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Sunday 9th June 2019

Draw for Galway Rowing Club

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RaceTimeEventStatusNext Race Middlesex Surrey (towpath)
12115:0016J14.4X+143ZADT(210) Dublin Univ. Ladies BC, IrelandZAHB(211) The Haverford School
14216:2416J14.4X+156ZAGY(207) Galway Rowing ClubZAJM(208) Marne & Joinville
14316:2816J14.4X+156ZCAX(209) The Lawrenceville School, NJ, USAWinner of Race 121
15617:2016J14.4X+ Winner of Race 142Winner of Race 143
54220:2130J13.4X+558ZAGY(459) Galway Rowing ClubZAHB(460) The Haverford School
54320:2530J13.4X+558ZAJM(461) Marne & Joinville (Coovadia)ZAJM(462) Marne & Joinville (Higgins)
55821:2530J13.4X+ Winner of Race 542Winner of Race 543
1509:263W.J15.2.4X+36ZCAX(8) The Lawrenceville School, NJ, USAZAJM(9) Marne & Joinville
1609:303W.J15.2.4X+37ZAPS(12) St Paul's, USA (Lees)ZAGY(13) Galway Rowing Club
3610:503W.J15.2.4X+50Winner of Race 15ZAKE(10) Kent School BC (Alam)
3710:543W.J15.2.4X+50ZAPS(11) St Paul's, USA (Edwards)Winner of Race 16
5011:463W.J15.2.4X+ Winner of Race 36Winner of Race 37
11914:5218W.J14.2.4X+139ZAJO(220) Mount Saint Joseph Academy, USAZCAX(221) The Lawrenceville School, NJ, USA (Chen)
13816:0818W.J14.2.4X+154ZAGY(217) Galway Rowing ClubZADO(218) Boston College High School (Cameron)
13916:1218W.J14.2.4X+154ZCAX(219) The Lawrenceville School, NJ, USA (Brown)Winner of Race 119
15417:1218W.J14.2.4X+ Winner of Race 138Winner of Race 139
55521:1333J16.2X ZAGY(474) Galway Rowing ClubZAJO(475) Mount Saint Joseph Academy, USA
11614:4019J13.2X136ZAGY(222) Galway Rowing Club (Goldfinch)ZAJM(223) Marne & Joinville (Coovadia)
11714:4419J13.2X137ZAGY(225) Galway Rowing Club (Jackson)ZAJM(226) Marne & Joinville (Herschel)
11814:4819J13.2X137ZAHB(227) The Haverford School (Giret)ZAJM(228) Marne & Joinville (Arregi Gardoki)
13616:0019J13.2X153Winner of Race 116ZAHB(224) The Haverford School (Erbolat)
13716:0419J13.2X153Winner of Race 117Winner of Race 118
15317:0819J13.2X Winner of Race 136Winner of Race 137
3010:266W.J16.2X47ZCAX(26) The Lawrenceville School, NJ, USA (Kennedy)ZAGL(27) Green Lake
3110:306W.J16.2X47ZCAX(28) The Lawrenceville School, NJ, USA (Janss Lafond)ZAGY(29) Galway Rowing Club
4711:346W.J16.2X Winner of Race 30Winner of Race 31
808:588W.J14.2.2X27ZAGL(39) Green LakeZAGY(40) Galway Rowing Club
2610:108W.J14.2.2X45ZAJM(36) Marne & Joinville (Curtis/Booth)ZAHB(37) The Haverford School (Erbolat/Carballeiro)
2710:148W.J14.2.2X45ZAJM(38) Marne & Joinville (Guest/Hunter)Winner of Race 8
4511:268W.J14.2.2X Winner of Race 26Winner of Race 27
11014:1622J15.1.1X131ZCAX(245) The Lawrenceville School, NJ, USA (Lever)ZAGY(246) Galway Rowing Club
13015:3622J15.1.1X150ZAGL(242) Green Lake (Joel)ZCAX(243) The Lawrenceville School, NJ, USA (Hedley)
13115:4022J15.1.1X150ZAGL(244) Green Lake (Hutchins)Winner of Race 110
15016:5622J15.1.1X Winner of Race 130Winner of Race 131
50818:0537J14.1.1X530ZAJM(494) Marne & Joinville (Gilbert)ZADT(495) Dublin Univ. Ladies BC, Ireland (Crane)
50918:0937J14.1.1X531ZAGL(497) Green Lake (Hutchins)ZAJM(498) Marne & Joinville (Chilton)
51018:1337J14.1.1X531ZAHB(499) The Haverford School (Catlin)ZAGY(500) Galway Rowing Club
53019:3337J14.1.1X551Winner of Race 508ZCAX(496) The Lawrenceville School, NJ, USA
53119:3737J14.1.1X551Winner of Race 509Winner of Race 510
55120:5737J14.1.1X Winner of Race 530Winner of Race 531
508:4610J13.1X23ZAGY(50) Galway Rowing Club (Collins)ZAHB(51) The Haverford School
2209:5410J13.1X43ZAGY(47) Galway Rowing Club (Emery)ZAJO(48) Mount Saint Joseph Academy, USA (Jackson-Jones)
2309:5810J13.1X43ZAJO(49) Mount Saint Joseph Academy, USA (Hall)Winner of Race 5
4311:1810J13.1X Winner of Race 22Winner of Race 23
4211:1411W.Mas.A.1X ZAGY(52) Galway Rowing ClubZAMI(53) University of Michigan, USA
50117:3742W.J14.2.1X520ZAJO(521) Mount Saint Joseph Academy, USAZAJM(522) Marne & Joinville (Finlayson)
50217:4142W.J14.2.1X521ZADO(524) Boston College High School (Hunter)ZAGL(525) Green Lake (Bublik)
50317:4542W.J14.2.1X521ZAGY(526) Galway Rowing ClubZAJM(527) Marne & Joinville (Curtis)
52018:5342W.J14.2.1X546Winner of Race 501ZAGL(523) Green Lake (Lazenby)
52118:5742W.J14.2.1X546Winner of Race 502Winner of Race 503
54620:3742W.J14.2.1X Winner of Race 520Winner of Race 521