Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 11th May 2019

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Results for King's School Ely BC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Enclosure EmbankmentTimeVerdict
8211:41J18.4X130GMS(231) Great Marlow SchoolWBS(232) Windsor Boys School (Hennessy-Hunt)3:435 lengths
8311:43J18.4X130KSE(233) King's School Ely BCSTA(234) Star ClubNTTRow Over
8411:45J18.4X131BDS(235) Bedford School (Roese)WBS(236) Windsor Boys School (Workman)NTTRow Over
8511:47J18.4X131GRN(237) The Grange School HartfordBDS(238) Bedford School (Hopcroft)3:401/4 length
13013:38J18.4X240GMS(231) Great Marlow SchoolSTA(234) Star Club3:362 1/2 lengths
13113:40J18.4X240BDS(235) Bedford School (Roese)GRN(237) The Grange School Hartford4:341 length
24018:13J18.4X STA(234) Star ClubBDS(235) Bedford School (Roese)3:371 length
9112:03W.J18.4X190GMS(246) Great Marlow SchoolBMS(247) Bedford Modern School (Rowe)4:09easily
9212:05W.J18.4X195BMS(250) Bedford Modern School (Eales)EMA(251) Emanuel School4:094 lengths
19016:04W.J18.4X248BMS(247) Bedford Modern School (Rowe)SWB(248) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School4:141 1/2 lengths
19516:15W.J18.4X248KSE(249) King's School Ely BCEMA(251) Emanuel School4:043/4 length
24818:15W.J18.4X BMS(247) Bedford Modern School (Rowe)EMA(251) Emanuel School4:071/2 length
8611:49W.J16.4X208BMS(252) Bedford Modern SchoolBED(253) Bedford Rowing Club4:07easily
8711:52W.J16.4X209GRN(256) The Grange School HartfordGMS(257) Great Marlow SchoolNTTRow Over
20816:43W.J16.4X244BMS(252) Bedford Modern SchoolZAEZ(254) South African Schools (Buchner)4:164 lengths
20916:45W.J16.4X244ZAEZ(255) South African Schools (Newman)GMS(257) Great Marlow School4:154 lengths
24418:24W.J16.4X BMS(252) Bedford Modern SchoolZAEZ(255) South African Schools (Newman)4:004 lengths
2409:23J15.4X+98WBS(258) Windsor Boys School (James)EMA(259) Emanuel School (Bajwa)4:03easily
808:45J15.4X+98KGS(260) Kingston Grammar School (Bradley)KSE(261) King's School Ely BC4:09Not Rowed Out
908:47J15.4X+99BDS(262) Bedford SchoolWBS(263) Windsor Boys School (Kypros)4:171 1/4 lengths
1008:49J15.4X+99KGS(264) Kingston Grammar School (Harley)WBS(265) Windsor Boys School (Pope)4:06easily
1108:51J15.4X+96NSC(266) Norwich School (Sergent)STA(267) Star Club4:025 lengths
2709:30J15.4X+96KGS(268) Kingston Grammar School (Miao)KCH(269) Kings School Chester RC4:053/4 length
1208:53J15.4X+97WBS(270) Windsor Boys School (Ingham)EMA(271) Emanuel School (Dammann Smith)4:102 lengths
1308:56J15.4X+97NSC(272) Norwich School (Nung Vu)GRN(273) The Grange School Hartford4:11easily
9812:18J15.4X+191WBS(258) Windsor Boys School (James)KGS(260) Kingston Grammar School (Bradley)3:471/3 length
9912:21J15.4X+191WBS(263) Windsor Boys School (Kypros)WBS(265) Windsor Boys School (Pope)4:11easily
9612:14J15.4X+192NSC(266) Norwich School (Sergent)KCH(269) Kings School Chester RC3:573 1/2 lengths
9712:16J15.4X+192EMA(271) Emanuel School (Dammann Smith)GRN(273) The Grange School Hartford4:28easily
19116:06J15.4X+256WBS(258) Windsor Boys School (James)WBS(265) Windsor Boys School (Pope)NTT2 lengths
19216:08J15.4X+256NSC(266) Norwich School (Sergent)GRN(273) The Grange School Hartford4:023 1/2 lengths
25618:59J15.4X+ WBS(258) Windsor Boys School (James)GRN(273) The Grange School Hartford3:501/4 length
2509:25J14.C.4X+174WBS(283) Windsor Boys School (Plaza)HAM(284) Hampton School4:48Not Rowed Out
2609:28J14.C.4X+175SPS(287) St Paul's SchoolWBS(288) Windsor Boys School (Launonen)4:521 1/4 lengths
17415:24J14.C.4X+230WBS(283) Windsor Boys School (Plaza)BDS(285) Bedford School4:47Easily
17515:27J14.C.4X+230KSE(286) King's School Ely BC (Lansley)WBS(288) Windsor Boys School (Launonen)NTTNot Recorded
23017:43J14.C.4X+ WBS(283) Windsor Boys School (Plaza)WBS(288) Windsor Boys School (Launonen)4:42Easily
5910:45J14.A.4X+177PET(274) Peterborough CityNSC(275) Norwich School (McKean)4:123 1/2 lengths
6010:47J14.A.4X+178WRC(278) Wallingford RCKSE(279) King's School Ely BC (James)4:25easily
17715:31J14.A.4X+235PET(274) Peterborough CitySWB(276) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School4:203 lengths
17815:33J14.A.4X+235BMS(277) Bedford Modern SchoolWRC(278) Wallingford RC4:273 1/2 lengths
23517:56J14.A.4X+ PET(274) Peterborough CityBMS(277) Bedford Modern School4:18easily
17615:29J14.B.4X+234NSC(281) Norwich School (Thomas)KSE(282) King's School Ely BC (Biggs)4:46Easily
23417:53J14.B.4X+ WBS(280) Windsor Boys School (Jafri)KSE(282) King's School Ely BC (Biggs)4:45easily
1909:12W.J15.4X+66BMS(289) Bedford Modern School (Nwuga)KGS(290) Kingston Grammar School (Diaz)4:512 lengths
2309:21W.J15.4X+67KSE(292) King's School Ely BC (Gray)SHR(293) Royal Shrewsbury School4:53easily
2009:15W.J15.4X+68KGS(296) Kingston Grammar School (Dombrowsky)KSE(297) King's School Ely BC (Egan)4:32easily
2109:17W.J15.4X+69STA(298) Star Club (Parker)GMS(299) Great Marlow School4:473 lengths
2209:19W.J15.4X+69PHS(300) Putney High School RCGRN(301) The Grange School Hartford4:301 1/2 lengths
6611:06W.J15.4X+146KGS(290) Kingston Grammar School (Diaz)STA(291) Star Club (White)4:31easily
6711:08W.J15.4X+146SHR(293) Royal Shrewsbury SchoolBMS(294) Bedford Modern School (Brady)4:263 lengths
6811:10W.J15.4X+147SWB(295) Sir William Borlase's Grammar SchoolKGS(296) Kingston Grammar School (Dombrowsky)4:251 1/4 lengths
6911:13W.J15.4X+147GMS(299) Great Marlow SchoolGRN(301) The Grange School Hartford4:26easily
14614:16W.J15.4X+246STA(291) Star Club (White)SHR(293) Royal Shrewsbury School4:282 lengths
14714:18W.J15.4X+246KGS(296) Kingston Grammar School (Dombrowsky)GRN(301) The Grange School Hartford4:301/2 length
24618:30W.J15.4X+ SHR(293) Royal Shrewsbury SchoolKGS(296) Kingston Grammar School (Dombrowsky)4:271 1/2 lengths
5810:42W.J14.A.4X+170PET(305) Peterborough CityBMS(306) Bedford Modern School4:352/3 length
16915:14W.J14.A.4X+229NSC(302) Norwich SchoolLEH(303) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat ClubNTTRow Over
17015:16W.J14.A.4X+229KSE(304) King's School Ely BCBMS(306) Bedford Modern School4:48Easily
22917:40W.J14.A.4X+ NSC(302) Norwich SchoolBMS(306) Bedford Modern School4:464 lengths