Shrewsbury Regatta

Saturday 11th May 2019

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Results for Bewdley RC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s) Quarry Park ClubTimeVerdict
7912:08Mas.EF.8+116GUI(4) Guildford RC (=E)GRO(5) Grosvenor RC (=F)5:52Not Rowed Out
11613:22Mas.EF.8+ BEW(3) Bewdley RC (=E)GRO(5) Grosvenor RC (=F)2:111 length
23517:54W.Mas.D.8+ LBR(203) Loughborough RCPGN(204) Pengwern RC2:521/4 length
2809:54B1.Op.4+74SAB(19) Sabrina RCBEW(20) Bewdley RC (Brookes)0:591 length
7311:40B1.Op.4+113SAB(16) Sabrina RCNOW(17) Northwich RC2:262 1/2 lengths
7411:42B1.Op.4+113RCH(18) Royal Chester RCSAB(19) Sabrina RC0:09Not Rowed Out
11313:16B1.Op.4+ SAB(16) Sabrina RCSAB(19) Sabrina RC2:042 lengths
2609:50B2.Op.4+71STP(21) Stourport BCBEW(22) Bewdley RC (Addison)2:393 lengths
2709:52B2.Op.4+72QPH(25) Queens Park High School RCHAU(26) Harper Adams University RC2:051 1/2 lengths
7111:36B2.Op.4+112STP(21) Stourport BCYSJ(23) York St John University RC2:48easily
7211:38B2.Op.4+112LBR(24) Loughborough RCHAU(26) Harper Adams University RC2:382 lengths
11213:14B2.Op.4+ STP(21) Stourport BCHAU(26) Harper Adams University RC2:391 1/4 lengths
19316:30B1.W.4+232GRO(209) Grosvenor RC (Mitchell)SHR(210) Royal Shrewsbury School3:20easily
19416:32B1.W.4+232GRO(211) Grosvenor RC (Gifford)BEW(212) Bewdley RC3:311 1/2 lengths
23217:48B1.W.4+ GRO(209) Grosvenor RC (Mitchell)BEW(212) Bewdley RC2:49easily
9712:44Mas.FG.2X PGN(73) Pengwern RC (=F)BEW(74) Bewdley RC (=G)2:512 lengths