Demo Regatta

Sunday 9th June 2019

Draw for Radcliffe Crew

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RaceTimeEventStatusNext Race Middlesex Surrey (towpath)
51818:4531W.J13.A.4X+540ZAWQ(463) Radcliffe Crew (Brooks)ZAWQ(464) Radcliffe Crew (Dodd)
51918:4931W.J13.A.4X+541ZAHB(467) The Haverford School (Drew)ZAHB(468) The Haverford School (Lenthall)
54020:1331W.J13.A.4X+557Winner of Race 518ZAWQ(465) Radcliffe Crew (Everett)
54120:1731W.J13.A.4X+557ZAJM(466) Marne & Joinville (Jaminson)Winner of Race 519
55721:2131W.J13.A.4X+ Winner of Race 540Winner of Race 541
51718:4132W.J13.B.4X+539ZAHB(472) The Haverford School (Janes)ZAWQ(473) Radcliffe Crew (Forbes)
53820:0532W.J13.B.4X+556ZAJO(469) Mount Saint Joseph Academy, USAZAJM(470) Marne & Joinville (Bhatal)
53920:0932W.J13.B.4X+556ZAWQ(471) Radcliffe Crew (Ho)Winner of Race 517
55621:1732W.J13.B.4X+ Winner of Race 538Winner of Race 539
11314:2820W.J13.A.2X134ZAWQ(229) Radcliffe Crew (Dodd/Khanna)ZAGL(230) Green Lake
11414:3220W.J13.A.2X135ZAWQ(232) Radcliffe Crew (Coovadia/Goodman)ZAHB(233) The Haverford School (Hunter/Illsley)
11514:3620W.J13.A.2X135ZAWQ(234) Radcliffe Crew (Chen/Hammett-Mcharg)ZAJM(235) Marne & Joinville (Howie/Bentley)
13415:5220W.J13.A.2X152Winner of Race 113ZAJM(231) Marne & Joinville (Everett/Leslie)
13515:5620W.J13.A.2X152Winner of Race 114Winner of Race 115
15217:0420W.J13.A.2X Winner of Race 134Winner of Race 135
11114:2021W.J13.B.2X132ZAJM(236) Marne & Joinville (Graham/Lessey)ZAWQ(237) Radcliffe Crew (Chung/Bass)
11214:2421W.J13.B.2X133ZAWQ(240) Radcliffe Crew (Kaye/Bublik)ZAHB(241) The Haverford School (Bell/Gilbert)
13215:4421W.J13.B.2X151Winner of Race 111ZCAX(238) The Lawrenceville School, NJ, USA
13315:4821W.J13.B.2X151ZAWQ(239) Radcliffe Crew (Forwood/Agambar)Winner of Race 112
15117:0021W.J13.B.2X Winner of Race 132Winner of Race 133
308:3812W.J13.A.1X20ZAWQ(54) Radcliffe Crew (Ladwa)ZAWQ(55) Radcliffe Crew (Adams)
408:4212W.J13.A.1X21ZAJM(58) Marne & Joinville (Jaminson)ZAWQ(59) Radcliffe Crew (Kaye)
2009:4612W.J13.A.1X41Winner of Race 3ZAGL(56) Green Lake (Dowling)
2109:5012W.J13.A.1X41ZAWQ(57) Radcliffe Crew (Lessey)Winner of Race 4
4111:1012W.J13.A.1X Winner of Race 20Winner of Race 21
108:3013W.J13.B.1X18ZAWQ(60) Radcliffe Crew (Khalid)ZAGL(61) Green Lake (Cowell)
208:3413W.J13.B.1X19ZAWQ(64) Radcliffe Crew (Agambar)ZAWQ(65) Radcliffe Crew (James)
1809:3813W.J13.B.1X40Winner of Race 1ZAJM(62) Marne & Joinville (Howie)
1909:4213W.J13.B.1X40ZAWQ(63) Radcliffe Crew (Cox)Winner of Race 2
4011:0613W.J13.B.1X Winner of Race 18Winner of Race 19