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Sunday 9th June 2019

Draw for Scotch College BC

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RaceTimeEventStatusNext Race Middlesex Surrey (towpath)
51618:3734J15.2X537ZAFT(479) Fort Worth RCZAJO(480) Mount Saint Joseph Academy, USA
53619:5734J15.2X554ZADT(476) Dublin Univ. Ladies BC, IrelandZAZC(477) Scotch College BC
53720:0134J15.2X554ZCAX(478) The Lawrenceville School, NJ, USAWinner of Race 516
55421:0934J15.2X Winner of Race 536Winner of Race 537
51118:1736W.J15.2.2X532ZAGL(487) Green Lake (Khanna/Bates)ZADT(488) Dublin Univ. Ladies BC, Ireland
51218:2136W.J15.2.2X533ZCAX(490) The Lawrenceville School, NJ, USA (Fern/Carpenter)ZAJM(491) Marne & Joinville (Amey/Anderson)
51318:2536W.J15.2.2X533ZAZC(492) Scotch College BCZAGL(493) Green Lake (Bass/Burke)
53219:4136W.J15.2.2X552Winner of Race 511ZAJM(489) Marne & Joinville (Howie/Harrop Lopez)
53319:4536W.J15.2.2X552Winner of Race 512Winner of Race 513
55221:0136W.J15.2.2X Winner of Race 532Winner of Race 533
608:509J16.1X24ZAZC(41) Scotch College BC (Holman)ZADT(42) Dublin Univ. Ladies BC, Ireland
708:549J16.1X25ZAZC(45) Scotch College BC (Adams)ZAJO(46) Mount Saint Joseph Academy, USA
2410:029J16.1X44Winner of Race 6ZAZC(43) Scotch College BC (Humphrey)
2510:069J16.1X44ZAZC(44) Scotch College BC (Hunt)Winner of Race 7
4411:229J16.1X Winner of Race 24Winner of Race 25
50417:4940W.J16.1X525ZCAX(515) The Lawrenceville School, NJ, USAZAGL(516) Green Lake (Lazenby)
52419:0940W.J16.1X548ZAZC(512) Scotch College BCZAGL(513) Green Lake (Blunt)
52519:1340W.J16.1X548ZAGL(514) Green Lake (Ginnelly)Winner of Race 504
54820:4540W.J16.1X Winner of Race 524Winner of Race 525
10113:4026W.J15.3.1X122ZAGL(266) Green Lake (Bates)ZAKE(267) Kent School BC (Atwal)
10213:4426W.J15.3.1X123ZAFT(270) Fort Worth RCZADT(271) Dublin Univ. Ladies BC, Ireland (Harker)
12215:0426W.J15.3.1X146Winner of Race 101ZAZC(268) Scotch College BC
12315:0826W.J15.3.1X146ZAGL(269) Green Lake (Greenway)Winner of Race 102
14616:4026W.J15.3.1X Winner of Race 122Winner of Race 123