Walton and Weybridge Regatta

Saturday 8th June 2019

Draw for Windsor Boys School

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RaceTimeEventStatusNext Race Middlesex Surrey
24017:4234J18.4X WGT(221) Whitgift School BCWBS(222) Windsor Boys School 
15814:1636Thames.J15.4X+198KCS(228) King's College School Wimbledon (Oldroyd)WBS(229) Windsor Boys School (McCulley) 
19715:5036Thames.J15.4X+233WBS(225) Windsor Boys School (Macklin)KGS(226) Kingston Grammar School (Bradley) 
19815:5436Thames.J15.4X+233KGS(227) Kingston Grammar School (Harley)Winner of Race 158 
23317:2336Thames.J15.4X+ Winner of Race 197Winner of Race 198 
1309:1011Wey.J14.4X+61SGC(39) St George's College BC (Michaelides)WBS(40) Windsor Boys School (Leeson) 
6010:5911Wey.J14.4X+102WBS(36) Windsor Boys School (Cook)SGC(37) St George's College BC (Wareham) 
6111:0311Wey.J14.4X+102WGT(38) Whitgift School BCWinner of Race 13 
10212:4611Wey.J14.4X+ Winner of Race 60Winner of Race 61 
4910:2914J18.2X95WBS(57) Windsor Boys School (Liddell)WLT(58) Walton RC 
5010:3114J18.2X96CHH(60) Charterhouse BCWBS(61) Windsor Boys School (Hennessy-Hunt) 
5110:3314J18.2X96ESC(62) Eastbourne College BCWBS(63) Windsor Boys School (Delaney) 
9512:2714J18.2X123Winner of Race 49WGT(59) Whitgift School BC 
9612:2914J18.2X123Winner of Race 50Winner of Race 51 
12313:4014J18.2X Winner of Race 95Winner of Race 96