Shrewsbury Regatta

Saturday 11th May 2019

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Results for Northwich RC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s) Quarry Park ClubTimeVerdict
11713:24Mas.CD.8+ NOW(1) Northwich RC (=C)GRO(2) Grosvenor RC (=D)2:302 1/2 lengths
7612:02W.J18.8+114NOW(11) Northwich RCSTK(12) Trentham BC2:432 1/2 lengths
11413:18W.J18.8+ KSW(10) Kings School Worcester BCNOW(11) Northwich RC3:031 length
2809:54B1.Op.4+74SAB(19) Sabrina RCBEW(20) Bewdley RC (Brookes)0:591 length
7311:40B1.Op.4+113SAB(16) Sabrina RCNOW(17) Northwich RC2:262 1/2 lengths
7411:42B1.Op.4+113RCH(18) Royal Chester RCSAB(19) Sabrina RC0:09Not Rowed Out
11313:16B1.Op.4+ SAB(16) Sabrina RCSAB(19) Sabrina RC2:042 lengths
14514:40B2.W.4+191IRO(213) Ironbridge RC (Thomas)NOW(214) Northwich RC2:443 1/2 lengths
14614:42B2.W.4+192IRO(216) Ironbridge RC (Attree)PGN(217) Pengwern RC3:023 lengths
14714:44B2.W.4+192NST(218) North Staffordshire RCHAU(219) Harper Adams University RC (Cowell)8:04Not Rowed Out
19116:26B2.W.4+231IRO(213) Ironbridge RC (Thomas)HAU(215) Harper Adams University RC (Cook)2:483 lengths
19216:28B2.W.4+231IRO(216) Ironbridge RC (Attree)HAU(219) Harper Adams University RC (Cowell)3:32easily
23117:46B2.W.4+ IRO(213) Ironbridge RC (Thomas)IRO(216) Ironbridge RC (Attree)3:074 lengths
10813:06J16.4X KSW(33) Kings School Worcester BCNOW(34) Northwich RC2:221/2 length
22617:36J15.4X NOW(232) Northwich RCQPH(233) Queens Park High School RC2:162 1/2 lengths
22417:32W.J18.4X NOW(238) Northwich RCKSW(239) Kings School Worcester BC2:47easily
2209:42B1.J15.4X+68CHE(38) Cheltenham College (Bertran)QPH(39) Queens Park High School RCNTTRow Over
2309:44B1.J15.4X+68NOW(40) Northwich RCSTK(41) Trentham BC (Donnelly)1:582 lengths
2409:46B1.J15.4X+69KSW(42) Kings School Worcester BC (Meredith)CHE(43) Cheltenham College (Emerson)3:041 length
2509:48B1.J15.4X+69KSW(44) Kings School Worcester BC (Beever)STK(45) Trentham BC (Lawson)2:391 length
6811:30B1.J15.4X+106QPH(39) Queens Park High School RCSTK(41) Trentham BC (Donnelly)2:263 lengths
6911:32B1.J15.4X+106KSW(42) Kings School Worcester BC (Meredith)KSW(44) Kings School Worcester BC (Beever)3:193 lengths
10613:02B1.J15.4X+ STK(41) Trentham BC (Donnelly)KSW(44) Kings School Worcester BC (Beever)2:263 1/2 lengths
14014:14B1.W.J15.4X+177RCH(253) Royal Chester RC (Foster)CHE(254) Cheltenham College3:331 length
14114:32B1.W.J15.4X+177KSW(255) Kings School Worcester BC (Clarke)STK(256) Trentham BC3:193 1/2 lengths
14214:34B1.W.J15.4X+178QPH(257) Queens Park High School RCRCH(258) Royal Chester RC (Harris)2:491 length
14314:36B1.W.J15.4X+178NOW(259) Northwich RCSTP(260) Stourport BC2:38a canvas
17715:44B1.W.J15.4X+218CHE(254) Cheltenham CollegeSTK(256) Trentham BC1:321 length
17816:00B1.W.J15.4X+218RCH(258) Royal Chester RC (Harris)NOW(259) Northwich RC0:403 lengths
21817:20B1.W.J15.4X+ STK(256) Trentham BCRCH(258) Royal Chester RC (Harris)1:37easily
1709:32B1.W.J14.4X+63 / 65QPH(55) Queens Park High School RCNOW(56) Northwich RC2:471/2 length
1809:34B1.W.J14.4X+64 / 65GLR(59) Gloucester RC (Topham)GRN(60) The Grange School Hartford (Laundy)NTTRow Over
6311:20B1.W.J14.4X+103QPH(55) Queens Park High School RCCHE(57) Cheltenham College3:27easily
6411:22B1.W.J14.4X+103GRN(58) The Grange School Hartford (Burrows)GRN(60) The Grange School Hartford (Laundy)2:593 lengths
10312:56B1.W.J14.4X+ QPH(55) Queens Park High School RCGRN(60) The Grange School Hartford (Laundy)2:365 feet
6511:24B1.W.J14.4X+ NOW(56) Northwich RCGLR(59) Gloucester RC (Topham)NTTRow Over
13614:06J16.2X170NOW(285) Northwich RCSTP(286) Stourport BC2:262 1/2 lengths
16915:28J16.2X211TRT(282) Trent RCKSW(283) Kings School Worcester BC (Checkley)3:062 1/2 lengths
17015:30J16.2X211KSW(284) Kings School Worcester BC (Robins)NOW(285) Northwich RC7:10Not recorded
21117:06J16.2X TRT(282) Trent RCNOW(285) Northwich RC2:552 lengths
13213:58B1.J15.2X167QPH(287) Queens Park High School RC (Williamson/Bamber)KSW(288) Kings School Worcester BC (Fenby/Meredith)4:502 1/2 lengths
13314:00B1.J15.2X167STK(289) Trentham BC (Hudson/Donnelly)QPH(290) Queens Park High School RC (Baker/Cox)2:172 1/2 lengths
13414:02B1.J15.2X168STK(291) Trentham BC (Brown/Bill)NOW(292) Northwich RC3:226 lengths
13514:04B1.J15.2X168GLR(293) Gloucester RCKSW(294) Kings School Worcester BC (Allan/Rendall-Baker)2:555 lengths
16715:24B1.J15.2X210QPH(287) Queens Park High School RC (Williamson/Bamber)STK(289) Trentham BC (Hudson/Donnelly)3:031 1/2 lengths
16815:26B1.J15.2X210STK(291) Trentham BC (Brown/Bill)GLR(293) Gloucester RC2:45easily
21017:04B1.J15.2X STK(289) Trentham BC (Hudson/Donnelly)GLR(293) Gloucester RC3:003/4 length
1409:26B1.W.J15.2X47CHE(98) Cheltenham College (Vyvyan-Robinson/Cowing)STP(99) Stourport BC (Davis/Jones)2:431/2 length
1509:28B1.W.J15.2X48NOW(101) Northwich RCRCH(102) Royal Chester RC (Harrison/Hird)3:144 lengths
1609:30B1.W.J15.2X48CHE(103) Cheltenham College (Cane/Hall)QPH(104) Queens Park High School RC0:103 lengths
4710:48B1.W.J15.2X91CHE(98) Cheltenham College (Vyvyan-Robinson/Cowing)RCH(100) Royal Chester RC (Harris/Thomson)3:153/4 length
4810:50B1.W.J15.2X91NOW(101) Northwich RCCHE(103) Cheltenham College (Cane/Hall)2:541 length
9112:32B1.W.J15.2X RCH(100) Royal Chester RC (Harris/Thomson)NOW(101) Northwich RC3:083 1/2 lengths
3910:32B1.Op.1X87NOW(119) Northwich RC (White)NCR(120) Nottinghamshire County Rowing Association3:20easily
8712:24B1.Op.1X GUI(118) Guildford RCNOW(119) Northwich RC (White)2:48easily
109:00B2.Op.1X37TRT(121) Trent RC (Carlton-Greaves)LBR(122) Loughborough RC2:451 1/2 lengths
209:02B2.Op.1X38NOW(125) Northwich RC (Beardwood)TRT(126) Trent RC (Bell)2:461 length
3710:12B2.Op.1X86LBR(122) Loughborough RCTRT(123) Trent RC (Pountney)2:462 lengths
3810:14B2.Op.1X86TRT(124) Trent RC (Russell)TRT(126) Trent RC (Bell)3:30easily
8612:22B2.Op.1X LBR(122) Loughborough RCTRT(126) Trent RC (Bell)2:552 1/2 lengths
12313:40W.1X154GRO(340) Grosvenor RCNOW(341) Northwich RC (Worden)NTTRow Over
15314:56W.1X198TRF(337) Trafford RCNOW(338) Northwich RC (Burke)2:493 1/2 lengths
15414:58W.1X198TRT(339) Trent RCNOW(341) Northwich RC (Worden)3:45Not Rowed Out
19816:40W.1X TRF(337) Trafford RCTRT(339) Trent RC1:23easily