Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 11th May 2019

Results for College Eights

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RaceTimeStatusNext Race Enclosure EmbankmentTimeVerdict
208:32COL.8+126EMM(34) Emmanuel CollegeWOO(35) Wolfson College, Oxford3:251 1/2 lengths
308:34COL.8+126MGD(36) Magdalene College (Duffy)SCO(37) St Catherine's College3:262 lengths
408:36COL.8+127JEC(38) Jesus College, Cambridge (Douie)CHB(39) Christ ChurchNTTRow Over
508:38COL.8+128COR(41) Corpus Christi CollegeORO(42) Oriel College (Zajicek)3:341 1/4 lengths
108:30COL.8+128MGD(43) Magdalene College (Hudson)UCO(44) University College, Oxford3:413/4 length
608:40COL.8+129JEC(45) Jesus College, Cambridge (Bhatti)BAL(46) Balliol CollegeNTTRow Over
708:43COL.8+129SEL(47) Selwyn CollegeORO(48) Oriel College (Deak)3:381 1/4 lengths
12613:29COL.8+205EMM(34) Emmanuel CollegeMGD(36) Magdalene College (Duffy)3:533/4 length
12713:32COL.8+205CHB(39) Christ ChurchCHU(40) Churchill College3:222 1/2 lengths
12813:34COL.8+204ORO(42) Oriel College (Zajicek)MGD(43) Magdalene College (Hudson)NTTRow Over
12913:36COL.8+204BAL(46) Balliol CollegeORO(48) Oriel College (Deak)3:313 lengths
20516:37COL.8+263MGD(36) Magdalene College (Duffy)CHB(39) Christ Church3:281 length
20416:34COL.8+263ORO(42) Oriel College (Zajicek)BAL(46) Balliol College3:332 1/4 lengths
26319:25COL.8+ MGD(36) Magdalene College (Duffy)ORO(42) Oriel College (Zajicek)3:091 1/2 lengths