Twickenham Regatta

Saturday 25th May 2019

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Results for University of East Anglia

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Middlesex SurreyTimeVerdict
16617:02Op.8+ QBC(300) Quintin BCUEA(301) University of East Anglia3:002 lengths
710:21Op.4+23UEA(200) University of East AngliaUKE(201) University of KentNTTRow Over
810:24Op.4+24RDG(204) Reading RCQBC(205) Quintin BCNTTeasily
2311:17Op.4+39UEA(200) University of East AngliaTWK(202) Twickenham RC (De Conto)NTTeasily
2411:20Op.4+39TWK(203) Twickenham RC (Fitzgerald)QBC(205) Quintin BC3:242 lengths
3912:13Op.4+ UEA(200) University of East AngliaQBC(205) Quintin BC3:153 lengths
210:03B1.W.4+19MAR(212) Marlow RCUEA(213) University of East Anglia3:525 lengths
310:07B1.W.4+20TWK(216) Twickenham RCRDG(217) Reading RC (Papavergos)NTT2 1/2 lengths
1911:03B1.W.4+37MAR(212) Marlow RCRDG(214) Reading RC (Austin)3:432 1/2 lengths
2011:06B1.W.4+37STN(215) Staines BC (Warren)RDG(217) Reading RC (Papavergos)3:562 lengths
3712:06B1.W.4+ MAR(212) Marlow RCSTN(215) Staines BC (Warren)NTT3 lengths
13915:28Op.2X161VRC(321) Vesta RCKRC(322) Kingston Rowing Club4:014 lengths
14015:31Op.2X161UEA(323) University of East AngliaTWK(324) Twickenham RCNTTRow Over
16116:45Op.2X KRC(322) Kingston Rowing ClubUEA(323) University of East Anglia3:445 1/2 lengths
12814:49B2.W.2X157UEA(342) University of East AngliaPTR(343) Putney Town RC (Kuricova/Pontes de Freitas)4:144 1/2 lengths
12914:53B2.W.2X157KRC(344) Kingston Rowing ClubUTC(345) Upper Thames RC4:03Easily
15716:31B2.W.2X UEA(342) University of East AngliaKRC(344) Kingston Rowing Club4:022 lengths