Bedford Sprint Regatta

Sunday 13th July 2014

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Results for City of Oxford RC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s) Clubhouse EmbankmentTimeVerdictHandicap
7512:20IM2.4+151COX(6) City of Oxford RCNOR(7) Norwich RC2:14Row Over
6912:05IM2.4+151MIK(8) Milton Keynes RCROC(9) Robinson College BC2:003/4 length
15115:42IM2.4+ NOR(7) Norwich RCMIK(8) Milton Keynes RC2:041/2 length
2010:02IM3.4+65PET(10) Peterborough CityCOX(11) City of Oxford RC2:24Row Over
2110:05IM3.4+83OUT(13) Oundle Town RCROC(14) Robinson College BCNTT2 lengths
1509:50IM3.4+83MIK(15) Milton Keynes RCSRC(16) Sudbury RCNTT1/2 length
6511:55IM3.4+158PET(10) Peterborough CityMAR(12) Marlow RCNTTRow Over
8312:40IM3.4+158ROC(14) Robinson College BCSRC(16) Sudbury RC2:041/2 length
15816:02IM3.4+ PET(10) Peterborough CityROC(14) Robinson College BC2:051/2 length
2510:15W.J14.4X+86BGS(55) Bedford Girls School (Bryant)COX(56) City of Oxford RC2:323 lengths
8112:35W.J14.4X+154CFR(52) Cheney FalconCAM(53) City of Cambridge2:473 1/2 lengths
8612:47W.J14.4X+154BGS(54) Bedford Girls School (Illingworth)BGS(55) Bedford Girls School (Bryant)2:311 3/4 lengths
15415:50W.J14.4X+ CFR(52) Cheney FalconBGS(54) Bedford Girls School (Illingworth)2:33easily
6712:00IM2.2X139COX(66) City of Oxford RC (Farrell)SNE(67) St Neots RC (Mitchell-Dwelly)1:585 lengths
14815:33IM2.2X188COX(63) City of Oxford RC (Gildea)SNE(64) St Neots RC (Taylor)2:063 lengths
13915:10IM2.2X188BED(65) Bedford Rowing ClubSNE(67) St Neots RC (Mitchell-Dwelly)2:01easily
18817:32IM2.2X COX(63) City of Oxford RC (Gildea)SNE(67) St Neots RC (Mitchell-Dwelly)2:003 lengths
6311:50NOV.2X135MIK(74) Milton Keynes RCBED(75) Bedford Rowing Club (Lee)2:274 lengths
12114:25NOV.2X181COX(71) City of Oxford RCBED(72) Bedford Rowing Club (McMahon)2:11Easily
13515:00NOV.2X181BMS(73) Bedford Modern SchoolMIK(74) Milton Keynes RC2:282 lengths
18117:11NOV.2X COX(71) City of Oxford RCBMS(73) Bedford Modern School2:12easily
13114:50J18.2X180DEB(78) Deben RCCOX(79) City of Oxford RCNTTRow Over
13414:57J18.2X180CAM(80) City of CambridgeSTA(81) Star Club2:061 length
18017:08J18.2X COX(79) City of Oxford RCSTA(81) Star Club2:071 1/4 lengths
1910:00J15.2X70BMS(82) Bedford Modern SchoolSTA(83) Star Club (Gowing)NTT3 lengths
1709:55J15.2X74CAM(86) City of CambridgeSTA(87) Star Club (White)NTTa canvas
7012:07J15.2X150BMS(82) Bedford Modern SchoolCOX(84) City of Oxford RC1:591/3 length
7412:17J15.2X150KSE(85) King's School Ely BCCAM(86) City of Cambridge2:114 lengths
15015:39J15.2X BMS(82) Bedford Modern SchoolKSE(85) King's School Ely BCNTT1 length
12314:30W.NOV.2X186BED(95) Bedford Rowing ClubSRC(96) Sudbury RCNTTa canvas
18617:26W.NOV.2X COX(94) City of Oxford RCBED(95) Bedford Rowing Club2:375 lengths
12814:42W.J18.2X185BGS(101) Bedford Girls SchoolCOX(102) City of Oxford RC2:191/2 length
18517:23W.J18.2X SNE(100) St Neots RCBGS(101) Bedford Girls School2:33easily
13314:55W.J16.2X184BED(103) Bedford Rowing ClubBGS(104) Bedford Girls School (Crook)2:263 lengths
12614:37W.J16.2X184BGS(105) Bedford Girls School (Osgood)COX(106) City of Oxford RCNTTRow Over
18417:20W.J16.2X BGS(104) Bedford Girls School (Crook)COX(106) City of Oxford RC2:243 1/2 lengths
5711:35W.J14.2X116BGS(116) Bedford Girls School (Greene)BED(117) Bedford Rowing Club2:311 1/2 lengths
5811:37W.J14.2X119COX(120) City of Oxford RCCAM(121) City of Cambridge2:411/2 length
11614:12W.J14.2X183BED(117) Bedford Rowing ClubDEB(118) Deben RC3:27Row Overw
11914:20W.J14.2X183BGS(119) Bedford Girls School (Samasuwo)COX(120) City of Oxford RC2:35Easily
18317:51W.J14.2X BED(117) Bedford Rowing ClubCOX(120) City of Oxford RC2:252 lengths
5211:22NOV.1X112COX(136) City of Oxford RC (Placidi)CAM(137) City of Cambridge2:193/4 length
6411:52NOV.1X113FAL(140) Falcon RCBED(141) Bedford Rowing Club2:162 1/2 lengths
11214:02NOV.1X175COX(136) City of Oxford RC (Placidi)SNE(138) St Neots RC2:221 1/4 lengths
11314:05NOV.1X175COX(139) City of Oxford RC (Voskuil)FAL(140) Falcon RC2:171 length
17516:53NOV.1X COX(136) City of Oxford RC (Placidi)FAL(140) Falcon RC3:19Not Rowed Out
7812:27J16.1X147FAL(163) Falcon RCCOX(164) City of Oxford RC2:141 1/2 lengths
14715:30J16.1X BED(162) Bedford Rowing ClubFAL(163) Falcon RCNTTeasily
109:15J15.1X36BMS(165) Bedford Modern School (Tillett)STA(166) Star Club (White)NTT3 lengths
309:20J15.1X36SNE(167) St Neots RCBMS(168) Bedford Modern School (Kavanagh)NTT3 lengths
609:27J15.1X33CAM(169) City of CambridgeBMS(170) Bedford Modern School (Fitt)NTT3 feet
409:22J15.1X33STA(171) Star Club (Gowing)BMS(172) Bedford Modern School (Ventisei)NTT3 1/2 lengths
509:25J15.1X34STA(173) Star Club (Thompson)BMS(174) Bedford Modern School (King)NTT3 1/2 lengths
709:30J15.1X34KSE(175) King's School Ely BCDEB(176) Deben RCNTTRow Over
809:32J15.1X32COX(177) City of Oxford RCSRC(178) Sudbury RC2:241/2 length
209:17J15.1X32STA(179) Star Club (Sharp)BMS(180) Bedford Modern School (McGeechan)NTT5 lengths
3610:42J15.1X76BMS(165) Bedford Modern School (Tillett)BMS(168) Bedford Modern School (Kavanagh)2:212 1/2 lengths
3310:35J15.1X76BMS(170) Bedford Modern School (Fitt)BMS(172) Bedford Modern School (Ventisei)2:235 lengths
3410:37J15.1X77BMS(174) Bedford Modern School (King)KSE(175) King's School Ely BC2:281/2 length
3210:32J15.1X77COX(177) City of Oxford RCSTA(179) Star Club (Sharp)2:245 lengths
7612:22J15.1X152BMS(168) Bedford Modern School (Kavanagh)BMS(172) Bedford Modern School (Ventisei)2:215 lengths
7712:25J15.1X152BMS(174) Bedford Modern School (King)COX(177) City of Oxford RC2:264 lengths
15215:45J15.1X BMS(172) Bedford Modern School (Ventisei)COX(177) City of Oxford RC2:262 lengths
4411:02W.NOV.1X101COX(194) City of Oxford RCPET(195) Peterborough City (Apostolidou)NTT1 1/2 lengths
10013:32W.NOV.1X162BGS(191) Bedford Girls SchoolPET(192) Peterborough City (Rushton-Thorpe)2:513 lengths
10113:35W.NOV.1X162BED(193) Bedford Rowing ClubCOX(194) City of Oxford RC2:48easily
16216:14W.NOV.1X BGS(191) Bedford Girls SchoolCOX(194) City of Oxford RC2:443 lengths
10913:55W.J18.1X159STA(204) Star ClubBGS(205) Bedford Girls SchoolNTTRow Over
8812:52W.J18.1X159NOR(206) Norwich RCCOX(207) City of Oxford RC2:485 lengths
15916:05W.J18.1X STA(204) Star ClubCOX(207) City of Oxford RC2:391 1/2 lengths
3810:47W.J17.1X91STA(208) Star Club (Bennewith)BMS(209) Bedford Modern School2:361 1/2 lengths
3910:50W.J17.1X95COX(212) City of Oxford RCSTA(213) Star Club (Gowing)NTT4 lengths
9113:10W.J17.1X157STA(208) Star Club (Bennewith)STA(210) Star Club (Gowing)3:063 lengths
9513:20W.J17.1X157BGS(211) Bedford Girls SchoolCOX(212) City of Oxford RC3:12Row Over
15715:59W.J17.1X STA(208) Star Club (Bennewith)COX(212) City of Oxford RC2:454 lengths
3110:50W.J16.1X96SRC(214) Sudbury RCBED(215) Bedford Rowing Club (Waller)2:443 lengths
4911:15W.J16.1X96DEB(216) Deben RCBED(217) Bedford Rowing Club (Wrigley)2:27Row Over
3510:40W.J16.1X93STA(218) Star ClubSNE(219) St Neots RC2:322 1/2 lengths
3710:45W.J16.1X93COX(220) City of Oxford RCBED(221) Bedford Rowing Club (Goddard)2:421 1/2 lengths
9613:22W.J16.1X156SRC(214) Sudbury RCBED(217) Bedford Rowing Club (Wrigley)2:431 length
9313:15W.J16.1X156SNE(219) St Neots RCCOX(220) City of Oxford RC2:356 lengths
15615:56W.J16.1X SRC(214) Sudbury RCSNE(219) St Neots RC2:474 lengths
909:35W.J15.1X30BED(229) Bedford Rowing Club (Isaacson)STA(230) Star Club (Usher-Harris)NTT1 length
2611:20W.J15.1X87SRC(222) Sudbury RCBED(223) Bedford Rowing Club (Santoni)2:56easily
2710:20W.J15.1X87COX(224) City of Oxford RCSTA(225) Star Club (Brown)2:424 lengths
2810:22W.J15.1X92SNE(226) St Neots RC (Lyster)CAM(227) City of Cambridge2:293 lengths
3010:27W.J15.1X92SNE(228) St Neots RC (Stairs)BED(229) Bedford Rowing Club (Isaacson)2:471 foot
8712:50W.J15.1X155SRC(222) Sudbury RCCOX(224) City of Oxford RC2:443 lengths
9213:12W.J15.1X155SNE(226) St Neots RC (Lyster)SNE(228) St Neots RC (Stairs)2:524 lengths
15515:53W.J15.1X COX(224) City of Oxford RCSNE(226) St Neots RC (Lyster)NTT2 lengths