Shrewsbury Sprint

Sunday 12th May 2019

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RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s) Quarry Park ClubTimeVerdict
109:00W.J15.1X18QPH(55) Queens Park High School RC (Henderson-Palmer)NST(56) North Staffordshire RC3:131 1/4 lengths
209:03W.J15.1X19QPH(58) Queens Park High School RC (Parlevliet)SHR(59) Royal Shrewsbury School3:121/2 length
309:06W.J15.1X19PGN(60) Pengwern RC (Hemingway-Deaney)QPH(61) Queens Park High School RC (Twigg)3:134 lengths
409:09Op.1X24QPH(42) Queens Park High School RC (Howard)TRT(43) Trent RC4:00easily
509:12Op.1X25QPH(46) Queens Park High School RC (Bamber)STP(47) Stourport BC3:12easily
609:15B2.W.2X21PGN(36) Pengwern RC (Firmin/Turner)IRO(37) Ironbridge RC2:441 length
709:18J13.2X27TRT(27) Trent RC (Johnson)QPH(28) Queens Park High School RC (Parlevliet)3:08easily
809:21W.Mas.CDE.4+31LBR(10) Loughborough RC (=D)IRO(11) Ironbridge RC (=C)2:571 1/2 lengths
909:24W.J13.1X32TRT(66) Trent RCQPH(67) Queens Park High School RC (Taylor)3:414 lengths
1009:27W.J13.1X32NST(68) North Staffordshire RCQPH(69) Queens Park High School RC (Nugent)3:45easily
1109:30W.J14.1X33STP(62) Stourport BCTRT(63) Trent RC (Lowther)3:234 lengths
1209:33W.J14.1X33NST(64) North Staffordshire RCTRT(65) Trent RC (Punchard)NTTRow Over
1309:36J16.1X35SHR(53) Royal Shrewsbury School (Beard)SHR(54) Royal Shrewsbury School (Williams)2:25easily
1409:39J18.1X36SHR(48) Royal Shrewsbury School (Hickie)SHR(49) Royal Shrewsbury School (McKirdy)2:55easily
1509:42J18.1X36TRT(50) Trent RCSHR(51) Royal Shrewsbury School (Nares)2:362 lengths
1609:45W.J15.2X38NST(38) North Staffordshire RC (Barratt)STP(39) Stourport BC (Livesey)3:11easily
1709:48W.J15.2X38STP(40) Stourport BC (Davis)NST(41) North Staffordshire RC (Sheldon)3:18easily
1809:51W.J15.1X34NST(56) North Staffordshire RCPGN(57) Pengwern RC (Williams)3:18easily
1909:54W.J15.1X34SHR(59) Royal Shrewsbury SchoolQPH(61) Queens Park High School RC (Twigg)3:02a canvas
2009:57B2.W.2X39STK(33) Trentham BCPGN(34) Pengwern RC (Hunter/Moseley)2:501 length
2110:14B2.W.2X39TRT(35) Trent RC (Rose/Punchard)PGN(36) Pengwern RC (Firmin/Turner)2:441/2 length
2210:17B1.W.2X40QPH(29) Queens Park High School RCSTP(30) Stourport BC2:521/2 length
2310:20B1.W.2X40TRT(31) Trent RC (Smith/McLocklin)NST(32) North Staffordshire RC2:594 lengths
2410:23Op.1X37QPH(42) Queens Park High School RC (Howard)QPH(44) Queens Park High School RC (Halewood)2:40easily
2510:26Op.1X37NCR(45) Nottinghamshire County Rowing AssociationSTP(47) Stourport BC2:321 1/2 lengths
2610:29J13.2X41NST(24) North Staffordshire RCQPH(25) Queens Park High School RC (Kovacs)3:31easily
2710:32J13.2X41TRT(26) Trent RC (Lowther)TRT(27) Trent RC (Johnson)2:514 lengths
2810:35W.J14.4X+44QPH(18) Queens Park High School RCNST(19) North Staffordshire RC (Greenwood)2:534 lengths
2910:38Op.4X46QPH(13) Queens Park High School RCTRT(14) Trent RC2:251 length
3010:41W.Mas.CDE.4+47STP(7) Stourport BC (=D)BEW(8) Bewdley RC (=E)NTTRow Over
3110:44W.Mas.CDE.4+47TRF(9) Trafford RC (=D)LBR(10) Loughborough RC (=D)4:454 lengths
3210:47W.J13.1X TRT(66) Trent RCQPH(69) Queens Park High School RC (Nugent)3:173 lengths
3310:50W.J14.1X STP(62) Stourport BCTRT(65) Trent RC (Punchard)3:164 lengths
3410:53W.J15.1X NST(56) North Staffordshire RCSHR(59) Royal Shrewsbury School2:44easily
3510:56J16.1X SHR(52) Royal Shrewsbury School (Myriddin-Evans)SHR(54) Royal Shrewsbury School (Williams)NTTRow Over
3610:59J18.1X SHR(49) Royal Shrewsbury School (McKirdy)TRT(50) Trent RC2:323 lengths
3711:16Op.1X QPH(42) Queens Park High School RC (Howard)STP(47) Stourport BC2:301 length
3811:19W.J15.2X NST(38) North Staffordshire RC (Barratt)STP(40) Stourport BC (Davis)2:391/2 length
3911:22B2.W.2X STK(33) Trentham BCTRT(35) Trent RC (Rose/Punchard)2:342 lengths
4011:25B1.W.2X STP(30) Stourport BCTRT(31) Trent RC (Smith/McLocklin)2:502 1/2 lengths
4111:28J13.2X QPH(25) Queens Park High School RC (Kovacs)TRT(27) Trent RC (Johnson)2:554 lengths
4211:31Mas.FH.2X PGN(22) Pengwern RC (=F)STP(23) Stourport BC (=H)3:22easily
4311:34Mas.DE.2- STP(20) Stourport BC (=D)PGN(21) Pengwern RC (=E)NTTRow Over
4411:37W.J14.4X+ NST(17) North Staffordshire RC (Corden-Lepetit)QPH(18) Queens Park High School RC3:18easily
4511:40Mx.4X LBR(15) Loughborough RCTRT(16) Trent RC2:47easily
4611:43Op.4X LBR(12) Loughborough RCTRT(14) Trent RCNTTRow Over
4711:46W.Mas.CDE.4+ BEW(8) Bewdley RC (=E)TRF(9) Trafford RC (=D)2:522 lengths
4811:49B1.Op.4+ SAB(5) Sabrina RCSTP/BEW(6) STP/BEW2:32easily
4911:52Op.4+ PGN(3) Pengwern RC (Woods)PGN(4) Pengwern RC (Tompkins)4:183/4 length
5011:55Mas.DE.8+ GUI(1) Guildford RC (=E)LBR(2) Loughborough RC (=D)2:321 foot
10113:00W.J14.2X119QPH(243) Queens Park High School RC (Jackson)TRT(244) Trent RC2:25easily
10213:03W.J15.4X+116NST(219) North Staffordshire RCPGN(220) Pengwern RC (Buxton)3:112/3 length
10313:06W.J15.4X+117SHR(223) Royal Shrewsbury SchoolPGN(224) Pengwern RC (Brewis)3:05easily
10413:09W.J17.1X120GRO(266) Grosvenor RC (Mercer)PGN(267) Pengwern RC3:011 1/2 lengths
10513:12W.J17.1X120AGE(268) Agecroft RCGRO(269) Grosvenor RC (Morgan)3:172 lengths
10613:15W.1X121NST(262) North Staffordshire RC (Shepherd)TRT(263) Trent RC (McQuoney)4:27easily
10713:18W.1X121TRT(264) Trent RC (Smith)NST(265) North Staffordshire RC (Forsyth)3:14easily
10813:21J14.1X123QPH(258) Queens Park High School RCNST(259) North Staffordshire RC3:163 1/2 lengths
10913:24Mas.D.1X125GUI(253) Guildford RCNST(254) North Staffordshire RC2:131 length
11013:27Mx.2X126TRT(250) Trent RC (Cardon)TRT(251) Trent RC (Tomlinson)2:451/2 length
11113:30W.J13.2X127QPH(245) Queens Park High School RCNST(246) North Staffordshire RC (Wells)5:18easily
11213:33W.J13.2X127NST(247) North Staffordshire RC (Oliver-Klucznik)NST(248) North Staffordshire RC (Stocking)3:12easily
11313:36B2.Op.2X130STP(234) Stourport BC (Fuller/Gould)TRT(235) Trent RC2:57easily
11413:39B1.Op.2X131STP(231) Stourport BC (Watson/McLaren)SAB(232) Sabrina RC1:51easily
11513:42Op.2-133NCR/BEW(226) QPH(227) Queens Park High School RC1:122 lengths
11613:45W.J15.4X+134PGN(220) Pengwern RC (Buxton)QPH(221) Queens Park High School RC3:11easily
11713:48W.J15.4X+134STP(222) Stourport BCSHR(223) Royal Shrewsbury School3:03easily
11813:51W.J14.2X132QPH(240) Queens Park High School RC (Jones)NST(241) North Staffordshire RC (Lewis)NTTDefault
11913:54W.J14.2X132NST(242) North Staffordshire RC (Greenwood)QPH(243) Queens Park High School RC (Jackson)2:431 length
12013:57W.J17.1X PGN(267) Pengwern RCGRO(269) Grosvenor RC (Morgan)2:443/4 length
12114:14W.1X TRT(263) Trent RC (McQuoney)TRT(264) Trent RC (Smith)2:531 1/4 lengths
12214:17J13.1X QPH(260) Queens Park High School RCPGN(261) Pengwern RC3:32easily
12314:20J14.1X STP(257) Stourport BCNST(259) North Staffordshire RC2:472 1/2 lengths
12414:23J15.1X PGN(255) Pengwern RCQPH(256) Queens Park High School RC2:091 1/2 lengths
12514:26Mas.D.1X LBR(252) Loughborough RCGUI(253) Guildford RC2:461 1/2 lengths
12614:29Mx.2X TRT(249) Trent RC (Benton)TRT(250) Trent RC (Cardon)3:503 1/2 lengths
12714:32W.J13.2X QPH(245) Queens Park High School RCNST(247) North Staffordshire RC (Oliver-Klucznik)3:07easily
12814:35W.Mas.BC.2X STK(238) Trentham BC (=B)NST(239) North Staffordshire RC (=C)2:59easily
12914:38J15.2X QPH(236) Queens Park High School RC (Lawrence)QPH(237) Queens Park High School RC (Williamson)2:381/2 length
13014:41B2.Op.2X LBR(233) Loughborough RCSTP(234) Stourport BC (Fuller/Gould)2:28easily
13114:44B1.Op.2X PGN(230) Pengwern RCSTP(231) Stourport BC (Watson/McLaren)2:465 lengths
13214:47W.J14.2X QPH(240) Queens Park High School RC (Jones)QPH(243) Queens Park High School RC (Jackson)2:54easily
13314:50Op.2- SHR(225) Royal Shrewsbury SchoolNCR/BEW(226) 2:232 lengths
13414:53W.J15.4X+ QPH(221) Queens Park High School RCSTP(222) Stourport BC2:073 1/2 lengths
13514:56J13.4X+ TRT(217) Trent RCQPH(218) Queens Park High School RC2:54easily
13614:59W.J17.4X SHR(215) Royal Shrewsbury SchoolPGN(216) Pengwern RC2:473/4 length
13715:16W.Mas.D.2- STP(228) Stourport BCPGN(229) Pengwern RC2:273 lengths
13815:19Mas.E.4X WRR(213) Worcester RCGUI(214) Guildford RC2:32a canvas
13915:22W.J15.4+ SHR(211) Royal Shrewsbury SchoolNST(212) North Staffordshire RC2:472 lengths
14015:25W.4+ BEW(209) Bewdley RCIRO(210) Ironbridge RC2:481/2 length
14115:28Mas.GH.4+ PGN(207) Pengwern RC (=H)BRI/IRO(208) BRI/IRO (=G)2:512 lengths
14215:31Mas.DE.4+ GUI(205) Guildford RC (=E)PGN/LLA(206) PGN/LLA (=D)2:243/4 length
14315:34Mas.C.4+ LIV(203) Liverpool Victoria RCLBR(204) Loughborough RCNTTDefault
14415:37W.Mas.D.8+ BEW(201) Bewdley RCLBR(202) Loughborough RC2:391 1/3 lengths