Shrewsbury Regatta

Saturday 11th May 2019

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Results for RGS Worcester BC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s) Quarry Park ClubTimeVerdict
10913:08Op.4X STK(31) Trentham BCWRG(32) RGS Worcester BCNTTRow Over
1909:36B2.J15.4X+66KCH(46) Kings School Chester RCWRG(47) RGS Worcester BC2:571 length
2009:38B2.J15.4X+67KSW(49) Kings School Worcester BC (Watkins)LER(50) Leicester RC0:331 1/2 lengths
2109:40B2.J15.4X+67RCH(51) Royal Chester RCSHR(52) Royal Shrewsbury School (Mainwaring)4:59Not Rowed Out
6611:26B2.J15.4X+105KCH(46) Kings School Chester RCSHR(48) Royal Shrewsbury School (Bayne)3:16easily
6711:28B2.J15.4X+105KSW(49) Kings School Worcester BC (Watkins)SHR(52) Royal Shrewsbury School (Mainwaring)2:393 lengths
10513:00B2.J15.4X+ KCH(46) Kings School Chester RCKSW(49) Kings School Worcester BC (Watkins)2:511 2/3 lengths
13814:10B2.W.J15.4X+175GLR(261) Gloucester RC (Fielder)KSW(262) Kings School Worcester BC (Dupont)2:105 lengths
13914:12B2.W.J15.4X+176NST(265) North Staffordshire RCWRG(266) RGS Worcester BC3:31easily
17515:40B2.W.J15.4X+217KSW(262) Kings School Worcester BC (Dupont)LER(263) Leicester RC3:37easily
17615:42B2.W.J15.4X+217GLR(264) Gloucester RC (Soutter)WRG(266) RGS Worcester BC1:47easily
21717:18B2.W.J15.4X+ KSW(262) Kings School Worcester BC (Dupont)WRG(266) RGS Worcester BC2:281/4 length
13714:08J17.2X172WRG(280) RGS Worcester BC (Beasley)GHP(281) Gloucester Hartpury2:284 lengths
17115:32J17.2X212KSW(277) Kings School Worcester BCWRG(278) RGS Worcester BC (Jarvis)2:331 1/2 lengths
17215:34J17.2X212WRG(279) RGS Worcester BC (Walker)WRG(280) RGS Worcester BC (Beasley)1:535 lengths
21217:08J17.2X WRG(278) RGS Worcester BC (Jarvis)WRG(279) RGS Worcester BC (Walker)3:12easily
13013:54B2.J15.2X165KCH(295) Kings School Chester RC (Chalapati/Smith)LER(296) Leicester RC3:09easily
13113:56B2.J15.2X166GRO(299) Grosvenor RCKCH(300) Kings School Chester RC (Feakes/Burrows)NTTRow Over
16515:20B2.J15.2X209LER(296) Leicester RCWRG(297) RGS Worcester BC1:01a canvas
16615:22B2.J15.2X209KCH(298) Kings School Chester RC (Sengupta/Banfield)GRO(299) Grosvenor RC6:164 lengths
20917:02B2.J15.2X WRG(297) RGS Worcester BCKCH(298) Kings School Chester RC (Sengupta/Banfield)3:103 lengths
1209:22B3.W.J15.2X41GLR(109) Gloucester RC (Greenough/Soutter)LER(110) Leicester RC4:004 lengths
1309:24B3.W.J15.2X42PGN(113) Pengwern RCCHE(114) Cheltenham College (James/Negus-Cole)3:081 length
4110:36B3.W.J15.2X89GLR(109) Gloucester RC (Greenough/Soutter)WRG(111) RGS Worcester BC3:193 lengths
4210:38B3.W.J15.2X89KSW(112) Kings School Worcester BC (Lucas/Hill)PGN(113) Pengwern RC3:234 lengths
8912:28B3.W.J15.2X GLR(109) Gloucester RC (Greenough/Soutter)PGN(113) Pengwern RC2:241 1/4 lengths