Walton and Weybridge Regatta

Saturday 8th June 2019

Draw for Bournemouth Collegiate

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RaceTimeEventStatusNext Race Middlesex Surrey
17714:5845J14.2X219CHH(264) Charterhouse BCGUI(265) Guildford RC (Rawlinson) 
17815:0045J14.2X220KRC(268) Kingston Rowing ClubGUI(269) Guildford RC (Guest) 
21916:4345J14.2X249Winner of Race 177MGN(266) Magdalen College School BC 
22016:4545J14.2X249BCS(267) Bournemouth CollegiateWinner of Race 178 
24918:0445J14.2X Winner of Race 219Winner of Race 220 
15614:1252Thames.J15.1X193BCS(305) Bournemouth Collegiate (J Mans)KCS(306) King's College School Wimbledon (A Forbes) 
15714:1452Thames.J15.1X194RDG(309) Reading RC (G Hutchins)MGN(310) Magdalen College School BC (A Underwood) 
19315:3852Thames.J15.1X231Winner of Race 156BAE(307) Barn Elms RC (J Hunter) 
19415:4052Thames.J15.1X231WLT(308) Walton RC (R Hawes)Winner of Race 157 
23117:1752Thames.J15.1X Winner of Race 193Winner of Race 194 
3409:5924J14.1X84SGC(119) St George's College BC (A Clinton)SGC(120) St George's College BC (S Croft)  
3510:0124J14.1X84BCS(121) Bournemouth Collegiate (M Pitman)RDG(122) Reading RC (G Hutchins) 
3610:0324J14.1X85NCR(123) Nottinghamshire County Rowing Association (B Richards)SGC(124) St George's College BC (T Bailey) 
3710:0524J14.1X85WLT(125) Walton RC (H Zeghibe)WEY(126) Weybridge RC (J Manzi) 
8412:0524J14.1X119SGC(119) St George's College BC (A Clinton)Winner of Race 35 
8512:0724J14.1X119Winner of Race 36Winner of Race 37 
11913:3224J14.1X Winner of Race 84Winner of Race 85 
2609:4327W.J14.1X80RDG(143) Reading RC (S Lazenby)WHS(144) Wimbledon High School (Farrell)  
2709:4527W.J14.1X80SGC(145) St George's College BC (O Moczarski)GUI(146) Guildford RC (E Young) 
2809:4727W.J14.1X81RDG(147) Reading RC (O Threlfall)LEH(148) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club (A Bhosale) 
2909:4927W.J14.1X81SGC(149) St George's College BC (J Halliday)BCS(150) Bournemouth Collegiate (M Grainger) 
8011:5727W.J14.1X117RDG(143) Reading RC (S Lazenby)Winner of Race 27 
8111:5927W.J14.1X117Winner of Race 28Winner of Race 29 
11713:2827W.J14.1X Winner of Race 80Winner of Race 81