Bedford Sprint Regatta

Sunday 13th July 2014

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Results for Norwich RC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s) Clubhouse EmbankmentTimeVerdictHandicap
7512:20IM2.4+151COX(6) City of Oxford RCNOR(7) Norwich RC2:14Row Over
6912:05IM2.4+151MIK(8) Milton Keynes RCROC(9) Robinson College BC2:003/4 length
15115:42IM2.4+ NOR(7) Norwich RCMIK(8) Milton Keynes RC2:041/2 length
14615:28Mas.EFG.4X182NOR(33) Norwich RC (=F)HON(34) The Hornets Boat Club (=G)2:141 1/4 lengths
18217:14Mas.EFG.4X OUT(32) Oundle Town RC (=E)HON(34) The Hornets Boat Club (=G)2:214 lengths
13615:02IM3.2-194NOR(58) Norwich RCFAL(59) Falcon RC2:173 lengths
19417:50IM3.2- CAM(57) City of CambridgeFAL(59) Falcon RC2:102 lengths
16816:32Mas.FG.2X NOR(76) Norwich RC (=F)SRC(77) Sudbury RC (=G)3:26Disqualification
5411:27IM3.1X103NOR(130) Norwich RCMIK(131) Milton Keynes RC2:165 lengths
5611:32IM3.1X99BMS(134) Bedford Modern SchoolPET(135) Peterborough City2:35Not Rowed Out
10313:40IM3.1X176MIK(131) Milton Keynes RCSUA(132) Stratford-upon-Avon BC2:121/2 length
9913:30IM3.1X176OUT(133) Oundle Town RCBMS(134) Bedford Modern School2:202 lengths
17616:56IM3.1X SUA(132) Stratford-upon-Avon BCBMS(134) Bedford Modern School2:142 lengths
10413:42J17.1X164NWK(158) Newark RCSNE(159) St Neots RC2:192 lengths
8913:05J17.1X164NOR(160) Norwich RCDEB(161) Deben RC2:53Row Over
16416:20J17.1X NWK(158) Newark RCNOR(160) Norwich RC2:251 1/2 lengths
4511:05W.IM3.1X102LER(189) Leicester RCNOR(190) Norwich RCNTTRow Over
10613:47W.IM3.1X163BMS(186) Bedford Modern SchoolSNE(187) St Neots RC2:373 lengths
10213:37W.IM3.1X163SRC(188) Sudbury RCNOR(190) Norwich RC2:434 lengths
16316:17W.IM3.1X SNE(187) St Neots RCSRC(188) Sudbury RC2:361 1/2 lengths
10913:55W.J18.1X159STA(204) Star ClubBGS(205) Bedford Girls SchoolNTTRow Over
8812:52W.J18.1X159NOR(206) Norwich RCCOX(207) City of Oxford RC2:485 lengths
15916:05W.J18.1X STA(204) Star ClubCOX(207) City of Oxford RC2:391 1/2 lengths