Star Regatta

Saturday 7th June 2014

Draw for Northampton RC

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RaceTimeEventStatusNext RaceClubhouseEnclosure
13715:2612IM3.4+182(34) Northampton RC(35) St Neots RC
13015:0312IM3.4+182(36) University of East Anglia(37) Northampton/Northampton Uni.
18217:4112IM3.4+ Winner of Race 137Winner of Race 130
17017:0514Mas.BC.4+ (43) Northampton RC (=C)(44) X Press Boat Club (=B)
11714:2015Mas.C.4+157(46) X Press Boat Club(47) Northampton RC
15716:2615Mas.C.4+ (45) Star ClubWinner of Race 117
3310:0642J15B.2X90(157) Northampton RC(158) Hampton School (Sacklen)
8912:5642J15B.2X173(154) Bedford Modern School(155) Hampton School (Worthington)
9012:5942J15B.2X173(156) King's School Ely BCWinner of Race 33
17317:1442J15B.2X Winner of Race 89Winner of Race 90
3210:0344W.NOV.2X85(166) Northampton RC (Trotter)(167) Bedford Modern School (Fulford)
8412:4144W.NOV.2X171(163) Bedford School(164) Northampton RC (Elliott)
8512:4444W.NOV.2X171(165) Bedford Modern School (Geary)Winner of Race 32
17117:0844W.NOV.2X Winner of Race 84Winner of Race 85
8812:5349Mx.IM3.2X155(188) Northampton RC(189) Northampton Univ RC
15516:2049Mx.IM3.2X (187) Norwich RCWinner of Race 88
7612:1750Mx.Mas.C.2X162(191) Abingdon RC(192) Northampton RC
16216:4150Mx.Mas.C.2X (190) St Ives RCWinner of Race 76
208:3352NOV.A.1X27(197) Bedford Rowing Club (McMahon)(198) Northampton RC
308:3652NOV.A.1X23(200) Oundle School BC(201) Eton College BC (Harriss)
408:3952NOV.A.1X24(204) University of Birmingham(205) Bedford Modern School (Potts)
508:4252NOV.A.1X25(207) Bedford School (Marlow-Gilks)(208) Eton College BC (Humphries)
2709:4852NOV.A.1X72Winner of Race 2(199) Bedford Modern School (Roberts)
2309:3652NOV.A.1X72Winner of Race 3(202) Bedford School (Williamson)
2409:3952NOV.A.1X74(203) Bedford Modern School (Wilson)Winner of Race 4
2509:4252NOV.A.1X74(206) Bedford Rowing Club (Farley)Winner of Race 5
7212:0552NOV.A.1X159Winner of Race 27Winner of Race 23
7412:1152NOV.A.1X159Winner of Race 24Winner of Race 25
15916:3252NOV.A.1X Winner of Race 72Winner of Race 74
6811:5359J16B.1X151(234) Bedford Modern School(235) Star Club
15116:0859J16B.1X (233) Northampton RCWinner of Race 68
908:5465W.J17.1X61(260) Northampton RC(261) Star Club (Gowing)
6011:2965W.J17.1X144(257) Star Club (Bennewith)(258) Bedford Girls School
6111:3265W.J17.1X144(259) Star Club (Rubens)Winner of Race 9
14415:4765W.J17.1X Winner of Race 60Winner of Race 61