Shrewsbury Regatta

Saturday 11th May 2019

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Results for Grosvenor RC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s) Quarry Park ClubTimeVerdict
11713:24Mas.CD.8+ NOW(1) Northwich RC (=C)GRO(2) Grosvenor RC (=D)2:302 1/2 lengths
7912:08Mas.EF.8+116GUI(4) Guildford RC (=E)GRO(5) Grosvenor RC (=F)5:52Not Rowed Out
11613:22Mas.EF.8+ BEW(3) Bewdley RC (=E)GRO(5) Grosvenor RC (=F)2:111 length
23417:52Mas.D.4+ GRO(205) Grosvenor RCPGN/LLA(206) PGN/LLA2:211 length
23317:50Mas.EF.4+ GUI(207) Guildford RC (=E)GRO(208) Grosvenor RC (=F)3:263 lengths
19316:30B1.W.4+232GRO(209) Grosvenor RC (Mitchell)SHR(210) Royal Shrewsbury School3:20easily
19416:32B1.W.4+232GRO(211) Grosvenor RC (Gifford)BEW(212) Bewdley RC3:311 1/2 lengths
23217:48B1.W.4+ GRO(209) Grosvenor RC (Mitchell)BEW(212) Bewdley RC2:49easily
18716:18Mas.EF.4X227WRR(228) Worcester RC (Carter =E)GRO(229) Grosvenor RC (=E)1:563 lengths
18816:20Mas.EF.4X227GUI(230) Guildford RC (=F)WRR(231) Worcester RC (Riley =E)2:51easily
22717:38Mas.EF.4X GRO(229) Grosvenor RC (=E)GUI(230) Guildford RC (=F)2:504 lengths
7011:34W.Mas.CE.4X107GRO(36) Grosvenor RC (=E)STK(37) Trentham BC (=C)NTTRow Over
10713:04W.Mas.CE.4X WRR(35) Worcester RC (=E)GRO(36) Grosvenor RC (=E)3:153 lengths
609:10B2.W.J14.4X+60 / 102GRO(61) Grosvenor RCKCH(62) Kings School Chester RC (Aldridge)3:261 length
709:12B2.W.J14.4X+61 / 62HCS(64) Hereford Cathedral School BC (Jackson)KCH(65) Kings School Chester RC (Moore)NTTRow Over
809:14B2.W.J14.4X+61 / 62GLR(66) Gloucester RC (Burt)HCS(67) Hereford Cathedral School BC (Finlay)3:144 lengths
6011:14B2.W.J14.4X+101GRO(61) Grosvenor RCNOW/QPH(63) NOW/QPH3:242 lengths
6111:16B2.W.J14.4X+101KCH(65) Kings School Chester RC (Moore)GLR(66) Gloucester RC (Burt)5:18Not Rowed Out
10112:52B2.W.J14.4X+ GRO(61) Grosvenor RCGLR(66) Gloucester RC (Burt)3:02a canvas
6211:18B2.W.J14.4X+102HCS(64) Hereford Cathedral School BC (Jackson)HCS(67) Hereford Cathedral School BC (Finlay)NTTRow Over
10212:54B2.W.J14.4X+ KCH(62) Kings School Chester RC (Aldridge)HCS(67) Hereford Cathedral School BC (Finlay)3:212 lengths
13013:54B2.J15.2X165KCH(295) Kings School Chester RC (Chalapati/Smith)LER(296) Leicester RC3:09easily
13113:56B2.J15.2X166GRO(299) Grosvenor RCKCH(300) Kings School Chester RC (Feakes/Burrows)NTTRow Over
16515:20B2.J15.2X209LER(296) Leicester RCWRG(297) RGS Worcester BC1:01a canvas
16615:22B2.J15.2X209KCH(298) Kings School Chester RC (Sengupta/Banfield)GRO(299) Grosvenor RC6:164 lengths
20917:02B2.J15.2X WRG(297) RGS Worcester BCKCH(298) Kings School Chester RC (Sengupta/Banfield)3:103 lengths
16415:18W.Mas.DEF.2X206WEY(306) Weybridge RC (=F)GRO(307) Grosvenor RC (Ocenaskova =D)3:063 1/2 lengths
20616:56W.Mas.DEF.2X GRO(305) Grosvenor RC (Vorberg =E)WEY(306) Weybridge RC (=F)2:544 lengths
12313:40W.1X154GRO(340) Grosvenor RCNOW(341) Northwich RC (Worden)NTTRow Over
15314:56W.1X198TRF(337) Trafford RCNOW(338) Northwich RC (Burke)2:493 1/2 lengths
15414:58W.1X198TRT(339) Trent RCNOW(341) Northwich RC (Worden)3:45Not Rowed Out
19816:40W.1X TRF(337) Trafford RCTRT(339) Trent RC1:23easily
12113:36W.J17.1X150AGE(345) Agecroft RCCHE(346) Cheltenham College (Corbett)3:343 lengths
12213:38W.J17.1X151CHE(349) Cheltenham College (Shaw)PGN(350) Pengwern RCNTTRow Over
15014:50W.J17.1X196CHE(346) Cheltenham College (Corbett)GHP(347) Gloucester Hartpury4:38easily
15114:52W.J17.1X196TRT(348) Trent RCPGN(350) Pengwern RC2:305 lengths
19616:36W.J17.1X CHE(346) Cheltenham College (Corbett)TRT(348) Trent RC3:02Not recorded
3009:58B2.W.J15.1X81GLR(145) Gloucester RC (Innes-Lewis)GRO(146) Grosvenor RC3:323 lengths
3110:00B2.W.J15.1X81GLR(147) Gloucester RC (Kalap)LER(148) Leicester RC4:133 lengths
8112:12B2.W.J15.1X GLR(145) Gloucester RC (Innes-Lewis)LER(148) Leicester RC3:34easily
2909:56W.J14.1X80GRO(150) Grosvenor RCNST(151) North Staffordshire RC3:183 lengths
8012:10W.J14.1X TRT(149) Trent RCGRO(150) Grosvenor RC3:252 lengths