Bedford Sprint Regatta

Sunday 13th July 2014

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Results for Bedford Modern School

RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s) Clubhouse EmbankmentTimeVerdictHandicap
6311:50NOV.2X135MIK(74) Milton Keynes RCBED(75) Bedford Rowing Club (Lee)2:274 lengths
12114:25NOV.2X181COX(71) City of Oxford RCBED(72) Bedford Rowing Club (McMahon)2:11Easily
13515:00NOV.2X181BMS(73) Bedford Modern SchoolMIK(74) Milton Keynes RC2:282 lengths
18117:11NOV.2X COX(71) City of Oxford RCBMS(73) Bedford Modern School2:12easily
1910:00J15.2X70BMS(82) Bedford Modern SchoolSTA(83) Star Club (Gowing)NTT3 lengths
1709:55J15.2X74CAM(86) City of CambridgeSTA(87) Star Club (White)NTTa canvas
7012:07J15.2X150BMS(82) Bedford Modern SchoolCOX(84) City of Oxford RC1:591/3 length
7412:17J15.2X150KSE(85) King's School Ely BCCAM(86) City of Cambridge2:114 lengths
15015:39J15.2X BMS(82) Bedford Modern SchoolKSE(85) King's School Ely BCNTT1 length
5411:27IM3.1X103NOR(130) Norwich RCMIK(131) Milton Keynes RC2:165 lengths
5611:32IM3.1X99BMS(134) Bedford Modern SchoolPET(135) Peterborough City2:35Not Rowed Out
10313:40IM3.1X176MIK(131) Milton Keynes RCSUA(132) Stratford-upon-Avon BC2:121/2 length
9913:30IM3.1X176OUT(133) Oundle Town RCBMS(134) Bedford Modern School2:202 lengths
17616:56IM3.1X SUA(132) Stratford-upon-Avon BCBMS(134) Bedford Modern School2:142 lengths
109:15J15.1X36BMS(165) Bedford Modern School (Tillett)STA(166) Star Club (White)NTT3 lengths
309:20J15.1X36SNE(167) St Neots RCBMS(168) Bedford Modern School (Kavanagh)NTT3 lengths
609:27J15.1X33CAM(169) City of CambridgeBMS(170) Bedford Modern School (Fitt)NTT3 feet
409:22J15.1X33STA(171) Star Club (Gowing)BMS(172) Bedford Modern School (Ventisei)NTT3 1/2 lengths
509:25J15.1X34STA(173) Star Club (Thompson)BMS(174) Bedford Modern School (King)NTT3 1/2 lengths
709:30J15.1X34KSE(175) King's School Ely BCDEB(176) Deben RCNTTRow Over
809:32J15.1X32COX(177) City of Oxford RCSRC(178) Sudbury RC2:241/2 length
209:17J15.1X32STA(179) Star Club (Sharp)BMS(180) Bedford Modern School (McGeechan)NTT5 lengths
3610:42J15.1X76BMS(165) Bedford Modern School (Tillett)BMS(168) Bedford Modern School (Kavanagh)2:212 1/2 lengths
3310:35J15.1X76BMS(170) Bedford Modern School (Fitt)BMS(172) Bedford Modern School (Ventisei)2:235 lengths
3410:37J15.1X77BMS(174) Bedford Modern School (King)KSE(175) King's School Ely BC2:281/2 length
3210:32J15.1X77COX(177) City of Oxford RCSTA(179) Star Club (Sharp)2:245 lengths
7612:22J15.1X152BMS(168) Bedford Modern School (Kavanagh)BMS(172) Bedford Modern School (Ventisei)2:215 lengths
7712:25J15.1X152BMS(174) Bedford Modern School (King)COX(177) City of Oxford RC2:264 lengths
15215:45J15.1X BMS(172) Bedford Modern School (Ventisei)COX(177) City of Oxford RC2:262 lengths
4511:05W.IM3.1X102LER(189) Leicester RCNOR(190) Norwich RCNTTRow Over
10613:47W.IM3.1X163BMS(186) Bedford Modern SchoolSNE(187) St Neots RC2:373 lengths
10213:37W.IM3.1X163SRC(188) Sudbury RCNOR(190) Norwich RC2:434 lengths
16316:17W.IM3.1X SNE(187) St Neots RCSRC(188) Sudbury RC2:361 1/2 lengths
3810:47W.J17.1X91STA(208) Star Club (Bennewith)BMS(209) Bedford Modern School2:361 1/2 lengths
3910:50W.J17.1X95COX(212) City of Oxford RCSTA(213) Star Club (Gowing)NTT4 lengths
9113:10W.J17.1X157STA(208) Star Club (Bennewith)STA(210) Star Club (Gowing)3:063 lengths
9513:20W.J17.1X157BGS(211) Bedford Girls SchoolCOX(212) City of Oxford RC3:12Row Over
15715:59W.J17.1X STA(208) Star Club (Bennewith)COX(212) City of Oxford RC2:454 lengths