Reading Town Regatta

Saturday 29th June 2019

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Results for AB Severn BC

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceWinnerSecondThirdTimeVerdict 1:2Verdict 2:3
1910:12W.J16.4X57(74) AB Severn BC(73) Great Marlow School3:241 1/4 lengths 
2010:16W.J16.4X57(76) Reading RC(77) Henley RCNTTNot Rowed Out 
5712:47W.J16.4X (75) Sydney RC, AUS(76) Reading RC(74) AB Severn BC3:17easily1 1/4 lengths
10815:26B1.W.J15.4X+141(262) Reading RC(263) Henley RC3:332 lengths 
10915:30B1.W.J15.4X+141(265) Sir William Perkins School(264) Great Marlow School3:364 lengths 
11215:42B1.W.J15.4X+141(267) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School(266) AB Severn BC (Beck)3:345 lengths 
14117:40B1.W.J15.4X+ (267) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School(265) Sir William Perkins School(262) Reading RC3:331 1/2 lengths1 1/2 lengths
14017:36B2.W.J15.4X+ (270) Shiplake Vikings RC (Rosi)(269) AB Severn BC (Quinn)(268) Shiplake Vikings RC (Gummer)3:573 1/2 lengths4 lengths
5012:19B2.Op.2X (116) AB Severn BC(115) Shiplake Vikings RC3:173 1/2 lengths 
10315:06W.2X137(274) Oxford University Lwt Women's BC (Kerr)(275) Australian Defence Force, AUSNTTRow Over 
10415:10W.2X137(277) Oxford University Lwt Women's BC (Gluck)(278) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School3:41easily 
13717:24W.2X (277) Oxford University Lwt Women's BC (Gluck)(274) Oxford University Lwt Women's BC (Kerr)(276) AB Severn BC3:425 lengths2/3 length
12716:42W.J14.2X (280) Reading RC(279) AB Severn BC(281) Henley RC3:504 lengthsRow Over
109:00B2.Op.1X28(127) AB Severn BC (Elliott)(126) Abingdon School (Watkins)(125) Radley College Boat Club3:305 lengths5 lengths
209:04B2.Op.1X28(128) Abingdon School (Garrow)(129) Pangbourne College BC (Robson)3:372 lengths 
2810:48B2.Op.1X (128) Abingdon School (Garrow)(127) AB Severn BC (Elliott)3:15easily 
2910:52B3.Op.1X (132) AB Severn BC (Teague)(131) Pangbourne College BC (Vousden)(130) University College, Oxford3:39easily5 lengths