.2X179Winner of Race 39(129) Oundle School BC
9813:2336IM3.2X179(130) Isle of Ely BCWinner of Race 40
17917:3236IM3.2X Winner of Race 106Winner of Race 98
3410:0941J15A.2X92(148) Star Club(149) Hampton School (Dias)
3510:1241J15A.2X94(152) Hampton School (Jalovaara)(153) King's School Ely BC (Oldham)
9213:0541J15A.2X174Winner of Race 34(150) Isle of Ely BC
9413:1141J15A.2X174(151) King's School Ely BC (Fellows)Winner of Race 35
17417:1741J15A.2X Winner of Race 92Winner of Race 94
3310:0642J15B.2X90(157) Northampton RC(158) Hampton School (Sacklen)
8912:5642J15B.2X173(154) Bedford Modern School(155) Hampton School (Worthington)
9012:5942J15B.2X173(156) King's School Ely BCWinner of Race 33
17317:1442J15B.2X Winner of Race 89Winner of Race 90
2809:5147W.J15A.2X81(175) Bedford Modern School (Cowie)(176) Star Club (Eagles)
2909:5447W.J15A.2X80(178) Oundle School BC(179) King's School Ely BC
3009:5747W.J15A.2X80(180) Star Club (Flashman)(181) Bedford Modern School (Trude-Bates)
8112:3247W.J15A.2X163Winner of Race 28(177) Bedford Modern School (Jones)
8012:2947W.J15A.2X163Winner of Race 29Winner of Race 30
16316:4447W.J15A.2X Winner of Race 81Winner of Race 80
1209:0360J15A.1X67(236) King's School Ely BC(237) Star Club (Gowing)
1309:0660J15A.1X66(239) Star Club (Sharp)(240) Isle of Ely BC
1409:0960J15A.1X66(241) Oundle School BC (Orr)(242) Star Club (Humphries-Walsh)
6711:5060J15A.1X150Winner of Race 12(238) Oundle School BC (Rogers-Coltman)
6611:4760J15A.1X150Winner of Race 13Winner of Race 14
15016:0560J15A.1X Winner of Race 67Winner of Race 66
608:4566W.J16A.1X58(262) Bedford Rowing Club (Waller)(263) Oundle School BC
708:4866W.J16A.1X56(265) Bedford Rowing Club (Goddard)(266) Milton Keynes RC
808:5166W.J16A.1X56(267) Star Club(268) Bedford Rowing Club (Thompson)
5811:2366W.J16A.1X143Winner of Race 6(264) King's School Ely BC
5611:1766W.J16A.1X143Winner of Race 7Winner of Race 8
14315:4466W.J16A.1X Winner of Race 58Winner of Race 56
5411:1169W.J15B.1X136(276) King's School Ely BC(277) Oundle School BC
13615:2369W.J15B.1X (275) Milton Keynes RCWinner of Race 54